Linux Format 166 On Sale Today - Survive the zombie apocalypse!


Survive the Zumba apocalypse! Keep data, files and partitions safe when disaster strikes!

OK, we`re being a little bit daft about the zombies, but they`re a useful metaphor for all the things that can go wrong with data stored on a Linux box. Partitions go missing, files get deleted by accident, and zombies pull out the plug of your PC just as you`re saving something to disk. It`s bad juju, but with our guide to surviving data disaster you`ll be prepared.

Also in the magazine we round up the best new desktop environments, because we`re getting sick of Unity and Gnome 3, we talk to selection of Linux wise men to find out what they think the big issues in free software are, and we also make browsing the web a safer experience with our look at parental controls for Linux. On the tutorial front we build a custom distro for a Raspberry Pi the hard way, learn recursion with Scheme and get coding with the Geany IDE, among others.

On the DVD: We have four versions of Ubuntu Quantal Quetzal, and the LXF disaster survival kit. We hope you like it!

For a complete issue overview, and subscriber PDFs, take a look at our archives:

Digital Editions: Linux Format is available on both Apple's iPhone/iPad/Touch and Android devices through Zinio. You can also purchase individual copies from the Ubuntu Software Centre.

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I think a zombie doing Zumba might well fall apart, unfortunate (for the zombie), but hardly apocalyptic?


How does Future Publishing distribute it's mags abroad? It takes two weeks for them to go on sale in Finland and the wait kills me everytime. :(

No to 4 same distro on the DVD

one big ad for canonical, Boo
really do we need to have four versios of ubuntu on the DVD.


@Crashlog I was a subscriber and wondered the same thing. I ended up not continuing with my sub because it took _even longer_ for subscription copy to arrive than the mag was at stands.

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