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Silly babies. They can't talk about cricket, they have stumpy little limbs, and they don't know the difference between an Imperial Courier and an Imperial Trader. What's the point of them? Still, they happen, and the uncertainty of their exact arrival dates can cause problems in the workplace. So yes, due to the potential arrival of a new mini LXF crew member in the next few hours, we've had to delay the podcast by a bit. We're hoping to have it done by Monday or so - can you handle the excitement?

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To whoever is about to have this baby good luck and congratulations in advance!


Wow, congratulations! Is it too inquisitive to ask which of you is the papa?


+1 if it isn't impolite to ask!


Congrats. By the way, this is the best excuse you could ever use. Ppl are actualy forgiving you(lolol) for the delay. The "oh! we are sunk in work" won't cut any more. we wait :D


And there was me thinking Andrew was trying to get out of a challenge again! lol

Congrats. First child? I'm up to 2.5 now (an extra .5 expected at the end of the year).

Bad planning

Thats just bad planning. Whoever is causing the problem should be severely punished. =)

Also, assumption that the male works at lxf, not the female... Sexist much


Is this going to be a Discovery of the week?

Bad planning

Good point about the assumption that the person is male @bobthebob1234 but I guess everyone is guessing it is a team member from the podcast that is about to become a parent (they're obviously all male!!) rather than one of the other LXF team members.

Congrats :)

Congrats on whoever's having the baby. best wishes, and maybe you could get the baby on the next podcast :) just for a laugh. @metasansana a good discovery! in-line with the ones Paul used to make about aglets, or badger dogs.

How many?

Just how many Lxf staffers does it take to have a baby? All of them it would seem.
Funny I don't remember having a baby being the challenge of the week!


So which of you guys got pregnant? Or do you have a pregnant penguin there?

You really shouldn't have told us.

Now you can't use it for One More Thing.


Congratulations Mike. We never knew you were pregnant ;)

So do we get 2 podcasts close together or 1 really long podcast to cover 4 weeks :))


...At a guess I'd say it Mr. Morrison.

Who is it?

If you read LXF150 VERY carefully, you'll be able to find out who had the baby :-) (Well, the team member whose wife had a baby...)


Ok. I give up

I've been through 150 twice now (stopping to look at my wonderful desktop on page 130 and wondering why it's even messier now), and can't seem to find out who!!!

I found it!

It isn't very difficult to find but not too easy. The main problem is that is very small letters.

Congratulations to...! (I don't want to spoil the surprise)

Found it

Congrats to that individual who shall remain nameless for spoilers sake.


@haakin are we talking about real text or illustrations?

Big congrats

Found it finally. Very well done! Congratulations!

babies - good

Re-propagation of the species - good.

Re-propagation of the species with intelligence - even "good-er."

Best wishes to *

[please do NOT name the child unless you're going to send him/her to boarding school in Finland]

babies- good, revised...

sorry, typed too fast for my own good...

[please do NOT name the child LINUS unless you're going to send him/her to boarding school in Finland]


Just saw it in the magazine, confirmed what I was guessing already. All the best, and enjoy your paternity leave! The joys of being with your child now are more important than our pain of waiting for the podcasts...

Congratulations .. Why was birth not tracked in Launchpad ? :-)

9 month Project Cycle would have fitted in nicely.
Nice one !

This has made me smile

My wife and I are trying for a kid right now. Congratulations! This is one of the nicest things I've seen on the Internet.

@Michael Huff. You need to

@Michael Huff. You need to get off the computer and concentrate on the job at hand.


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