Bargain of the week (UK Only)

For one week only, Linux Format is available on Google Play in the UK for just 99p! ( It's a great chance to check out the magazines's digital offering if you haven't already. The offer ends 13-March-2013.

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UK only

Next time please start with UK only or I will ignore any post starting with marketing words...

...what was I thinking :-) marketing words, why bother?

best thing going on play

I'm going to get some just to skew the numbers.

Only in the UK?


reserved to uk resident

maybe it's will be too simple to write explicitly : "offer reserved for UK resident only" and not give false hope to other .....

signed : a good man member of one human right country

I've updated the

I've updated the title.

Unfortunately, we haven't had any control over this. It was a Future publishing decision, and includes 43 magazines in addition to Linux Format. Our marketing overlords decided to make it UK only for reasons we mere mortals working on the magazine couldn't possibly understand. I will, however, pass your comments up the chain of command and hopefully they'll decide to open it up more in the future.

Looking for a UK Proxy/Tor Entry node...


I hate Google Play, but I

I hate Google Play, but I envy those who can take up this offer. They'd be fools not to.

When choosing which distro to put on my new lappy, I went with Ubuntu (but with Cinnamon and Nemo) because "can buy Linux Format from USC" helped make the "pro" column slightly heavier than the "con" column. $6.99's not much to pay (actually, it might be loads, I have no idea how much a dollar is worth but it sounds fairly cheap).

(I'm too lazy to set up a proxy for Google Play or to get USC running in another distro)

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