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Here at LXF Towers we have a bunch of spare DVDs from previous issues of the magazine, and we'd love to get them into the hands of potential Linux convertees. They include Fedora 10, Ubuntu 8.10, CentOS 5.2 and Mandriva One 2009. If you work at a school, college or university and want to distribute them amongst students, email Mike DOT Saunders AT futurenet DOT com with the school/uni's address and we'll put some discs in the post.

Now, because we don't know how many people will request discs, we can't guarantee the amounts we'll send out. So we'll wait a week for all requests to come in and then split up the DVDs accordingly. Any questions? Just post a comment!

Update: the discs have been sent out. We'll do another run sometime in the future -- watch this space!

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do you will send to Brazil?

do you will send to Brazil?

Re: Brazil

Yep, we can send them overseas!

What is needed for that ?

I am from an computer engineering school in Tunisia (North Africa).
I want to know steps required for sending these goods.

Just curious

Just curious, but what is the point of spending money on international mail etc when 99% of uni's and most schools have an internet connection where they can download any OS in an hour or two should they wish too? Would it actually be effective sending them discs and such when any teacher/student interested can get them with a couple hours download?

Re: Just curious

@cheekymonkey: "99% of unis" only really applies to first-world countries. Also, I reckon it's easier to persuade students to try Linux when it's presented in an attractive, professional-looking wallet rather than as a DVD-R with marker pen scribbles on it :-)

Questionable Effectiveness

I wonder at the effectiveness of sending out unsolicited DVD's to schools...

You must remember that the vast majority of school computer related teaching is geared towards business, and will thus be orientated towards using Microsoft 'products'.

What is needed in addition to the DVD's is someone to provide firsthand information about how to use it, and gain from the advantages it provides.

Professional Look & Feel

Well, over the years, I have helped students @ my secondary school in Folkestone, Kent, to rescue data & in many cases to utilise old 'pass the sell-by-date' PCs sitting in their house ~ all by showing them the virtue of Linux!
Apart from the fact that I have had to use my CDs (for live distros in the main) and CD covers, which I have been happy to do, one of the bonuses of accepting an offer like this from LXF Towers is that it is cheaper for me!
Seriously, though, the LXF commercially produced DVDs look the part. Sadly, in this day and age, the look of something means so much more (not for all students) ~ even though I was always brought up to be grateful.
My point? Whilst many organisations *can* download off the net really quickly ~ although I have *no* user permission to burn a DVD etc. ~ they don't look anywhere as good as the 'proper' thing. Sad though that reads!
Besides ~ we need to promote LXF as well ...... which will spur new users on as well!
You should see the way some of my students are desperate to use my netbook!

do you will send to Algeria ?

do you will send to Algeria ?

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