Don't miss our IRC session on Friday


Just a quick note for those who didn't listen to the last podcast recording (naughty, naughty): on Friday 20th of May, at 15:00 British Summer Time, the team behind Linux Format magazine and TuxRadar will be on IRC for chat japes galore. Log into and join the channel #linuxformat to ask us questions, tell us what you're thinking and chat with other LXF/TuxRadar readers. If you've never used IRC (Internet Relay Chat) before, we recommend X-Chat as a good graphical client, and Irssi if you're a command-line kinda guy or gal. See you there!

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Yes! No!

I would if I could but that time's no good for me. Can you hang around until nine-ish? :D

good grief.

what the hell is "British Summer Time"?
couldn't you use some less exotic time zone?

Re: good grief.

Look, just because we barely get something called a "summer" here on this island, it's no reason to be snarky...

Can someone totally remind me

cos I am totally going to forget even though I will not be doing anything. Who knows I might even still be asleep...

Shame I really can't be

Shame I really can't be there!I could only do 5:00 at a stretch!


No exams then so wahey! Nothing like a bit of IRC or linux talk to take your mind off revising.

Re: Shame I really can't be

If it's popular, I'm sure there'll still be some folks around at 5pm. I'll be there too.



Ha! We get *way* more summer than we used to, which is actually quite depressing for those of us who aren't reptiles! :p

I long for the two-week summers of yore...

woohoo just opened another

woohoo just opened another window in irssi in anticipation, I usually am online quite a lot but not necessarily always there, if you know what I mean ;-)

Wonder if I actually can join in...

I wonder if I can somehow do some line manager distraction to join in at 3pm or whether it is going to be hoping that people are still around at 5pm.

Four letter word!

Some of us will be at "work", no doubt and as I am going to have the joy that is stock-taking on Saturday, I expect I'll be at work until late on Friday preparing. :(


I too will be at work, but I will have the channel open...

Work Grrrr.

Will be at work also, doubt I'll have access to irc.

New IRC channel?

I have a similar issue to EspadaV8, except I am 7 hrs the other direction. Right as my first class starts. Maybe I will skip that one...


I suggest that you use Zulu or GMT.

@ Anonymous Penguine

calling British summer time exotic. LOL What a classic.


I saw the irc channel on chatmosphere for bb and it was damn near empty. Now there is some action and I'll be busy at work where I'm sure irc is blocked. Nicht glücklich! :(


I COMPLETELY forgot about the chat this AM...and I was going to change my handle to "Mike's Dad"...

sorry was in the pub, well

sorry was in the pub, well it was at 8pm in Hong Kong

Missed it :(

Pity I missed this, I was in the middle of my college maths exam! :(

We dare you

In case there weren't any ideas for "You dare us", maybe you could try to create some cool templates for LibreOffice, especially Impress and submit them to be included in version 3.4. Thats what - at least in my opinion - LO is really lacking.



do this again some other time

Sorry to have missed it...I was seemingly working at the time.

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