Inside the Aspire One


A few months ago, Linux Format printed a pocket-sized mini-book called "Inside the Aspire One" that aimed to introduce Linux to first-time users through Acer's popular netbook. The distribution was limited to Linux Format subscribers and the UK, but now you can read the book for free because we're putting it online for everyone to download and enjoy.

The book is aimed squarely at absolute newbies to Linux, and although it's very strongly focused on the Aspire One there's still a lot any newbie can learn - if you're not a newbie, just pass this URL onto someone else, because it might be just what they are looking for.

Click here to download now!

If after reading this mini-book you want to take your skills a bit further, don't miss our free Linux Starter Pack, which has 130 pages of hands-on Linux tutorials.

Note: don't worry, your PDF reader isn't broken - the front and back covers are printed as a single page (with a bit of folding you could even make your own book!), the pages are indeed small (it's pocket-sized) and the pictures are indeed black and white (that's just how it was printed). Still, this is the high-res version, so it'll look great printed out.


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Acer Aspire One

This guide is great for getting into the the Acer Aspire and I found the series you started in LXF a good little follow on from this guide. Opening my new shiny copy of LXF199 I was disappointed to see the guide missing; any plan to re-start the series or what it only a three episode series?

Nice, but why a zip? Surely

Nice, but why a zip? Surely a bz2 would be better, as many PDF readers (well, Okular at least) can natively read .pdf.bz2 s

That last post was from me

That last post was from me ^^

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