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We've been asked to help promote what looks like an incredible initiative. The Sonar Project hopes to fund the development of a Linux distribution focused on accessibility, and the campaign is looking to raise $20,000 through Indiegogo, a crowd funding site. But the project could also benefit from people with graphic design skills as well as those who can simply help spread the word.

For more information, put far more eloquently, here's the essential link:

Plus some words from the project's founder, Jonathan Nadeau:

Let us know if there are any similar initiatives you'd like us to promote.

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Sounds great! I'll spread

Sounds great! I'll spread the word, and some funding come pay-day!

The world is at our fingertips... but not necessarily everyone's

This is an issue I've been concerned about for a while. My mother (now retired) used to work in the "visual impairment" department of a UK secondary school, and would often come home with frustrated stories of how Windows computers were difficult to set up for blind and partially-sighted children, compounded by the fact that these kids often carried additional medical problems, such as general mobility or worse, severe learning difficulties. Windows laptops were constantly broken by children (albeit accidentally) and replacing or reinstalling the software was expensive and costly. The children themselves, especially ones with, say, cerebal palsy, would struggle to type because they would physically shake so much they were unable to control a mouse or use a keyboard effectively. Also, because the school insisted on using a uniform network installation, it meant that certain accessibility options weren't available by default, and sysadmins often refused to change the options due to security concerns.

Expensive equipment such as Braille readers would only work with proprietary software, as would the screen reading software. As I was getting into Linux, I made the department aware of the Adriane package available through Knoppix (mainly aimed at blind users), but it was largely ignored due to a local council software license agreement with Microsoft.

The Sonar project sounds like a brilliant idea, and also a lot farther-reaching than Adriane, so I will definitely try and support them as much as possible. Thanks for bringing this to my attention

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