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Some things make us cry: kittens with sad faces, chopping onions, and the cost of rail tickets in the United Kingdom. But nothing makes us cry as much as losing a file, especially when it's a prized photo or piece of writing that can't be reconstructed without vast effort. So in this month's cover feature, we show you how to never lose a single file again. Our tips, tools and strategies for making backups will ensure that your data never goes walkabouts and you always have a spare copy, just in case.

Meanwhile, we show you how to master KDE's Plasma Desktop, explain how Ubuntu is going to transition to Unity, and list the 20 things we'd change about Our reviews section puts VirtualBox 4.0, Mathematica 8 and Opera 11 under the spotlight, while in tutorials you'll find guides for Ntop, CakePHP, Cherokee and LPI certification.

And! The free 4GB DVD is a triple-booter with the latest releases of PCLinuxOS, Lubuntu and CrunchBang, along with Puppy Linux and SystemRescueCD. Whether you're looking for a newbie-friendly Linux flavour, a distro for power users or something to revive an old machine, you'll find the perfect answer here. Plus the disc contains heaps of applications, games, podcasts and documentation.

And there's another and! As a special bonus, LXF 142 comes with a 64-page book packed with advanced tutorials - SSH tunnelling, fixing NTFS partitions, bandwidth shaping, RAID and more. It's ideal for keeping on your bookshelf when you have a difficult job to do.

View the full contents list here. LXF142 is on sale at all good UK newsagents (overseas in the next few weeks), or you can buy a copy online. Even better, get every issue straight to your door at a great price by subscribing!

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Nice to see a blog about

Nice to see a blog about something other than OpenBallots and podcasts!


seconded :-)

And there's another and...

And there's another and... LMAO!

Just renewed my subscription as I love the mag and the podcast too!

BTW Graham has the most infectious laugh. I sometimes find myself laughing at him laughing.

@Big Bob the German Woodcuter

I guess that's a compliment?

Why are ye talking about Openoffice?

The whole world is talking about LibreOffice and Lotus Symphony... Linux Format is talking about Openoffice 3.3. :/


Indeed it is a compliment ;)

Andrew ftw

I want to say that I think Andrew has really stepped up to the plate in the wake of Paul's departure. He was pretty quiet before, as I remember it, but now he's a great contributor and darn funny.

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