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You get an education! You get an education! You get an education! It’s not something Oprah Winfrey would give away, as I guess to some a free car would seem more valuable, but how much is an education worth? I’d suggest on a purely practical level a huge amount, and we all know it’s something that’s truly invaluable. It’s one part of FOSS that we almost take for granted, but by providing the tools and documentation it’s assumed that people can and do educate themselves in everything they need to know.

So what happens when you take those tools and documentation and give them to education professionals? In 2015 the UK is going to find out, as it’s the first year when the new computing curriculum kicks in. This is the curriculum where the Raspberry Pi Foundation has been teaching and supplying educational materials based around the Pi.

So for this issue that coincides with pupils around the country heading back to school, we’re supplying our own guide to help you and your children get a head start with coding in Python, using the Pi at school, choosing the best languages for the jobs you want to do and taking a first step into developing web applications.

As cool as coding is, some people just want to use computers. We’re looking into how you can transform your Nexus device into an Ubuntu Touch phone, and if that’s not your thing how about choosing a new Chromebook from our Roundup of the best 2015 Chromebooks. With guides to creating Linux snapshots, network troubleshooting, the amazing TierOne quick and easy VPN and a look at the CrunchBang replacement BunsenLabs, it’s a great issue because FOSS is great.

On the DVD: Uber Student 4.1, wattOS R9, 16 Linux training videos.


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