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Jon says:

Graham just showed me this cool alpha project from the Gnome team. As you can probably guess, it's a web portal for Gnome Shell extensions. This makes it easy to see which extensions exist, what people thought of them (there's support for comments and ratings), but it also lets you install them straight from the browser!

All you need to do is visit an application's page, and then click the little on-off toggle at the top left of the page. I tested it with the alternative status menu, and it worked almost instantly. A little feedback about whether it suceeded or not would be nice, but other than that it's pretty cool.

Just a little something for you to enjoy this weekend...

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One small step for GNOME...

This is something we've needed to have for our desktop enviorments for a long time: a central site from which we can distribute extensions. This is what makes Firefox great, and it may go no to help our beloved desktop (that being said, when I do use a mainstream desktop, I use KDE).
I think having a specified altar for the community to go and contributed their offerings is a great step in the right direction for the criticism-tortured GNOME Shell.
Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for highlighting this for us Jon! I now have a nice Gnome foot next to activities and thus an applications menu back for times when I just want to select something! I think this is going to be one of the major developments in improving and gaining acceptance for Gnome 3.

Somehow, when I saw this, I

Somehow, when I saw this, I knew "Jon from LXF is going to frickin' love this thing." ;)


Thanks Graham & Jon! This is such acool site. What an easy way to add and remove extensions.

Just one thing though.... if I wanted to install extensions on my computer I'd need root access I guess, so how does this site install them without it? Is it installed in my /home dir?

you are the man Jon

I there Jon. I mostly agree with you...so...why aren't you using KDE...
I have a 5 years old laptop running KDE on arch and every and all rantings about the slowness of KDE sounds stupid, because, (sigh)... I don't see it. All I see is a great effort from KDE to give both reasonable standard defaults and all the power to change them to my needs. A friend of mine as seen my Firefox and asked me how could he reproduce it in is windows and gnome mint machine. I told him that he need a good windows manager like kwin...lol...(not a true story, but he did ask how I did it, heheheheh)


This is really great. Shame it doesn't work in Chrome. I don't mind firing Firefox up for this though. S'nice.

How do they know?

How does the site know whether I have Gnome 3 or not? Freaks me out a little...


I underrated Gnome 3. It seems that gnome dev's got clear mind. Simple shell with useful add-ons distributed by users. Now it has possibility from sucky desktop to become something nice. Kde integrated parts from kde-look.org in it widgets. Still gnome configuration is pain in the ass. Why the hell do you need to hide 90 percent of features in gconf instead nice GUI?

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