Linux Format 171 On Sale Today - 50 Distros Tested!


A Double DVD Spectacular! Choice is natural. Choice ensures competition. Choice is good. But sometimes there's too much choice, and we need a helping hand through the forest of indecision. Take the act of choosing a Linux distribution, for example: of the hundreds that are out there, all with their slightly different goals and values, how do you know which one is going to be right for you? You could try every single one of the top 50 ranked Linux flavours on Distrowatch, or you could let us do it for you – brilliant!

Also in the mag we've more on the UEFI debacle, a roundup of image editors, an inside look at audio editing with Ardour, Hotpicks and a gaggle/pride/murder of brain-expanding tutorials. Have fun!

On the DVDs: This month it’s a super-special double disc issue. We’ve built our very own gaming distro that allows you to play some of the best open source games without installing them. On the second disc we’ve got OpenSUSE, Kali and Trisquel. Enjoy!

For a complete issue overview, and subscriber PDFs, take a look at our archives:

Digital Editions: Linux Format is now available on Android and Chrome with Google Play Magazines, from just £3.99 per issue. It's also available on both Apple's iPhone/iPad/Touch and Android devices through Zinio. You can also purchase individual copies from the Ubuntu Software Centre.

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for talking about linux distros

dear sir

i am new i Linux environment so tell me what is the main purpose to install we Linux destro

RMS's talk was interesting

I enjoyed listening to the RMS talk on the DVD, it was rather interesting as he stated his opinions about how to be more security- conscious. I got to see him in a different light than I did when he was on episode 200 of the Linux Action Show. Nevertheless, I could still see his passion for his beliefs are quite strong.

anthony venable

Totally worth it

I've been listening to the podcast for at least a year now, and finally decided to take the leap and buy an issue of LXF. I have to say well done gentleman(and I think I saw one lady on the first page too). Living in the US I scoffed at the idea of paying $16.99 for a single printed magazine, as the common price is below $6 for most publications here. I'm really only 7 or 8 pages in and I regret nothing. It is well worth every penny I paid for it. I love the layout, the print quality, the variety of articles, and just the sheer amount of information! I really am very please with it, and I'll definitely be jumping on the $35 recurring quarterly subscription. Looking forward to future issues, and thanks for providing such a great mag. You have won my loyalty with the overwhelming quality of your work.

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