Issue 153: Wallpaper


Issue 153 of Linux Format is due out next Thursday, the 8th December. It has a great cover illustration, and as a little preview of what's coming in that issue, we thought we'd share it on TuxRadar as a wallpaper for your desktops.

We'll be adding it to the pool of Linux Format cover wallpapers, where you can download this cover and loads of others.

1920 x 1200

1600 x 1200


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Awesome walpaper guys! Finally Linux Format Official wallpaper!

Solid stable or not changing

I had a look at all the wallpapers and couldn't help notice that the tux is a rather stale image. It only exist one version that is widely used.
I can only hope someone one day will make a more dynamic version of tux.


Do I detect a Blade Runner theme? I wonder what it signifies in terms of magazine content...
...quick look at 152 suggests it is "The Future of Linux."
So, where do the replicants come into things?

@Anonymous Penguin Sticker

a more dynamic Penguin!? How? Maybe give it "the eyes of a Panther and lips like Satan".


I really like this wallpaper... it is now gracing my Linux Box and dual screen Windows box at work!

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