Kernel 2.6.29 released, with new logo


We love a new kernel release as much as anybody. Especially when it includes a shedload of new features such as the Btrfs file system, video mode setting (to simplify interaction between X and the kernel) and a new 'no journal' mode for ext4. Oh, and full support for 4,096 CPUs -- we'll get round to building that rig later. But best of all, to highlight the plight of Tasmanian Devils in Australia, Linus has rolled in a change to the boot-up logo. For this release you won't see our favourite plucky penguin; instead, you get this little guy. Torvalds' announcement after the break.

It's out there now, or at least in the process of getting mirrored out.

The most obvious change is the (temporary) change of logo to Tuz, the 
Tasmanian Devil. But there's a number of driver updates and some m68k 
header updates (fixing headers_install after the merge of non-MMU/MMU) 
that end up being pretty noticeable in the diffs.

The shortlog (from -rc8, obviously - the full logs from 2.6.28 are too big 
to even contemplate attaching here) is appended, and most of the non-logo 
changes really shouldn't be all that noticeable to most people. Nothing 
really exciting, although I admit to fleetingly considering another -rc 
series just because the changes are bigger than I would have wished for 
this late in the game. But there was little point in holding off the real 
release any longer, I feel.

This obviously starts the merge window for 2.6.30, although as usual, I'll 
probably wait a day or two before I start actively merging. I do that in 
order to hopefully result in people testing the final plain 2.6.29 a bit 
more before all the crazy changes start up again.


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Nice! The new temporary logo is very funny!

Is it in time to be available for Ubuntu 9.04?

Very cute logo!

Amusing take.

Tasmanian devil?

I wonder if that is what you get if you mate a Linux-Tux with a BSD-Beastie?

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