Moblin 2 comes to life


Intel's Linux-based netbook OS, Moblin, is starting to take shape with the first alpha release. Based around Xfce, Moblin aims to unify the clump of Linux distros currently shipping on netbooks, and is working pretty nicely on the Acer Aspire One and Dell Mini 9. Eee 901 users will have to do without WiFi support for now. Grab the ISO from here.

Group test: web browsers


In depth: Never before has the once humble browser been so powerful. These days it's not just basic tasks that can be undertaken without leaving the confines of a Firefox or Konqueror window; some of the jobs that used to require complex desktop applications - database design, video editing, photo manipulation - are now perfectly viable for those with just browser software and web access.

This kind of power makes your choice of browser almost as crucial as your distribution and operating system. If an application is written using standard technologies - such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS - it should run well on anything capable of rendering those technologies, whether the browser launches from Linux or another OS. In fact, a good browser can make your choice of OS largely irrelevant.

There are other more proprietary and equally widespread technologies around, but as these in-browser application frameworks rely on plugins to work correctly, it could be seen as a little unfair to judge them in this Roundup. However, we're concerned with getting things done, so if a favourite site works better in one browser than another - even as result of better support from a developer - then we'll take it into account.

Think of it this way: we could offer a picture of how well each browser does on the Acid 2 test, chuck in a table of features and have done with it. But that would be lazy, because browsers rely on content from other sources and you need to know what really works best for you.

The pain-free guide to switching distros


In depth: The most recent official count of Linux distros put the number at 'one hell of a lot'.This is good because it gives us plenty of choice, and choice provides freedom and freedom is good, right? Maybe it can feel as if there's a little too much choice at times, but there's no doubt that the huge variety of distributions makes Linux more interesting. However, trying different distros isn't as easy as experimenting with a new web browser, word processor or even desktop environment.

Hudzilla Coding Academy: Introduction

TuxRadar launches; world + dog vaguely amused


Few people like reading the news when it's plagued by adverts or over-complicated design. And no one likes it when stories are split across 10 pages just to boost the impression count. So the smart bods behind Linux Format magazine (that's us) have launched this new site with a few goals in mind...

  • To get some of our content online for everyone to read and learn from.
  • To post news stories about free software matters
  • To launch and run the Hudzilla Coding Academy
  • To have some fun with a twice-monthly podcast, while covering some serious free software issues
  • To do all the above using a site that loads super-fast, doesn't split stories into a zillion pages, and is pretty light on adverts too.

So, tell your friends, tell all your friends: it's time to kick-ass and chew bubblegum, and penguins don't much like gum.

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