Karen Sandler: full interview


Karen Sandler: full interview

Andrew Gregory and Graham Morrison talk to Karen Sandler, Executive Director of the Gnome Foundation, and hear some rather more compelling arguments for software freedom than clever acronyms and numbering systems that start at 0 rather than 1.

A cyborg gnome conjures up images of a garden ornament wielding a phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range rather than a tiny fishing rod, so we were looking forward to meeting Karen Sandler, executive director of the Gnome Foundation and a self-professed cyborg lawyer. What followed was a journey through Gnome 3, security flaws in medical implants and why people shouldn’t be jerks on the internet.

Open Ballot: A head of Steam, or just a fizzle?


2013 may go down in history as the year gaming came to Linux. It feels like there's news of a new release every week, and they only seems to be comming faster. On the Steam platform alone, there's almost 200 games for Linux users to download.

Valve have just announced SteamOS, a Linux Distro built for gaming in the living room. This, Valve CEO Gabe Newel believes will herald a new era for gaming under Linux. But the gaming market is a tough one to crack. With a brace of major consoles due out soon, it'll be difficult for SteamOS gain traction.

Podcast Season 5 Episode 16


Title: ROT-13

In this episode: Encryption is dead, but there are lots of great games in the new Humble Indie Bundle. FreeBSD ditches GCC and Intel clashes with Ubuntu. We've got some great discoveries, we dust down the old wheel of misfortune and discuss your opinions in the Open Ballot.

Open Ballot: Beginner's Distro


We often introduce new people to Linux, and there's always that niggling question, what distro to start someone on. Not so long ago, the answer seemed obvious: Ubuntu. However that's falling from grace at the moment (Ben says: I actually like Unity. Efy, Graham and Andrew disagree).

Podcast Season 5 Episode 15


Title: Bomba Kabisa

In this episode: No more Groklaw and no Ubuntu Edge. ZTE's Firefox phone sells out quickly on eBay, and the exFAT filesystem is now open source. And as usual, we also have discoveries, challenges, brains and a ballot!

Interview: Karen Sandler (part 1)


Gnome Outreach Programme For Women

In Linux Format issue 176, Graham Morrison and Andrew Gregory spoke to Karen Sandler, executive director of the Gnome Foundation. We were so absorbed by what she had to say that we almost missed the free lunch in the canteen. Of the many subjects that the conversation touched upon (we'll be putting the full interview up on TuxRadar soon), the most time-sensitive is the Gnome Outreach Programme For Women.

Open Ballot: Que sera sera


Twenty two years and one day ago, an ambitious young Finn posted this on the comp.os.minix mailing list newsgroup:

Hello everybody out there using minix -

I'm doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, won't be big and professional like gnu) for 386(486) AT clones. This has been brewing since april, and is starting to get ready. I'd like any feedback on things people like/dislike in minix, as my OS resembles it somewhat (same physical layout of the file-system (due to practical reasons) among other things).

Linux Format 175 On Sale Today - Next Generation Sysadmin


The world of the system administrator is changing. You can spin up new virtual machines and create RAID arrays with just a couple of commands, pull the strings of multiple server systems with Puppet, use NoSQL to boost your earnings potential and much, much more. And when you`ve done all that you can peek into the world of Arch Linux, find out what it takes to organise your own OSCON/OggCamp-like conference, and get the inside track on how open source is being put to good use at Jolla, the successor to the Meego mobile operating system. All this, plus reviews, tutorials, Answers, HotPicks and more await in your latest Linux Format!

On the DVD: Fedora 19, Tails, and Knoppix. Plus tutorial code, answers, hotpicks and the latest TuxRadar podcasts.

Podcast Season 5 Episode 14


Title: Daft Punk

In this episode: Tor (plus a Firefox vulnerability) has been compromised. Canonical's Ubuntu Edge compaign has some way to go (but they've just added a lower priced tier). And Jean-Baptiste Quéru is leaving the Android Open Source Project. We've got some great discoveries, Ben succeeds brilliantly in our challenge, and there's an awesome Open Ballot too.

Open Ballot: Is the internet dead?


The NSA, GCHQ, Frenchelon and their counterparts in other countries are spying on every detail of our online lives. Even the once-private lands of Tor are no longer safe. Here in the UK, David Cameron wants our ISPs to start filtering our web content to protect our innocent minds.

The internet once stood as a haven for free speech, but it increasingly seems like it's being taken over by marketing companies and governments. Our question to you this week is: Has this killed the spirit of the internet?

General ignorance


Lo, it was decreed that there should be a woman on the £10 note, and the search for a suitable woman began. And so it was that, from the Venn diagram of people who are awesome and people who are women, there was plucked Jane Austen.

Podcast Season 5 Episode 13


Title: Edgy Ubuntu

In this episode: Canonical attempts to crowdfund its own cutting-edge smartphone and Linus Torvalds gets into an argument on the kernel mailing list. We also have some nice discoveries, a couple of great Brains submissions and the ever-awesome Open Ballot.

Quick! A year's subscriptions to Linux Format is currently insanely cheap on Google Play (£13.99 for the year).

Open Ballot: Living on the Edge


Those of you that live under rocks in remote corners of the globe may not have heard about the Ubuntu Edge, but the rest of you will probably be pretty familiar with it. The distro maker are trying to use crowdfunding to create an Ubuntu smartphone: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ubuntu-edge. The phone sounds impressive with a whopping 4Gb of RAM and 128Gb of storage as well as a top notch screen and CPU.

Review: Gratuitous Space Battles


If you’re like me, you sometimes end up pondering difficult questions in the pub like: why aren’t there enough space games where giant starship fleets get to pound the crap out of each other with futuristic weaponry? Fortunately, Cliff "Cliffski" Harris telepathically heard your (and my) cries and created Gratuitous Space Battles.

Dear Edward Snowden

We thought you might be getting a little bored while you're stuck in the airport, so we sent you some reading material. We don't know if you like Linux, but given your technical background, we hope it'll be of interest. It's just a tiny indication of our gratitude.

Thank you for your services to mankind, and hopefully you'll be able to travel freely soon.

All the best,

The Linux Format team

Linux Format 174 On Sale Today - Upgrade your desktop


We asked in the latest TuxRadar podcast for the reasons that you change distro. The most frequent one was the choice of desktop. But you don't have to ditch your whole distro in order to get a new user interface: you can follow our Technical Editor Ben's advice and find the desktop that's right for you, so you end up bossing your Linux machine around rather than it controlling you

Elsewhere in the magazine we've more desktoppery, as we follow Linux Torvalds' advice and tweak Gnome with a tool called Gnome-Tweak-Tool, and the Unity/KDE 4/Gnome 3 debate rumbles on in the letters pages. Back in the world of Real Work, we manage multiple machines with Puppet, get a better filesystem with btrfs and learn how to buy Aeroflot tickets to Caracas without anyone finding out, with our roundup of the finest anonymising distros known to man.

All that, plus reviews (Snow Linux. Noobs, the Mirabox, er, Prison Architect), news and other essential free software information, delivered on 100% recycled electrons or 100% chlorine-free paper.

On the DVD: Mint Mega Mix (64-bit), Bodhi, Siduction, Snowlinux, Gnome Tweak Tool, Hotpicks, books, and more.

Interview: Eben Upton

Eben Upton (the one in the blue shirt), founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, Royal Academy of Engineering Silver Medalist and all-round awesome dude.

Eben Upton (the one in the blue shirt), founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, Royal Academy of Engineering Silver Medalist and all-round awesome dude.

A few months ago, armed with your responses from one of our podcast’s Open Ballot questions, we visited the Cambridge HQ of the Raspberry Pi Foundation to quiz its founder about hardware upgrades, education and what success has meant for the project. The result was an epic 7,000 word interview, the first half of which we published in Linux Format issue 173. But as we didn’t have enough space in the magazine, we thought we’d put the interview online in it’s entirety. And here it is!

Monitors in search of a good home!


Our parent company (Future Publishing) is disposing of around 25 17 inch monitors in a computer upgrade. We've managed to intercept them before they get scrapped and are offering them free of charge to schools and youth groups in the Bath / Bristol area.

These would be great for fitting out a Raspberry Pi lab. Actually, they're almost great. The monitors in question only have VGA and DVI input, so a HDMI to DVI converter would be needed before you can plug in a Pi, but these are available for a couple of quid from Amazon and elsewhere.

Podcast Season 5 Episode 12


Title: The Sound of Music

In this episode: Cryptocat breaks. LXDE moves to Qt. Firefox phones are now available. Lubuntu and Kubuntu aren't going to Mir. Fedora 19 is out and Samsung is sponsoring a $4m developer challenge. We've got discoveries, an Open Ballot, and a rather surreal music listening section.

Open Ballot: Distro hopping


Distros are funny things. We love some, we love to hate others and we're pretty ambivalent about a few. However, underneath they're based on basically the same code base. Most distros have a similar choice of desktop environments and the same applications, so they should all be pretty similar right? What we want to know this fortnight is: what causes you to leave a distro and install a new flavour of Linux?

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