Humble Indie Bundle - last chance to buy!


You have just 10 hours left to buy the Humble Indie Bundle - a collection of six indie games that run on Windows, Mac and Linux. No, they aren't open source, but we think there are four important reasons why you should seriously consider investing:

  1. You get to pay what you want. Even $0.01 gives you a licence for all the games on all the platforms.
  2. You get to choose how much of that money goes to charities, including Childs Play and the EFF. The default split is 50/50: half to the developers, half to charity, but you can customise that if you like.
  3. If you want to encourage more people to make commercial games for Linux, this is your big chance - send them some cash and you're helping fund the next generation of Linux games. And, yes, you do get to tell them you're running Linux as opposed to Mac/Windows, so they know for sure.
  4. It includes World of Goo, which we already told you is absolutely awesome on Linux.

But you know what really makes us proud? Right now, the average Windows user paid $7.74 for the games. The average Mac user paid $10.06. But the average Linux user? Well, we paid $14.24 - and we're accounting for 25% of all their sales, too. Yes, that means Linux users are almost twice as generous as Windows users, and remember - half the money goes to charity!

So, please pop over to the Humble Indie Bundle and buy it while you still can.

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They should really release

They should really release stats how much went to charities and how to the devs. I for one have sent all the funds to the devs, would be interesting to know that too.


Just bought mine. $18 donated in an attempt to boost the Linux average even more.

Isn't the developement guys

Isn't the developement guys like a charity?

More game companies should do this

Just bought mine for $10 and sent it all to the devs for doing something like this.


I bought mine the first day of the bundle. I paid $15 and downloaded all of the Linux games to play. I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and I only had an issue with Gish (something about OpenGL libraries, whatever), so they work and they're fun.

Picked up mine. Thanks for the tip off

Paid $20. Sent it all to the devs. My thinking is that they can give it to the charity if they want, or pocket it. I know when I start releasing software for Linux, I'll want people to buy. We need to support Linux devs.

unfortunately only World of Goo

ran without problems on my Arch. :/

thanks very much

$20 well spent ;-)


Not only $15 well spent but also a little contribution to the magic $1.000.000,- mark. Getting this mark also means that 4 of those games are going opensource.

"As of 5/11/10, Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru HD, and Penumbra Overture pledge to go open source."

Not all gems, but pretty good overall

Aquaria is a great game and probably the only one of the pack other than World of Goo worth playing. It seems like it would also do well on touch screens, like the DS. The others are very amateurish and undeserving of payment. Lugaru HD has some of the worst controls I have ever seen in a game. For World of Goo alone, the donation was worth it. I hope they keep up the good work.


I initially had a few problems with these games on Arch Linux as well. I'm running arch 64 bit. If you run the game from a terminal it will usually crash out and complain about a given module. This is usually a problem caused by not having the proper lib32 library installed. Since these are not "packages", there are no dependency checks.

I believe every module it complained about I was able to do "pacman -Sy lib32-<modulename>" and install the 32 bit version. All the games work fine for me after that.

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