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Red Hat

We all thought Effy did a great job with the latest cover, so we asked him to turn it in to a wallpaper to share with all of you. We've added it to our Linux Format wallpaper page, but it's included on this post as well.

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That's awesome

The thing about the FOSS community is there are more programmers than graphic designers (citation needed), so things work really well, but generally look like crap. So it's really great that you're putting time and effort into making an *awesome* wallpaper like this one, it looks fantastic. Would it be too much to ask you to make one for Gentoo?

I was just wishing for this

I was just wishing for this as I wanted to use the lxf117 image to have a skin made for my Asus Eee. Since people always notice my netbook, I thought I would promote Linux this way.
Thank you!

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