Linux Mint 7 gloriously released


Linux Mint 7

If you like your Ubuntu green and with loads of extra add-ons, you'll be chuffed to bits with Linux Mint 7, codenamed Gloria. Highlights include a new 'suggestions' feature in the mintMenu panel that tries to guess what you want to do. There's also a "featured applications" panel in mintInstall that lists useful apps that you might not have heard of, while mintUpdate can now show changelogs from Mint-specific packages, and not just Ubuntu.

Other changes:

  • Shiny welcome screen to "point new users in a few directions"
  • The rtfm command is now just a link to man
  • This is the default icon set
  • Firefox includes the Moonlight plugin
  • Package repositories are now signed

Obviously one of Linux Mint's strengths is the fact that it includes codecs and other extras. But we'd like to hear from regular Minters: is there anything else about the distro that you love? Why did you try it originally?

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The dev team

I really like how open Linux Mint's development team are to contributions. I added functionality to mintUpload, re-packaged, and was granted permission to upload it to the "community" repo within 3 days, even though this was my very first contribution to FOSS. Those improvements have now been accepted into this new release!

In terms of everyday use, the simple inclusion of codecs was the initial drawing point, there was basically no reason I could think of for choosing Ubuntu over Mint, so I use mint.

Unlike Ubuntu, it actually "Just Works"

One of the common themes you'll see in Ubuntu literature and especially the Ubuntu forums is that the OS "Just works", suggesting out-of-the-box usability.

I did not find that to be the case, nor would most people expecting to use their computer as most do - for regular media playback.

While Ubuntu claims to "just work", I did not find that to be the case. Where you stand on proprietary software and codecs is a personal decision, and more power to the people that stand their moral ground (whatever it may be). Mint takes one extra step beyond Ubuntu and makes for a more complete desktop experience, especially for the casual or non-power user that doesn't want to manually install packages to get media playback functioning.

linux mint = the fresh ubuntu

linux mint is for everybody who installed ubuntu without success the last chance to linux. it is the freshest ubuntu derivat out there that just works. out of the box unbeatable in every kind of support.

if you are in to real gnu support, don't touch it. java and flash are installed by default.

but for all windows switchers: it is the major linux distribution out there!

Tut, tut, tut. One of the

Tut, tut, tut. One of the big myths surrounding Mint is that it is just Ubuntu with codecs and a nicer theme, and by the wording of this news piece you have just supported that incorrect myth. You only need to look at the custom Start menu to see that Mint offers a different experience you can't get from Ubuntu or any other major distro for that matter.

Like the first comment also says, Mint has an amazing community as well. Anyone can contribute changes and offer suggestions in a much more inviting way than with any other distro I've used.

Impressive in every way.

I love this new distribution. It looks better than Ubuntu and has smoother operation. All menus are more intuitive and the distro just looks more professional than many of the others. I think it is a hit! Windows converts will love it.

A different beast

I have experienced a lot of frustrations with Ubuntu which I did not with Mint. I rather like the Mint menu, and Mint is much more pleasant to look at.
Also, this distribution (I would guess Ubuntu does too, I haven't used it for longer periods) boots impressively fast on my old iron.


I haven't used Linux Mint so far, but I love that rtfm command! Just for that fine political incorrectness I would try out Linux Mint :D

Distro bonanza?

Come to think of it. Could you guys do another distro bonanza (with Linux Mint of course) so that we can try these out in VirtualBox?

An Excellent First Linux

Mint was my first experience with Linux, back in 5.0 I believe. It was fast, smooth, and pretty, and an excellent experience with Linux. That said, I quite adore my Ubuntu system and don't have plans to change back any time soon. Might DL this and install into a VirtualBox, though.

didn't like it

i installed it and went right back to ubuntu immediately. the web browser came configured to use linux mint's google instead (in a shameless effort to make some ad money) but it was less functional than google's default engine. when i asked how to change it i found that the community is like 14 years old and considerably douchy compared to ubuntu's.

anyway, its not like its hard to install codecs or different wallpapers.


@Anonymous Coward: it's even easier to change the search plugin!

Also there's more to mint that codecs or wallpapers. The announcement page was full of new features unique to mint, codecs weren't mentioned once, it's all about the mintTools now, as well as lots of little things, like middle-click paste in firefox, backspace in firefox, ctrl-alt-delete re-enabled in X etc.

That "shameless effort to

That "shameless effort to make some ad money" is what pays for the development of the distro. Not every distro can be backed by a millionaire astronaut.

If anyone is coming across like a douchy 14 year old it is you Anonymous Penguin.

Like Ubuntu, it actually "Just Works"

Well I'll soon try Gloria and maybe update my wife's Ellysia 8.04. Unlike an earlier correspondent I've not had a particular problem with various flavours of Ubuntu 8.04 or 9.04. Installation is certainly effortless, wifi is no effort and codecs arrive automatically, when they are needed, in one click to accept that they are not open source, no sweat there! I would say both these horses come from a very competent stable. (no pun intended!)

Ubuntu now looks like Mints poor cousin

better menu's a all round nicer cleaner look and feel -
Codecs may be a sticky issues but without them an operating system isn't working its failing.
LinuxMint is all winning.

P.S. The "shameless effort to make some ad money" is easily circumvented.

P.P.S. I wait for the xfce4 version its at least a zillion times better:-)


Gloria is first Linux Mint that I really thought about switching on my notebook from Ubuntu. but I have Ubuntu working in such a way I call it home now (Windows XP was like that back in 2005) for my OS both on desktop and notebook. But I do like what Linux Mint people have done though.

azerty keyboard

In the Dutch speaking part of Belgium we use a azerty keyboard
and that is working perfectly well in Ubuntu.
Mint 7 is derived from Ubuntu but they manage to break support for a azerty keyboard completely.
They give you several options (6 or 7) of using a keyboard for Belgium flemish, but no one is working properly.

XFCE version

I agree with Johnvile about the XFCE version being better. My laptop has only 512 Mb ram, and is quite usable with XFCE, but Gnome & KDE slow it down too much. I run Ubuntu, Mepis 8, and AntiX 8.2 Test1 on my desktop, so I'm comfortable with different desktops, and speedier ones are better on old equipment.






I'm glad to hear that, but please... a little less Capslock?

Watch your CAPITALS!


You know the meaning of CAPITALS in Netiquette, dontcha?

Just asking...

In defense of Ubuntu

Some of the posts are a bit dismissive of Ubuntu, or treat it with disregard, bitterness or non-constructive criticism.

That remark about Ubuntu being funded by a "millionaire astronaut" is particularly silly...

C'mon. Mint *is* great, but still it is based on Ubuntu. "Standing on the shoulders of giants", anyone?


To the site administrators:

Requiring cookies for posting comments is annoying and serves no purpose. Stop that!


Adding to my own post above: yeah, Ubuntu is based on Debian. So, let's also remember Debian when thanking all the hard working people who created the Debian -> Ubuntu -> Mint chain.

And everybody before Debian.

Criticism for the sake of criticism is A Bad Thing.


I like Mint

Being new to linux, I really wanted something to replace windows to the extent that I don't need a virtualbox or anything. I had gotten the Ubuntu DVD's a long time ago and tried them. To be honest it was to hard for me to set up my pc with it. I have tried new and other distro's. After a few days i end up going back to windows :(.

So the other day I downloaded Mint 7 burned the iso and installed it. Install time took about 10 minutes. Really fast start up.

I needed to make sure that Mint 7 could do the things that I do on linux easily with out to much searching and hassle on my part to get things working.

1 huge thing for me was to have jre pre-installed because I am a day forex trader and I use a java platform. I know other that you can "easily" install jre java on other distros but for me this is kind of a difficult task. Mint 7 just worked. Literally 10 sec after my first boot I was looking at all my charts and ready to start trading.

2nd huge thing for me was to play my favorite game. PerfectWorld. Again I know that wine, winetools, etc can be install easily on other distro types. It was just easier because of how the menu is set up. Less terminal usage for me the better.

3rd huge thing is encoding and burning media. This was a daunting task for me all the time with windows. I have specific way of doing things lol. But funny enough with mint 7, 1 click search for DeVeDe and presto off and running with a complete set of most of the tools I used in windows.

please dont come back and say that all this can be done on ubuntu or some other distro. I know this. Just from an absolute beginner that has tried ubuntu, open suse, lol Lindows and others, Mint 7 has purely out performed for my needs. 20 years of windows moving to a distro link Mint 7 is a nice ease in tot he conversion to linux.

Perhaps for power users Mint 7 might not cut it. But for ex long term windows and dos users its very simple switch. It just feels normal. Although this just might be the specific theme Mint 7 uses I dont know lol but it works for me.

I even added Mint 7 to a bootable thumb drive for my 10 year old daughter. Couple of clicks and she's up and running looking around in the package manager downloading games etc.

For me Windows always had that "Feels Right" layout, easy to use etc. This is how I feel about Mint 7. Also kudos to Ubuntu for being the giant that Mint 7 stands on. Does not matter to me in the least. Gratz are given to both. I had no idea that ubuntu could be so nice and easy until Mint 7.

last words...
For a noob Mint 7 sooooooo rocks!!!

Mint / Ubuntu / Debian

Well, I have used two of the three. (M & U). I have one computer with Mint on it and two with Ubuntu. My preference is for Gnome. The MintMenu worked ok, usually, but on at least one case, I couldn't launch an application from the menu that would launch from the Gnome Menu.

Enough... all are good. Pick your own flavor... that is one great aspect of Linux. Like going to a "Ice Cream Sunday Bar" where you build your own banana split to your own taste. Underneath it all is the same ice cream.... (Debian) and pick your own toppings to your own taste.

Personal preference: Live CD is MINT. Installed system is Ubuntu... but who knows... maybe tomorrow I'll like some Chocolate Mint better. :)


I'd originally tried Mint because of its skin.
I felt that I couldn't perform my tasks efficiently enough on Ubuntu due to its orangey skin. The reason was because I was always aware of its skin and had been attempting to make my theme look better, but then it had turned out to be completely waste of time.

Yes, and the preinstalled codecs saves me lots of trouble after installation. Well, I don't have to install anything extra any more!

But the actual reason was because Linux Mint's objectives "From freedom to elegance" best suit my needs. I've always wanted an elegant desktop which remains the accessibly and usability of Ubuntu.

However, I don't really appreciate the developer's efforts in trying to make it look elegant. It had removed some of the most useful features from Ubuntu and had also added some useless minttool junks. I'm not saying that all of the tools are rubbish, but most actually are!

My favourite distro maybe mint. But Fedora and Mandriva is coming close. The only reason why am not using Fedora is because it's philosophy and objectives of providing only free software doesn't suit my needs. And Mandriva, simply because it doesn't support my local language keyboard layout.

Debian and Children

Over the years I used a number of distros. Mandrake was nice, but not solid. So I went to Gentoo and stayed with that for years. It was rock-solid, but oh, the package management. Updating took ages, not so much the download time, but the compile time. And big updates nearly always didn't go smoothly. Now I'm with Debian. I've installed Lenny on a few computers. Every time everything just worked. And the Synaptic package manager is a joy. Updating is a breeze. I chose Debian ahead of Ubuntu because Ubuntu is close to the bleeding edge and most likely not as stable as Debian which uses tried, but not as bleeding edge packages. I've installed Mepis, a KDE derivative of Debian, using Debian instead of Ubuntu packages. The install was also painless and worked first go. Mepis is definitively one to consider when making a choice.

i love linux mint just moved

i love linux mint just moved over from from vista tried windows 7 another awful attemp by ms to rob the public again will stick with this and windows can go where the sun dont shine lol!! dont know much about programming but thanks to everybody who does and helped make this os 1 happy bunny !!!

Mint 7 completely out-performs OpenSUSE 11.1

Since 1999 I've been using the SuSE Linux distro thinking it was the best. I had a few flings with Redhat Desktop 9 and Fedora but never liked them I always went back to good old faithful SuSE.

Anyway along came a free copy of Mint 7 in a Linux magazine. I thought what the hell let's give it a wirl, it seems pretty popular looking at the download stats.

So I put put the DVD in and ran install and went away to make a cup of Tea. Came back after about 10 mins to see how it was going, and to my dismay it was already installed. Impossible I thought this distro must have missed some major packages!

Anyway I booted it up not expecting much, which took less than a minute. And to my amazement it recognised all my hardware, printer, scanner and even my wireless card which I had to normally configure using Ndiswrapper with SuSE.

Updating and adding software is so easy. With SuSE there was always missing dependencies which had to be individually and manually installed and there were constant package conflicts which caused the software not to run.

Finally, the Mint 7 eats far less RAM and processing power than SuSE. My aging Dell Inspiron with only 1GB RAM and a Intel Centrino 1.7 Ghz processor runs sweet as a nut.

Thanks Gloria, the SuSE DVD is now in the bin!

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