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Our parent company (Future Publishing) is disposing of around 25 17 inch monitors in a computer upgrade. We've managed to intercept them before they get scrapped and are offering them free of charge to schools and youth groups in the Bath / Bristol area.

These would be great for fitting out a Raspberry Pi lab. Actually, they're almost great. The monitors in question only have VGA and DVI input, so a HDMI to DVI converter would be needed before you can plug in a Pi, but these are available for a couple of quid from Amazon and elsewhere.

Unfortunately, we're under some time pressure, and if you're interested, we need to know by the end of the day tomorrow (Tuesday 16th July 2013). You don't have to pick them up by then, just let us know that you will soon.

If you need any more information, or would like the monitors, drop me an e-mail:

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Hardware Freedom

I don't need any monitors, don't work with young people and live in Peterborough, but I love the fact that you've taken the trouble to "free" these older bits of kit that still work. I really hope some people get a lot of benefit from these monitors. You guys just keep on giving, and that is so cool.

Bristol Wireless

Don't forget Bristol Wireless folks, they refurbish computers and give them to disconnected households. I think you interviewed them a while ago.


A thoroughly commendable

A thoroughly commendable initiative. I hope they went somewhere worthy.

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