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Sorry for the lack of updates. We're manically trying to finish 1.5 issues before Christmas. But we just wanted to let you know that, to coincide with the launch of Google Magazines in the UK, Linux Format is now available on Google's magazine store - £4.99 per issue, £3.99 with a rolling subscription or £44.99 for the year. As always, DVD images are freely downloadable from Issue 166 (the zombie one) should also be available on the Ubuntu Software Centre.

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About ti--- um, good job. :)

Well done. Cross-posted to MintCast reddit, and #! community on G+

Nice one!

Good news! I think I'd still prefer to buy a paper copy from an actual shop though. I like to see Linux mags on racks in public view, especially LXF!

So will this be

So will this be Linux-compatible? I don't use Ubuntu: The only current way to view the magazine 'natively'.

This is aweosme

Getting the paper version in Australia is around $20 each issue so $7.50 on Google Play is great news.

Viewability update

Okay, so you can view this on Linux, kind of. Via Google Play you can view this on an android device (mobile Linux), or on your own Linux OS, provided you have Google Chrome installed. Not perfect, but it works...


Like EspadaV8 (I thought they were V12?), I'm down in the Antipodes, and we pay huge money for late issues. Will check this out.

Oh Crap

Not available in my country. Nuts.

Archive access NOT!

The yearly digital subscription doesn't come with access to the PDF archives!

So, if like myself you'd like to view the archive reference, you have to subscribe to the paper version of the magazine.

IDEALLY I'd like the digital magazine with archive reference!!!!!

^Bummer :\

^Bummer :\

Systems Administrator archive access?? NO!!!

I used to subscribe to the tree killer edition and loved the magazine, but ultimately it's just too expensive and ended up stopping. When I saw this deal I was so excited! But hearing no access to archives...not cool. I would pay extra to have access to archive and yes PDF format is a must. I do not want to be tied just to google play to view magazines...

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