Captchas Fixed?


Just a little update...

Thanks to everyone for their encouraging comments about TuxRadar - they were all very greatly received here at LXF towers!

We think we've fixed the captchas so that logged in users should no longer see them. Hopefully this is the case, but let us know if not.

One small improvement at least.

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Your comments

I is logged in

an sees no captchas, hooray!

I is not logged in

an i sees captchas, hooray

inclosing ellysti


Now that's customer service, innit? Many thanks for looking into this, guys. Now I'll be commenting A LOT MORE, huzzah! \o/

Re reCaptcha

It wasn't until I read a recent article in New Scientist that I found out what this reCaptcha things is. Of course I knew it is intended to reduce spam, but, for those who are as ignorant as I was, it is also a crowd-source program aimed at identifying hard-to-recognise words in scanned documents. You get one word, the reference word, that demonstrates you are making a sincere attempt to identify what's there, while the other word is the new one you are helping to decipher.


Those captcha's are always out to convince me I'm a robot - the amount of times I get them wrong (maybe 1 in 3) is somewhat disturbing...

No Captcha

So happy.

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