Podcast Season 3 Episode 2


Title: Quincena

In this episode: Ubuntu is going to bundle Qt libraries with its base install. Google will no longer bundle H.264 with Chrome and Firefox 4 will only have limited hardware acceleration. Share our discoveries, try XFCE, and listen to your own conversion stories in our Open Ballot.

The Linux Convert Corner


Share your Linux conversion success stories here! If you've switched your friends, family or workplace to Linux, we want to hear about it. Please post below! (This page originally started as an Open Ballot for our podcast, but it became so full of positive reports that we want to keep it as a permanent feature.)

Podcast Season 3 Episode 1


Title: Overtaking Manoeuvres

In this episode: Firefox overtakes Internet Explorer in Europe while Android overtakes iPhone in the US, and TransGaming transforms Cedega into the GameTree Developer Program. Discover our new section and hear your own opinions in our Open Ballot.

Open Ballot: will you be buying a tablet in 2011?


Happy new year! As we prepare to kick-off a new series of the TuxRadar Podcast, we want your musings for the Open Ballot section. For episode 1 we're asking: will you be buying one of those new-fangled tablet computers (or "media consumption devices") this year? Maybe the shiny videos of Android 3 have whetted your appetite, or perhaps you'd rather have a full-on Linux installation with all the Gnome/KDE bells and whistles. Alternatively, you could be getting tempted by Apple's famed Reality Distortion Field, or you just think that tablets are a silly fad that will go away soon.

Whatever the case, we want to know! Leave your comment here and we'll read out the best/funniest/most rhyming comments in the podcast. And please, for the love of Tux, give yourself a more interesting name than Anonymous Penguin...

Podcast Season 2 Episode 24


Title: Happy Christmas!

In this episode: We take a look back at our favourite news stories, discoveries, dares and ballots from the previous 23 episodes and ask you to choose your biggest Linux-related events from 2010.

Open Ballot: what was the biggest Linux event in 2010?


We're gearing up to record our last podcast of 2010, and in this episode we'll be looking back on a very eventful year for the Linux community. In our Open Ballot - which isn't really an Open Ballot this time, we'll admit - we want you to tell us: what was the biggest event in the Linux world for you? Maybe it was the Mageia fork of Mandriva, or perhaps it was the release of MeeGo 1.0. Or maybe Ubuntu's decision to transition away from X is your killer moment of the last 12 months.

Whatever it is, let us know in the comments, and we'll read out the funniest and/or most interesting and/or most Smiths-referencing on air in the show. Unless you're boring and just call yourself Anonymous Penguin, of course.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 23


Title: Join us!

In this episode: The KDE team rebrands KOffice into the Calligra Suite. OpenSUSE unveils a rolling release version of its distribution and Google's Chrome OS has been delayed until next year. This time, we remember our discoveries, and ask whether next year might really be the year of Linux on the desktop. Also, would you like to be part of the team?

Open Ballot: will 2011 be the year of Linux on the desktop?


OK, so it's a bit of a clichéd question, but with the awesome developments that have taken place in the Linux world over the last year, it's worth asking again. Will 2011 - finally - be the year that Linux makes serious inroads into the desktop space? Are all the pieces in place to mount a major assault on Microsoft and Apple? Or are we barking up the wrong tree, and we should be looking to the mobile space with Android and Chrome OS for Linux's future?

Let us know your musings, and we'll read out the best in our upcoming podcast. And as always, add a bit of spice to your life and don't just call yourself Anonymous Penguin.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 22


Title: Hudzilla Returns (for one episode only)

In this episode: Attachmate Corporation pays $2.2 billion for Novell. A Linux kernel patch dramatically improves desktop performance, while Fedora considers a move to Wayland. We ask whether a lack of blockbuster games is holding Linux back, and hear us completely forget discovery of the fortnight.

Open Ballot: does a lack of games hold Linux back?


After getting sucked into Osmos last night when he should have been doing something far more useful, Andrew got to thinking about games on Linux. Osmos is beautiful, intelligent and original, but our neighbours on PC Format would likely scoff at anything less than the latest Assassin's Creed or Counterstrike iteration.

That got us thinking: is the lack of big-name games for the Linux platform a deterrent to first-time users? Or is a handful of independent games (plus ZSNES and DOSBox) enough to satisfy their gaming urges?

Podcast Season 2 Episode 21


Title: The one without Paul

In this episode: Ubuntu may ditch the X Window system for Wayland, Fedora 14 has been released and Nokia takes Symbian back from the Symbian Foundation. Share our fortnight's discoveries and hear whether we think Qt and KDE should merge APIs.

(we recorded this episode yesterday, before we knew about Paul's announcement).

Open Ballot: should KDE and Qt libraries merge?


"Let's merge Qt and the KDE development platform. Let's put all KDE libraries, support libraries, and platform modules into Qt." So says Cornelius Schumacher, long-time KDE coder and the current president of KDE e.V. Such a bold move would be a "massive effort and require huge changes", he says - and the community would have plenty to talk about as well. See here for the full story, and then let us know what you think for our next podcast. Is this a good move to simplify the Linux desktop stack and eliminate redundancy, or are the projects simply far too separate and distinct?

Oh, and please give yourself a slightly more imaginative name than Anonymous Penguin if you want your comment to be read out. Don't just do what the man tells you to.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 20


Title: Longer than expected

In this episode: The London Stock Exchange is super fast, thanks to Linux, while Android celebrates its 100,000th app submission. We discover things and talk about tiling window managers, while our listeners talk about Ubuntu's Unity.

Open Ballot: do you support Ubuntu's move to Unity?


This is a big one: the world's most popular Linux distribution is getting a radical desktop overhaul in 11.04. Ubuntu will switch from the standard Gnome layout, as used in all previous desktop releases, to the Unity interface featured in the netbook edition. As we prepare to record our next podcast, we want your opinions on the change: is this a bold leap forward for Linux, giving it a unique GUI to clearly differentiate it from Windows and Mac OS X? Or are changes like this too risky, and Ubuntu should stick with the tried-and-tested Gnome layout?

Let us know what you think, and give yourself a more interesting name than Anonymous Penguin if you want us to read your comment out!

Podcast Season 2 Episode 19


Title: Welcome to the Jungle

In this episode: Ubuntu 10.10 has been released, and Microsoft attacks OpenOffice.org with a video. Discover our all-new challenge for the next episode, and we judge the level of anticipation for Panasonic's Jungle.

Open Ballot: are you excited by Panasonic's Jungle?


Coming just a mere week after our last recording (sorry, we're struggling to get back on schedule!), it's time for another open ballot question where you - yes, you! - get your views read out on our podcast. This time our topic is Panasonic's "Jungle", an all-new, Linux-running device designed to be the perfect platform for online gaming. Some have described it as a non-starter, others have said that the choice of Linux could be a problem, but what do you think: is the Jungle a worthy entrant for Linux into the mainstream gaming marketplace, or is it just another attempt to make quick profit using free software?

Our standard rules apply: put a name on your post so we can read it out, and write interesting stuff!

Free Linux discs for schools and LUGs!


Note: due to the quick responses, this offer is now finished, so that everyone gets a good share of discs!

Here at Linux Format HQ we've got oodles of spare discs from previous issues of the magazine. Instead of sending them all to the recyclers, we'd love to get them in the hands of prospective Linux users. So, if you work in education, run a Linux User Group or have any other opportunity to spread the word of free software, email Mike DOT Saunders AT futurenet DOT com with your address and we'll put a collection in the post. Some of the distros are a bit older than the latest releases (eg Fedora 12) but they're nonetheless full of great Linux software.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 18


Title: Asbestos Gloves

In this episode: Both Mandriva and OpenOffice.org have been forked, while Microsoft sues Motorola for bits of Android. Try the results of our text adventure challenge and hear your own comments in our Open Ballot.

Open Ballot: is Graham Morrison wrong?


Our kid Graham has had a rough time of it on the internet recently. His article for our sister site TechRadar, "The trouble with Linux: there's too much choice", sparked off a few flamewars. Most notably, Caitlyn Martin over on the O'Reilly blog delivered a no-minced-words response: "Are you intimidated by breakfast cereal?".

We want to know what you think, for the podcast we're about to record. Read both sides of the argument and let us know. Is Graham on the right track, and the vast range of options in the Linux world is confusing for newcomers? Or is he wrong, and having many choices of distros and packaging systems is like having choices of breakfast cereals? Post your thoughts below - and use a name other than Anonymous Penguin if you want to sound like an awesome person in our podcast.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 17


Title: 88 Miles Per Hour

In this episode: We each predict a news story that may or may not have happened over the last seven days. Play the final results of our 'build a game' challenge, and we ask, is it finally time to do away with the command-line?

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