Linux Format 191 - Hack the Pi!


Issue 191, December 2014 - on sale now

Hack the Pi!

We’re exploring how you can hack Linux on the Pi to ever greater levels with fun projects, advanced Linux services and essential skills. We hope you’ve brought your Pi with you. Not that we want to obsess on the Pi too much, even if it’s a great device that’s changing the world, a big part of that success is its Linux smarts.

We’re finishing our Nginx series, (which also happens to all work with the Raspberry Pi) but we’re also going deep into Cython to accelerate everyday Python, exploring how to use Git for your own projects and look at how you can get started developing PHP. We’re also trying to stay musical with a roundup of excellent players and even pro-level production.

On the DVD: Raspbian, KaliLinux 1.0.9, PiMusicBox, RetroPie, Jasper.


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