Nexuiz 2.5 pumps up Linux gaming


If anyone tells you that Linux gaming is all about Nethack, show them Nexuiz. This ace-looking first person shooter has just been updated to version 2.5, with a whopping 3,000 changes to the code, graphics and sounds since 2.4. We've long been fans of Unreal Tournament here at TuxRadar HQ -- so we'll certainly be putting this through its paces. Our hardcore gamer chums over at Phoronix are highly impressed: "We have been trying out this release since it was announced today, and to say the least, Nexuiz 2.5 is stunning. This is really the best open-source first person shooter we have ever played." Summary of the biggest changes follows.

  • Completely redone HUD and user adjustable scoreboard
  • New weapons (on-hand Grappling Hook, Port-O-Launch, T.A.G. Seeker, Heavy Laser Assault Cannon, Rifle)
  • New game mode, Race: get to the end of a level as quickly as possible
  • Support for video capture to OggTheora
  • Map editor NetRadiant included
  • Bots can swim, climb ladders, and use less CPU time

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Just to mention Blood Frontier

I just want to mention Blood Frontier ( by the way, another great OpenSource Shooter with good graphics using the Cube 2 Engine. Despite it's intelligent bots it still lacks human players (it's a rather young project as well).
So give it a look ;-) (there is a nice video on the front page, too)

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