More proof that Linux is on the rise


Some people have said that Mac OS X is eating away at the Linux market as hardcore Unix-heads get their Posix fix on Macs. Others have said that Linux marketshare is as tiny as it was several years ago and that Windows 7 might even kill Linux.

Well, today we have something positive to announce: Linux Format magazine sales are up 13.3% over the last year, as measured by the Audit Bureau of Circulations - an independent body founded to track and verify magazine circulation data. You might think that a 13% is fairly small, but keep in mind that many other magazines are reporting steep sales drops right now, so any rise at all is a good sign!

People are crying out for good Linux knowledge, and we think it's great to have some more irrefutable numbers that Linux continues to be on the march against closed-source software.

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Now that you've announced this

you shall be hit by sod's law, and your sales shall drow.


Oops :P I meant "drop"

Oops :P I meant "drop" instead of "drow" in my previous comment.

Lol, i read it as drop...

Lol, i read it as drop... Congrats LXF!
You'll definately get sales from me, I like to keep an eye ont he mail server for my emails, also the games and books reviews. Also! I like to try and get every issue from every month for a year. Wasn't so successful last year, so let's hope this year is better!

Can't help with this

I shall still only be keeping the one subscription, so no more sales to me, sorry. ;-)

Linux format sales increase due to me!

Yes, i would like to take full responsibility for the sales increase as every time i`m in any shop that sells LXF i rearrange the stall and put linux format mags in front of all the other computer mags to draw attention to your great magazine. Who say`s i don`t give back the community ;)

You too, eh?

I find those magazine racks often need a little rearrangement, too. ;-)

And I thought it was just me...

that re-arranges the magazines to put your (and other Linux Magazines) on top.

It's about promoting best practice.

DVD :(

Now if only the dvd that comes with the mag actually worked I would still buy it .


The USA and the UK CAN be the World Leaders in LINUX!

We can show the rest of the world, you DO NOT need Windoze!

We MUST not let Open Source DIE like the Dinosaurs! We have
to start small, be involved in Linux User Groups, and then
promote it to Libraries, Schools, Universities, Small Business,
and THEN to Cooperations and Government.

We must show what you CAN do with LINUX that you already
CAN do in Windoze and Mac!

NOW is the TIME for LINUX!

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