Podcast Season 4 Episode 23


Title: Papa Mau

In this episode: The UN wants to control the internets. Fedora 18 adds Mate and Cinnamon. Matthew Garrett creates a way to boot Linux from UEFI Windows 8 machines. There's lots more Apple/Samsung shenanigans and a Linux-powered autonomous boat swims almost 17000 kms to Australia. We discover things, rant about things, and listen to your opinions in the Open Ballot.

The best Linux distro of 2012!


As promised in this week's Open Ballot (and thanks for your fantastic contributions), here's our own distro contest from issue 162 of Linux Format magazine.

Our annual distro competition is as close to a tradition as we get here at LXF Towers. We do it because we love distributions – we love their variety and the way that so much changes over the course of a year. If you want to see what conclusions we came to last year, for example, check out our previous feature, The best Linux distro of 2011.

But if we restricted our comparisons to the same old dominant stalwarts, our yearly parade of victors would look more like political oscillation than a reflection of Linux distribution development. Which is why this year we wanted to do something different...

Open Ballot: Best Distro 2012


As 2012 nears its cold, wet conclusion*, we're asking you to look back over the past year and let us know which distro you think deserves the award "Best distro 2012". If you're nominating a distro that's had more than one release, let us know which one.

Linux Format 166 On Sale Today - Survive the zombie apocalypse!


Survive the Zumba apocalypse! Keep data, files and partitions safe when disaster strikes!

OK, we`re being a little bit daft about the zombies, but they`re a useful metaphor for all the things that can go wrong with data stored on a Linux box. Partitions go missing, files get deleted by accident, and zombies pull out the plug of your PC just as you`re saving something to disk. It`s bad juju, but with our guide to surviving data disaster you`ll be prepared.

Interview with Linus Torvalds from Linux Format 163


As regular readers and podcast listeners will know, we were fortunate enough to meet Linus Torvalds at the end of July for an interview that was published in Linux Format 163. Well, here it is - complete with Linus' attempts to defend PulseAudio, the moment he nearly threw us out when he finds an iPhone, and his opinions on everything from Android and Apple's Macbook Air, to KDE, Gnome and the Raspberry Pi.

Thanks, Linus...

Thanks, Linus

The Linux kernel is what everything else runs on top of, so it's the key to everything that a Linux device can do. It's in your Android phone. It's in the computers that run the servers at Google, Amazon and all the other web services that we take for granted...

Trying OpenSuse


Ben says:

I’ve been an Ubuntuer for several years. I know some people look down on it as only suitable for beginners and other non techy folk, but I disagree. It’s the distro used by Ken Thompson, the father of Unix (admittedly he uses it because it’s the distro used by Google, his employer, but I still feel like I’m in good company).

Podcast Season 4 Episode 22


Title: Happy Thanksgiving

In this episode: Linux Mint 14 has been released. Planet KDE does awesome work. There's an OpenStreetMap map-a-thon. Australia's government is TLD-shy. Red Hat invests in MongoDB, there may be life on Mars, Apple will have to reveal how much HTC is paying it, and the UEFI saga is turning nasty. Hear our non-audio related discoveries, and your own brains and opinions in the Open Ballot.

Open Ballot: Taking over the world

2012 may go down in history as the year Linux conquered the mobile phone market. Could 2013 be the Linux takes over the desktop?

Yes, yes, we know this has been said every year since ... well, pretty much since Linux had a desktop environment. But this time it's different. It really is, because this time we're not talking about Linux as we know it, but in its ChromeOS guise.

Podcast Season 4 Episode 21


Title: Sylvia

In this episode: HP becomes a platinum member of Linux Foundation. Microsoft sponsors LinuxCon Europe. Steam for Linux launched. FreeBSD now officially Clang-based. Android turns 5. Enlightenment 17 enters alpha. Lots of bad news for Apple. UK government redefines open standard and the ext4 bug has been patched (well ... sort of). We've also got lots of discoveries, a single rant and the open ballot.

Linux Format 165 On Sale Today - Raspberry Pi Supercharged


Supercharge your Raspberry Pi. It's project awesome!

Take control of your telly, your devices that run embedded Linux and more, as we uncover the potential of the Raspberry Pi. With a bit of patience, a soldering iron and a couple of circuit boards, you can even use one to control an LED display to light up your favourite winter-based religious festival.

Open Ballot: Christmas List

It's been a great year for small Linux-based devices. Perhaps the best year ever. There's simply too many for us to mention all of them. What we want to know is which piece of hardware comes top on your Christmas (or other secular/religious/seasonal holiday of your choice) list. Unless, of course, you've been naughty. Is it the bare-bones Raspberry Pi or the cool-as-a-polar-bear's-ear-muffs Nexus 10? Or are you waiting for the Kickstared Ouya? Perhaps it's the Chrome book or the definitely not copied Galaxy Tab? A Beagle Board or Cotton Candy? The not-linux-based-but-open-so-we'll-include-it-anyway Arduino?

Podcast Season 4 Episode 20


Title: Two cows and a house

In this episode: Raspberry Pi is nearly open source. Wayland 1.0 and Ubuntu 12.10 are here. Mandriva is being reborn, again. Goophone-mini has been announced and Apple apologises to Samsung over its patent dispute. Americans can jailbreak their phones, but they can no longer unlock them. There's a problem with the ext4, and Amazon remotely wipes a customer's Kindle. Plus: hear the best ever Speak your Brains, our own discoveries and your own opinions in the Open Ballot.

Open Ballot:

This week will see the release Windows 8, and it hasn't exactly impressed many commentators.

of course, this isn't the first time that Microsoft has launched a version of Windows that has failed to excite (remember Vista?), but in the past the Linux has failed to capitalise on Microsoft's errors and capture new users.

Linux Format 164 On Sale Today - Linux at CERN!


Yes, CERN!

The hunt for the Higgs boson, the so-called God Particle that so angered Ewan McGregor, generates an enormous amount of data. And what kind of OS do think runs the machines that wrangle this data? It's not a trick question: the answer is Linux, because it's powerful, it's open, it's hackable, extensible, scalable and lots of other things that you can read about in this issue.

Podcast Season 4 Episode 19


Title: Vive la France

In this episode: More jury confusion on the Apple vs. Samsung case. Blue Systems sponsors KWin. Linux kernel 3.6 is out, and 3.7 is going to be ARM-unified. You can now shutdown Gnome 3.6 and the French adore le logiciel libre. Plus, hear our discoveries, our rants and raves, and your own opinions in the Open Ballot.

Open Ballot: What can Linux really steal from Apple?


As the Apple vs. Samsung dispute wages on, with both sides arguing about rounded corners and rectangles; for this week's podcast, we want to know what can Linux really take from Apple?

Is it the design aesthetic, or its uncompromising attention to detail? Or how about its dictatorial approach to development? Or the narrowness of its hardware provision? Or would you like to transplant some of that famous Cupertino idolatry into the free software ecosystem, or simply shroud each Ubuntu release within Steve Jobs' Reality Distortion Field.

Let us know your opinions, and we'll read them out in the podcast we're planning to record tomorrow (Wednesday).

Work at Linux Format!


We’ve been able to convince the holders of the purse strings here at Linux Format that we really do need to replace the ever-awesome Jonathan Roberts. So here’s your chance to grab a dream job, working on something you love!

Podcast Season 4 Episode 18


Title: Happy Birthday GNU

In this episode: Ubuntu embeds Amazon search results into its local search. There's a massive Android vulnerability. Cinnamon 1.6 is out and Nvidia is going to open up its Tegra GPU documentation. Hear our discoveries and listen to the internet famous, Open Ballot.

Open Ballot: Should searches within Ubuntu return results from Amazon?


Just in time for next month’s release, Ubuntu is adding Amazon search results to the Home Lens of its Dash. Mark Shuttleworth, in his blog, has staunchly defended this decision, saying, “It makes perfect sense to integrate Amazon search results in the Dash, because the Home Lens of the Dash should let you find *anything* anywhere.”

But others disagree, with many suggesting this is just another move to monetize the distribution whilst raising some serious concerns about privacy. So, for this week’s podcast, we’re asking whether or not you think it is a good idea. And if not, what better alternatives exist for financing a distribution. All comments gratefully received, well, except for those from Anonymous Penguins.

Podcast Season 4 Episode 17


Title: World Exclusive

In this episode: OpenSUSE 12.2 has been released, the Raspberry Pi is now made on the UK, Michael Meeks dives into the on-going Linux desktop discussions and Alan Turing is immortalised with his own Monopoly set. Discover our discoveries and hear why our 'open ballot' is the second hit in a Google search for 'open ballot'.

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