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Looking to pass the time with a few simple games? We've just released the first version of Brain Party, a fun (and free software!) collection of 36 minigames for Linux. So, if you want to put your brain to the test, or if you just want to help us test the game and fix any bugs, download it now!

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Made first time on 64 Ubuntu, played perfectly with wobbly windows :)

Good fun!

A fantastic brain teaser! Thanks :)

It probably tests many parts of brain as it clearly showed my own one's strengths and weaknesses that I'm well aware of, because I'm mature enough to know them.

That's also probably the first time I've ever seen a game which is sold commercially, and still, its code is shared in an easily compilable setup. Very OK with the GPL statements. I do wonder however whether such a model $ucceeds or not, because I was considering making such a move myself.

As a user, I don't own an iPhone, so I'd sooner donate some cash through PayPal than buy it, also for all the info you share and fun you make :)

Thanks for the code, too!

thanks for

Ive ported that nasty game to amigaos4 already. Works fine, feels good. Thanks !


Will there be an Android build in the future? I can see myself using this to pass time on my Moto Droid, but it's not nearly as likely on my home computer that I rarely visit.

Thank you very much

I was playing with this on my N900, and it is probably the most polished and enjoyable app on there. Thank you for releasing it, and to whoever ported it. It is worth at least another years subscription to Linux Format!

Just one thing - it looks like it is tested using a mouse rather than a touch screen. It is impossible to do the words "secret" game, because it is not possible to tap on a letter without moving it. Would it be possible to allow a certain amount of movement - say up to 1/2 a cell to select a letter?

My brain wgt is 2258, what does that mean?

I played the game but when the "occupation" popped up i accidentally tapped the screen so i didn't see what it was. is there a list of jobs i could check? i think it funny to see what pops up and i missed out =( i got a brain wgt of 2258.

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