About TuxRadar

TuxRadar is a website devoted to supporting the free software community by providing news, reviews, tutorials and more for free. We also publish a podcast about free software, available for download from the site every two weeks.

We're backed by Linux Format magazine, which means we have a vast library of articles to hand as well as a team of experts writing and editing the articles we publish. If you like the look of the articles we publish here, you can find 116 pages more of the same every month in LXF.

The goals of this site are:

  • To get some Linux Format content online for everyone to read and learn from
  • To post news stories about free software matters
  • To launch and run the Hudzilla Coding Academy
  • To have some fun with a twice-monthly podcast, while covering some serious free software issues
  • To do all the above using a site that loads super-fast, doesn't split stories into a zillion pages, and is pretty light on adverts too

You can follow us on Identi.ca here: http://identi.ca/tuxradar. We also have an RSS feed of all the latest stories that you can subscribe to.

Thanks to the Tango Project for providing some of the artwork used in our icons, and Brad Sucks for providing the music used in our podcast.

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