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At heart, we're all system administrators. That doesn't mean we all have big beards and spend our time reminiscing about punch cards - it just means we all have to do things like securing our networks, accomplishing tasks at the command line and so forth. With this in mind, this month's cover feature is all about sysadmin secrets: tips from the pros to make your Linux box faster, safer and smarter.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. In this packed issue we show you how to upgrade to KDE 4.6, discover a better file manager in our roundup, code awesome apps in KDevelop and get your box dual-booting between two distros. In our reviews section we have the rather special Google Nexus S, while our tutorials cover LPI certification, funky uses of ExifTool and much more.

And then there's the 4GB DVD, loaded with hot new software: Debian 6, LibreOffice 3.3, KDE 4.6 Live and heaps more. And one more thing! We have a very cool gift that will remind you to celebrate the birthday of your favourite distro or Linux celebrity...

View the full contents list here. LXF143 is on sale at all good UK newsagents (overseas in the next few weeks), or you can buy a copy online. Even better, get every issue straight to your door at a great price by subscribing!

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Thanks, Mike

Debian 6.0 on the shiny new LXF DVD? Well, that's this morning's itinerary sorted - a beeline for WHS.
The gods will shine on you this month, Mr Saunders :)

Hi Guys, I'd really like to

Hi Guys,

I'd really like to be a subscriber, but don't particularly want to "waste" paper, nor do I want to read a non-text-flowing PDF nasty.

Will you be publishing in HTML any time soon?


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