Live from the OpenSUSE Conference 2009


Yes, we're here in the lovely city of Nuremberg and Novell's OpenSUSE Conference has just kicked off. Much laughs were had during the keynote speech: laptops were booting up left, right and centre, and then... the Windows startup tones blurted out somewhere in the crowd. We didn't spot the offender, although perhaps it was some canny trolling.

We've just been talking to Andreas Jaeger, the OpenSUSE Program Manager, and later on we'll be chatting with Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier too. Plus we'll be checking out the talks, finding out about the future of KDE in OpenSUSE, and geeking it up good and proper - stay tuned for more.

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wahhh im crying seriously i

wahhh im crying seriously i am i love openSUSE how did i miss that comeing oh wait i am 11 im not exactly gonna be able to say to my parents im going to the shops and then travel to germany oh wait my dad is a suse fan too he would go with me

That's the new NovellSoft intro

I'm sure Ballmer would be proud.

Ha Ha - I can relate to that.

I can relate to that. I was at Microsoft's Tech Ed conference in Queensland Australia recently and I booted up my Mint Linux Laptop. I'm a proud Linux user for many years, but I have to say I felt very self concious amongst hundreds of Microsoft users. The highlight for me was when one of the key note speakers laptop announced - "The time is Three O'clock", a standard time utility on Mac OSX, at which point he admitted using Apple Macbook Pro. :)

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