Linux Format 154 On Sale Today - Learn to Hack!

Learn to Hack!

The best gamekeepers used to be poachers, so what better way to keep your security in tip-top shape than by learning the dark arts of the hacker? We`ll teach you to break into networks, exploit services running remotely, beat encryption techniques, crack passwords and more.

Stargazers are treated to a tour of the finest astronomy applications in the know universe courtesy of our Roundup, project leaders will love our exclusive tips for handling online conflict, and just about everybody seems to love Linux Mint right now – find out why.

Programmers get an introduction to the most efficient programming language ever; get started with arrays in PHP; and use the power of multicore architectures to make your Python run faster. It`s the best way to make yourself a better, smarter Linux user!

On the DVD: Linux Mint 12 plus our security toolkit, HotPicks, desktop software and much much more.

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Your comments

Whut? Is it the first of

Whut? Is it the first of April already? Why is there snow outside?

Whut? Is it the first of

Whut? Is it the first of April already? Why is there snow outside?

On sale already?

I thought we subscribers got our copy before it went on general release, but perhaps the postman is still recovering from Christmas...

Not had my subscription copy yet

Did you forget to post them while in the pub doing the podcast?

Yeah me neither!

Where's my postie with my copy also???

BTW shouldn't the cover read "Learn how to CRACK"?

Love the OpenBSD review!

I haven't read it, but I'm glad to see OpenBSD mentioned!

@Big Bob

I think you're right about cracking!

I'm compiling a jargon-file at the minute, for the disc and the website, so a clarification on these terms should at least make it in to there :-)

download the pdf if you cant wait

Hey there,
You can download the whole mag as a pdf if your'e a subscriber. So stop bitching, jees. Use calibre to change it to epub and read it on your android tablet or phone. Sweet!


late Copy

It's Saturday the 7th and I still haven't got my copy!


Cracking your own nuts

I think you are going to crack your own nuts by using hack in a sense that is determinedly offensive to the largest majority of the open source community. Good luck with thinking up an answer to the complaints.

Hack != Crack

I've gotta agree with the others here, you should've used "Learn to CRACK". Screw marketability - disregard the common misconception and use the correct definitions. Linux Format, I am a little disappoint.

I would have been happier...

with "Learn to hack*"

*black hat style.

Would have bought a copy

Of this issue if you sold single Issue PDFs...

mailing problems

I live in Sweden and have som friends who works at the Swedish post office sorting mail at big terminals and January is their bussiest month of the year.
Can only speak for Sweden though

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