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In the seven weeks we've been running since launch, we've put up great some coding tutorials using PHP, Python, Perl, C# and Ruby, but it's easy for them to get lost in the mix. So, to help point out the best coding content we have to offer, we've just put up a new Code section - make sure you check it out!

If you prefer the old-style listing of articles, just change your bookmark to Or if you just want to keep track of the coding projects as we put them online, bookmark

Happy hacking!

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"By Language" Keywords

This is really great... but I would like to make one suggestion that would significantly improve usability from my point of view.

When visiting the projects page, I would like to see an option to view articles by a specific language. I am specifically interested in Python articles, for example. But from your projects landing page, I see no easy way to view only the python articles. You seem to have made a venture in that direction with the large pics on the left (PHP, Hudzilla, etc.) but those don't really fit the bill completely. Your page would be much more useful if there were a list of keywords like "C#, Mono, Python, PHP, Ruby, etc." and a user click on that keyword and see just the articles of interest.

Right now, I have to skim/read every article to find the one(s) I am interested in. That makes it more work than it's worth and because of that I most likely not to use your projects page.

Just a suggestion. Keep up the good work.

Re: "By Language" Keywords

Our original design had a little language tag cloud in, but we removed it simply because there's just not enough content up there just yet. We have about 100 more tutorials we want to put up over the coming months, so as more of them go up the tag cloud / language quickfinder will be more useful, so we'll put it up too.

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