Hello, 2012! (and RMS was right)


It's our first day back at the office after a well deserved, and much enjoyed, Christmas break, so we thought we'd wish all our readers and listeners a happy new year - so, happy new year! We're looking forward to another year of great comments on TuxRadar and interesting discussions on the forums. We're also looking forward to putting out our first issue of 2012, where we teach you how to hack, on the 5th January (that's only two days away!).

Also, there was a good article on OSNews today that's worth reading. It argues that 'Richard Stallman was right all along', given SOPA and Cory Doctorow's recent presentation on the war against general purpose computing. Bit of a downer given all the merriment that has just taken place over the last few weeks, but perhaps it will provide a bit of context and drive to all the free software using and hacking you do over the coming year.

From the article:

"The crux of the matter here is that unlike the days of yore, where repressive regimes needed elaborate networks of secret police and informants to monitor communication, all they need now is control over the software and hardware we use. Our desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and all manner of devices play a role in virtually all of our communication. Think you're in the clear when communicating face-to-face? Think again. How did you arrange the meet-up? Over the phone? The web? And what do you have in your pocket or bag, always connected to the network?

This is what Stallman has been warning us about all these years - and most of us, including myself, never really took him seriously. However, as the world changes, the importance of the ability to check what the code in your devices is doing - by someone else in case you lack the skills - becomes increasingly apparent. If we lose the ability to check what our own computers are doing, we're boned."

There's much more goodness in the article itself, so do give it a read.

If you have any great projects planned for the new year (coding, user group events etc.) or anything you'd like to see in the magazine or on the blog, why not let us know in the comments?

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The eternal struggle

It's a bit like the eternal stuggle between predator and prey - the predator creates a defence - the prey finds a way to get round it - the predator creates a better defence.

RMS was right in seeing the problem not as technological but as cultural - the predators have succeeded, like the slavers in the 16th century or the Nazis in the 20th century, in creating a culture in which what they do appears 'reasonable.' We need to create a culture which makes just as clear as the opponents of slavery and Nazism did that what the predatos consider 'reasonable' is totally unreasonable.

Get some good excuse

How does it come that we all was swimming in Christmas and New Years Greetings from every single page we ever visited in the past +5 Years but there was nothing on TuxRadar.

Ohhh man, how often did I press the reload button waiting for a little Christmas decoration on the website or some video of you guys wishing all your loyal listeners a great time....

You should think how to compensate for this in the next podcast.

Well said

Wow, dang. Second the first post.

Happy new year!

I was wondering whether this would get posted on TuxRadar! Happy new year to you all. When's the next podcast? :D

Happy new year

Christmas decoration

@Torwag: Lol, well, things do get pretty busy here (as with most people, I imagine) over the Christmas period, but maybe next year we'll sneak a little tinsel onto the blog :-) Graham did wish a happy christmas to all on the Linux Format blog, however...

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