Linux Format free to download for 24 hours only


As promised, we hosted a full high-res copy of the latest Linux Format magazine right now. Sadly, it was for 24 hours only, and you were too slow!

Still, we have some other incredible content you might want to read, not least of which are these five:

  1. Linux tips every geek should know
  2. The Linux Starter Pack - 130 pages of PDFs available for free download
  3. The Linux Pub Quiz - we bet you can't get 100% correct...
  4. How to install Linux on a USB flash drive
  5. 10 simple ways to make your Linux box more secure

Note that the Linux Starter Pack is available only as a low-res PDF. If you'd like to see it made available as a high-res torrent, let us know in the comments below.

Answers to predictable questions

Are you going to be putting this issue online again?

No, sorry - you missed your chance.

I downloaded it. Can I give it to my friends?

Sure. There's no DRM, so you can give it to as many friends as you like.

Is it true the issue is now on The Pirate Bay?

We wouldn't know. We wouldn't recommend you go and search there for yourself. And we certainly wouldn't recommend you download it from there to enjoy the issue at your leisure. Come to think of it, we don't even know what The Pirate Bay even is.

I've searched and searched and can't find this anywhere!

Just post on a forum - over 21,000 people downloaded the high-res PDFs (and thousand more snagged the low-res PDFs), so you're bound to find someone who will share them with you.

Can I buy Linux Format in the US/Australia/Canada/Outer Mongolia?

Linux Format is on-sale worldwide every four weeks. Yes that includes the US. Yes that includes Australia and Canada. Yes, that even includes Wales. Not Outer Mongolia though - sorry! You can find find more information on buying LXF, including information on your nearest stockist if you're in the US, by clicking here.

If you can't find an issue, or if you just happen to feel like saving a huge amount of money, take a look at the price of a subscription - we think you'll be pleasantly surprised, particularly if you're in the US.

Note that all our subscriptions come with free access to over 1200 PDFs from our back issue archive.

Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word about this offer - keep your eyes peeled, because there's a lot more to come...

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Your comments

Thanks for the zip

I am currently between Linux distributions, so thanks for the zip file.

I did install the BitTorrent Windows client and will explore it later.

And thanks Linux Format mag.

Thank you Linux Format

Thank you very much for the PDF version.

I will, however, *buy*the*magazine* when it arrives at my local newsstand, and keep the PDF version to show (on my notebook) to newcomers to Linux.

Why buy what I already have? Because nothing beats print for being able to browse, especially when away from a computer.
Oh, and the magazine will join the more than 100 others I already have. (I just buy from the newsstand, so I've missed a couple.)

Alas, I've never found a PDF reader that allows me to read electronic files the way I do paper documents; dog-ear certain pages, use the inserts as bookmarks, and so on.

Maybe I'm just too old...


Thanks for this.

A nice idea.

As a few people have said already a paper copy still has it's place but for quick reference and convenience a PDF on the desktop doesn't go a miss.

Keep up the good work.

You suck at promoting, but

You suck at promoting, but this magazine is very enjoyable!

Hi-res :: Yes, please.


I'd love to see your Linux Starter Pack in high-res made available as a torrent.

Thanks in advance!


I'd like to add my voice

for a hi-res cersion of the linux starter pack too :D

How can i get it now?

How can i get it now?

Re: Can't Find $99/yr Deal

Sorry - admin error! Try now - just choose USA from the country drop down.

$99 Deal Works Now

OK, I'm your newest subscriber!

Since I'm in a complaining mood, here's one more piece of feedback: the "opt-out" checkboxes in your signup procedure are a little convoluted:

"Linux Format and Future Publishing Ltd would like to contact you with offers and opportunities. Please tick here if you would prefer to receive these messages: by email __ by sms __
If you do not wish to hear from us about other relevant offers please tick here: by post __ by phone __

Our partners sometimes have special offers that we think you will find relevant, please tick here if you would prefer to receive these messages: by email __ by sms __
Please tick here if you would prefer not to hear from our partners: by post __ by phone __"

I suppose anyone who would pay to subscribe to your magazine is probably logical enough to figure out which boxes to check, but I'm always happier when you "Don't Make Me Think!"

Linux Starter Pack & LF Digital Subscription

I've been a Future Publishing reader and fan since the old (and good) days of Amiga Format and Amiga Shopper magazines! Unfortunately Future Publishing magazines are no longer available here in Brazil, probably because they would be very expensive.
An option would be to subscribe to it but there is always a risk of missing issues and the usual delay to receive them. So I would like to suggest to you to sell a digital subscription for Linux Format magazine, just like the Linux Journal magazine does, preferably with no DRM (although I would even accept a DRM protection scheme like Zinio uses in their magazines).
Also please make the Linux Starter Pack available in Hi-Res format via bittorrent!
Thank you!

Thanks guys

Even though I didn't made it to the PDFs, I still have access to tonnes of resources from the links you provided.

Thankyou to LXF team.
I'm going to buy the magazine issues more often!

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