Free Linux discs for schools and LUGs!


Note: due to the quick responses, this offer is now finished, so that everyone gets a good share of discs!

Here at Linux Format HQ we've got oodles of spare discs from previous issues of the magazine. Instead of sending them all to the recyclers, we'd love to get them in the hands of prospective Linux users. So, if you work in education, run a Linux User Group or have any other opportunity to spread the word of free software, email Mike DOT Saunders AT futurenet DOT com with your address and we'll put a collection in the post. Some of the distros are a bit older than the latest releases (eg Fedora 12) but they're nonetheless full of great Linux software.

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Interested in old LINUX Disks

I am a Linux Professional. i want to spread open souce ever where...
I always assist school student to move in linux from windows..
I also conduct workshop of linux (free of cost).
i also provide magzine & DVD's to winner candidates so that they install and atleast try Linux.
Please mail some old version DVD's to me. So that i can distribute among school students.

Thanks in advance

Amit Joshi
H.No. 79/3,
9 Civil Lines Mathura (U.P.)
India 281001


I'm no professional or run a LUG but I have convinced several people to acknowledge Linux and use open source software. At uni I was able to get my girlfriend and flatmates to adopt open office (the discs were great here as we never had the Internet), and with help from my girlfriend we were able to get one of our lecturers to use open office also. This meant that docs were available in something other than WORD formats, which helped the class as some of use didn't have the money for office! Finally my girlfriends sister has now started to use open office and gimp for her GCSEs to much benefit. Finally i want to be able to share these discs with my friends at work to show then there is more to the world than windows, like OPEN SOURCE and LINUX.

ANY DVDs I would be very grateful for as I can copy borrow and send to anyone else I can convert from the dark side!

the address is

Lee Hemmings
57 fern road
b24 9da

I want any linux cd's

i am a linux beginner user and want to try as many flavours of linux for my linux testing project.
My address-

jaffar iqbal sheikh, air force road, behind digjam woollen mill, anand colony, room no. 11, jamnagar[361006] , GUJARAT -INDIA

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