Linux Format free to download for 24 hours only


As promised, we hosted a full high-res copy of the latest Linux Format magazine right now. Sadly, it was for 24 hours only, and you were too slow!

Still, we have some other incredible content you might want to read, not least of which are these five:

  1. Linux tips every geek should know
  2. The Linux Starter Pack - 130 pages of PDFs available for free download
  3. The Linux Pub Quiz - we bet you can't get 100% correct...
  4. How to install Linux on a USB flash drive
  5. 10 simple ways to make your Linux box more secure

Note that the Linux Starter Pack is available only as a low-res PDF. If you'd like to see it made available as a high-res torrent, let us know in the comments below.

Answers to predictable questions

Are you going to be putting this issue online again?

No, sorry - you missed your chance.

I downloaded it. Can I give it to my friends?

Sure. There's no DRM, so you can give it to as many friends as you like.

Is it true the issue is now on The Pirate Bay?

We wouldn't know. We wouldn't recommend you go and search there for yourself. And we certainly wouldn't recommend you download it from there to enjoy the issue at your leisure. Come to think of it, we don't even know what The Pirate Bay even is.

I've searched and searched and can't find this anywhere!

Just post on a forum - over 21,000 people downloaded the high-res PDFs (and thousand more snagged the low-res PDFs), so you're bound to find someone who will share them with you.

Can I buy Linux Format in the US/Australia/Canada/Outer Mongolia?

Linux Format is on-sale worldwide every four weeks. Yes that includes the US. Yes that includes Australia and Canada. Yes, that even includes Wales. Not Outer Mongolia though - sorry! You can find find more information on buying LXF, including information on your nearest stockist if you're in the US, by clicking here.

If you can't find an issue, or if you just happen to feel like saving a huge amount of money, take a look at the price of a subscription - we think you'll be pleasantly surprised, particularly if you're in the US.

Note that all our subscriptions come with free access to over 1200 PDFs from our back issue archive.

Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word about this offer - keep your eyes peeled, because there's a lot more to come...

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Your comments

Is this a sign of things to come?

I know in recent months there has been increasing numbers of people requesting the option to suscribe to a downloadable .PDF of Linux Format at a reduced rate. Is this a testing of the waters?

Re: Is this is a sign?

No. We're doing this as a one-off thank you for everyone's support.

Catch or no catch?

"(legally at least!)"
Are you hinting that it will not be legal for me to share my downloaded copy with other people? How does this reflect the "No DRM. No cost. No catches."-line?

Re: Catch or no catch?

There will be no DRM on it, meaning that you can run it on any device you want and it won't "time out" or something horrible like that. It's yours. We're giving you a personal copy for free. We're not giving away the copyright to the article, if that's what you're asking - that means you can't redistribute the PDFs freely. This isn't a "catch", this is just standard copyright law.

However clearly without any DRM there's nothing stopping you from giving them to everyone, torrenting them, printing them, selling them, whatever. We'd rather everyone obtained the PDFs directly from us, but we can't stop you redistributing them for eternity. If someone does decide to put the whole thing on The Pirate Bay in 48 hours, I doubt we'd be particularly upset! ;)

This is something that Magnatune pioneered and we're happy to follow their lead.


Wow, this is so cool! Thanks, guys!

wow +1 very good :)

wow +1
very good


Will the servers cope?


I must be missing something -- everything on that page is available to subscribers only. Is this a UK-only thing?

Please provide a direct link

Please provide a direct link to the PDF. We're too lazy to navigate your poorly designed web page.

Getting the PDFs

scroobious and ping tojo:

The link to the Linux Format website shows what's in the current issue, and provides access for LXF subscribers (after logging in).

Come 12am GMT, you'll be able to download the complete issue straight from this page.

All this hyper over a stinkin PDF ?

"This page will be updated later tonight, so just point people here."

I find it hilarious that they consider themselves so "kind", and applaud themselves, just because they provide this PDF "DRM FREE!!!11".

I mean, the community, us really, provides KDE to the world for free, drm-free of course, not just once but again and again.

omg, oh holy newspaper. thank you. thank you. drm-free? wow, i'm so impressed.

Linux users

And here again we have typical linux a$$holes looking a gift horse in the mouth.

Re: All this hyper over a stinkin PDF

<< I mean, the community, us really, provides KDE to the world for free, drm-free of course, not just once but again and again. >>

It's so good of you to take credit for producing KDE. Good work - you're clearly an awesome coder!

<< omg, oh holy newspaper. thank you. thank you. drm-free? wow, i'm so impressed. >>

Wait... you cry when people use DRM. You're now crying when people don't use DRM. Would you rather they didn't give stuff away? This is a magazine that's on-sale right now. They lose money by giving it away free. Who loses out from this?


Some people actually do Linux related things for a living, so free comes with a price tag for them. Get over yourself.

PDF Downlaod

I use PDFs routinely, but the reason I subscribe with an overseas subscription is because I love taking the magazine with me. I highlight, circle, add post-it flags, have photocopies of important items sent to my employees. Paper is un-PC, but it will only die when I do (very ego-centric observation.) For utility and quick communication in the workplace, PDFs are superb! PLEASE don't let the paper go!

A little more than just DRM free...

I am utterly confused by the 'stinkin pdf' author. If you had included DRM, he would have given you crap. As you haven't he still gives you crap. Amazing really. But at least crap is DRM free. Which I suppose might bring another little mini-rant in my direction this time. As it happens my crap is DRM'd to the hilt. My toilet actually has a license in order that I may send my proprietorial waste product down the pan. How I would have liked to included the above comments to keep my crap company. They would get on really, really well together.

For myself, I have been reading Linux Format for years now, and have found the mag to be an excellent source of all things tux with more than a passing interest for the UK LUG's. I'm right up for a free download, and thank you LF!

People should really relax

I am not affiliated to the publication, and I haven't bought a magazine about Linux for years because everything I want and need is available on the net. But comments like the ones above about the freedom shows only ignorance.

First, it's a gift, take it or go away, but don't complain. They haven't claimed that the publication is GPL'ed or under a creative commons license that allows freely sharing it, so they have absolutely no obligation to make you happy at all. Take it or leave.

Second, the term free in this context has nothing to do with freedom. It's just about money.

I am an open source lover, but I don't try to impose my view of the reality to anyone else in such unkind way.

Q: "I mean, the community, us really, provides KDE to the world for free, drm-free of course, not just once but again and again."

A: That's ok, it's your choice. That doesn't mean anything at all for the rest of the world. YOU acknowledged to put your work under the GPL, a lot of us do. But that doesn't mean that you/we can force anyone else to do the same.

As said, if you want it, take it. If not, just keep moving, politely.

I'm a subscriber...

... and I'm astonished that anyone would knock such a decent offer. I'll expect to see the magazine go on sale in newsagents for nothing the same day that editorial staff discover zero salary is adequate for buying their groceries.

Great idea to do this as a one-off, perhaps as a taster to get some more subscriptions? Hope it works, you deserve success. I've sub'd for more than 5 years, and look forward to its arrival each month. In most respects I'm close to paperless, but a magazine is different. Even if I could get full PDFs for free I'd still pay the subscription to get the paper-based mag. Might do without the DVD if I made a saving.

Please ignore the critics. How they got enough brain cells to even solve the Captcha I can't imagine.

PS: I came here to check the page before posting it to my local LUG.

Cool - does it come with a

Cool - does it come with a free AOL disk? I'm running low on floppies.

(Excuse my ignorance if they don't still come with the disks - I haven't read any print magazines in a while).

OK, I don't actually even have a floppy drive installed, but free is free.


Well, I want to thank you

Well, I want to thank you for offering the free PDF; it's kind of you. I look forward to browsing through the magazine.

I see nothing wrong with charging for your print magazine; you have a business to run, and paper isn't free.

Again, thanks.

Wow, thanks!

I just wanted to say thanks, especially since not everyone appreciates what huge loss the magazine is taking. I buy your magazine once in a while, but it is refreshing to see it giving back to the community like this. So keep up the good work. :)

Well, thanks!

there *really* is nothing more to say but thank you!

Thank you Linux Format!

As a new Linux user what has astounded me is gestures like this. The sense of community, of shared interests and values and the never ending willingness of ideas and support available for all things TUX!

Well done LFM and thank you!

Yes, agreed, thank you!

Just wanted to add my thanks, guys. This is really nice and appreciated! =:) Also, I'd be very interested in a PDF version that costs less than the standard one!


hello :)
thanks for your effort

Any chance of a direct download link?

I can't download torrents (behind a proxy); any chance of a direct download link, or will I have to miss out?



Where is the .pdf?

The link is to a torrent. I don't have torrent... Can we have link to the .pdf that will work without jumping through hoops?

please seed

ok in the words of a true one eye man "please seed"

Thank you very much Linux

Thank you very much Linux Format crew for this present :)

P.S. Some people are complaining about a gift, what a bunch of hijosdeputa. Please, mature!

Thank you for the pdf:-)

Thank you for the pdf:-)

Your magazine is very good imo. Will look for the next number in store to buy.

Thanks For The Gift!!!

I appreciate your generosity!

it's the kde issue. i almost

it's the kde issue. i almost didn't download it because i'm really upset about kde4.
recent kde refugee


I'd love to have copy and it's is great that the current issue is available in this way(*). But to provide it only by a torrent locks out any number of people. How many machines come with a torrent client out of the box?

(*) Having wandered off to the Linux Format site and seen the outline of contents I will probably actually go and buy a real copy tommorow.

Re: Mislead

If traffic dies down in about 18 hours, we'll put up direct download links. Right now, we have almost 1000 people trying to download it, which would completely frag our Apache server!

Of course, the flip side of this is that if traffic doesn't die down, we won't put up direct download links - so we would really recommend installing a BitTorrent client!

What about the disc? :P

Any chance of upping a .iso of the cover disc too?

Surely that wouldn't be too bad since it's all free to get stuff anyway? (I just like the collection put together)

The perfect DRM:

Asking nicely. Well done :-)


Does the magazine has the phone home plugin activated so if i open it with the adobe reader i will collect ¨anonymous¨ data to be use on some kind of users (LF reader behavior)??...anyway thank you i really love the magazine (printed version)........

Torrents and proxies

>Of course, the flip side of this is that if traffic doesn't die down, we won't put up
>direct download links - so we would really recommend installing a BitTorrent

Tuxradar: many thanks for responding to myself and DaveL. I'm afraid no matter how much you "really recommend installing a BitTorrent client!", it would not really help: I naturally have one installed, but my university, like most UK Universities that are part of the JANET network, allows internet access only through a public proxy that blocks torrenting.

Naturally, if you wish to disallow university students from taking up the offer, that is, of course, entirely your prerogative.

Thanks anyway,


In response to E.T

E.T: Rest assured, there's nothing like that here. PDFs don't even have the capability to 'phone home', as far as I'm aware! These are just articles from the mag -- we want to give back to the community. So please fret not, and enjoy them!

Here I can't use torrent

Here I can't use torrent either. Could you provide a direct link?

Thank you!

Too cool. Thanks, LinuxFormat and TuxRadar!

Is it so hard to upload it

Is it so hard to upload it to rapidshare or any other file sharing service? If you care about the bandwidth... I know that torrent is one of the best options, but not everyone can use it.

Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you, Linux Format! Living across the "pond" in the States, I cannot afford a subscription to your magazine ... as much as I would like to. The $126 subscription fee is just a bit (ok ... quite a bit) steep. So thank you for giving me this opportunity to peruse your fine publication for free.



No torrents here... can

No torrents here... can anyone share a .pdf?

@3:04am: Hm, if you're serious that KDE has adopted a sane 6 month release cycle like Gnome and Ubuntu, then it would be great news.

Thank You

I've been purchasing Linux Format and Linux Format Pro for years. They are great mags, and I find them as useful additions to the Linux community. Thank you for the pdf. I've fully downloaded it and am now seeding the torrent.

Thanks again


I'm currently ftp-ing the .zip you get from the torrents to two locations, so I have at least a half-a-chance at not having the bandwidth eaten inside of two minutes.

And I think they have, yes.

KDE on WIN is looking good too.

Thank you! As parnote said,

Thank you! As parnote said, the price is rather prohibitive for USians...especially us poor college thank you!

i hate kde4. i hate widgets.

i hate kde4. i hate widgets. i hate dolphin. i hate folderview. i hate plasma. i hate plasmoids.

kde4 does absolutely everything wrong. it is amazing that i cannot find 1 thing to like about kde4. i've tried. i cannot use it. i hate absolutely everything about it starting with that ugly, transparent, mouseover popup toolbar, folderview thing on the desktop.

mandriva is trying to make it look and feel like 3.5 but all it amounts to is that they look like they are trying cover up the fact that it is kde4.

why is kde4 being promoted like a microsoft product (improved performance, faster, and faster, the best thing since sliced bread)? what a load of crap.

Obviously someone who hasn't tried it.

>improved performance, faster, and faster, the best thing since sliced bread)? what a load of crap.

How can the best thing since sliced bread be crap?

Seriously, it is faster.

>mandriva is trying to make it look and feel like 3.5 but all it amounts to is that they look like they are trying cover up the fact that it is kde4

Actually, that is KDE4 itself. You can set the KDE 4.2 behave exactly like KDE 3.5 if you want (but of course, sadly, you can't set the KDE 3.5 desktop to be like KDE 4.2, because KDE3 doesn't have that power & flexibility).

Mandriva 2009.1 ships its default KDE 4.2 desktop settings to make it present like KDE 3.5.x. Kubuntu sets the default 9.04 desktop to present like KDE 4.1. If you don't like one way or the other ... then set it to the way that you do like.

As for faster and better ... it is faster and better. What is more, further performance improvements are coming (due to Qt4.5) in the next planned release.


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