Free Software for Little People


Just came across this CC-BY comic book that aims to explain the benefits of using free software to young people. The comic's pretty good, it was originally written in Spanish and the translation is a little wooden, but it really gets across the problem of using pirated software well and how free software can help you avoid the need to do this.

Also, it was reportedly created using free software programs which is really cool, especially since it looks so good. Might have to get in touch with the authors to ask them a little about the tools they used... watch this space.

The English PDF can be found here.

Hope you enjoy.

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English PDF

I don't see a link for the English PDF version. Can you repost it?


Just updated the post to make it a little clearer. Hope that helps.

Such speed!

Awesome! Quick work!


Anyone else having trouble viewing that in Okular?

RE: Okular


I just read it on Chakra with Okular without problems.



Huh. Seems to work now. Perhaps I had a corrupted download. Thanks.


By the way, right at the bottom of the page is a "create account" link. :)

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