Open Ballot: Abandon ship?


If you're reading this then the chances are you use Linux. It's most likely that you use it quite a bit.

The Open Ballot this fortnight is: Do you ever see yourself switching back to Windows or Mac OS X (or BSD, Solaris, MikeOS or any other OS) and leaving Linux behind?

Are there some problems that just don't get solved? Are the problems getting worse? Or is everything just peachy as you bask in the warm glow of software freedom?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and we'll read out the best on Thursday's podcast.

(hat tip to zmoylan on irc -- freenode channel #linuxformat -- for the question)

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I love Linux, enjoy it daily ever since discovering it two years ago. Now, I sit back and laugh deviously at all the problems Windows 8 and their users go through. If only more people cared to look for alternatives.


I use all of them. My work requires Windows and no matter how many times I have tried to get them to change to Linux, they refuse due to their multi-million dollar contract with Microsoft (and the fact that the IT dept. are all MS trained). So I use Mint and Ubuntu on my personal laptops (still hate Unity), Windows XP and 7 on work machines and have never used OSX. I still like XP - having finally gotten it working well for me - only took 12 years, but we are being forced to upgrade to Win 7 -which isn't bad, but not as nice as Mint.

Ex Windows Programmer

I've been in IT for about 34 years, I retired 3 years ago. More than half my IT life was spent as a Windows programmer.

I've used one or another Linux based operating system since 2000.

Now that I'm retired I have no reason to use Windows, and can see no reason to even consider returning to a Windows environment. I've never used Mac OSX seriously, and see no reason to buy an overpriced Apple computer.

No to Windows.

There is no way I will ever switch back to windows. Its been years that I have been using windows on a virtual box just because of my ebooks at school. Now that the school is over, I don't plan to use it, not even on a virtual box.

In a sense I agree with the Richard Stallman on this. Microsoft is evil, nothing good comes out of them, and if there is something good, that Microsoft is doing, then there is a hidden agenda.

My cold dead hands

You can pry my Linux laptop out of my cold dead hands before I will allow you to take it away from me. Linux is rising, has arrived, it is everywhere--servers, handhelds, phones--everywhere. Windows (l)users beware, they are coming to take you away, hah hah, ho ho, hee hee...

Nvidia Optimus Support and Office package

The only reason I go back to Windows is lack of Optimus support (HDMI does not work) for Nvidia cards and stability of libreoffice. (crashes often).


Everything I need I use Linux for.

It is free (both beer and freedom), eminently customizable, and Debian is founded on principles I agree with - their Social Contract.

Yes I did

Is more easy develop a program for Windows 7 rather than 400 linux distros.

Like Developer i did.

I never did switch _to_

I never did switch _to_ Windows. I've been doing UNIX in one form or another since the 80s. Windows wasn't even usable then. I can run Windows at work, but it's like making watches with a pointy stick. Nothing comes with it so it's never really held any attraction. And it was so unstable until just recently that it wasn't any good for work even.

I don't think so ...

Since I've been using Linux since around '96,
I don't think I'll be changing anytime soon.

no problem

i might consider abandoning linux for Android,
when the day comes the manufacturers stop locking
bootloaders on Android devices.

or when said android machines start using
intel architecture...

... just long enough to install sabayon or mageia or LMDE

wuahahahahahahah !

I dumped windows around 2000 - 2001 ...

.. it's kind of hard to remember that far back. Work has forced me to use (at times, not always) : Win2000, XP, 7, ... and manage some Windows Servers. But since I've been pushing out everything but Linux at home (Corel_1.2, Debian, Xandros, Debian, Mint_14_Mate, ..).
Nowadays (as of 2013) my wife is on an iMac (which has its shares of SNAFUs (minor but annoying things : like mouse not clicking properly although the coloured-buttons accentuate upon hovering) and a few small software glitches : it's all LinuxMint14/15 for myself and my 3 teenagers. They have to deal with Windows at school and are happy to get home and have systems that are reliable, fast and complete (Chrome/Firefox, LibreOffice, ..) their words - not mine.
Going back to Windows .. it would take a bloody miracle !!!


No - I've been Debian since Sarge years back.
But I do have a version of XP running on VirtualBox for one or two things that Linux hasn't really sorted - like Speech Recognition (Dragon Speaking Naturally)

Possible, but unlikely

If Apple allowed a bit more customization of their desktop, reversed their insane appstore policy, could be installed on custom hardware, and had a really good package manager, I might jump ship.

So, in short, when hell freezes over.

Linux and Windows 8

Linux is what I have used since 1999 and have enjoyed every moment of seeing it become what it is today. Recently bought a new Lenovo laptop and the damn BIOS is a big letdown due to UEFI and it's tie-in to the Windows 8 operating system that came with it. In my opinion, it is more of value for money and Linux definitely is worth every penny of time invested and the give back to the Linux community.

I Hope Linux Has a Bright Future

I enjoy using Linux and have since 1995. Linux continues
to improve in every area year after year. I can do most
anything I want with my computer using Linux. Whether its
gaming and multimedia, surfing the web, working with Libre
Office, programming, hacking etc.

At present I do use Windows for some tasks, Windows 7 is
OK but I absolutely hate windows 8 and the "Metro" interface.

Despite using and enjoying Linux , there are things in Linux as it grows and develops that concern me. Number one the continual move toward needing 3D graphics support to run Linux. Gnome 3 and Unity both really require 3D graphics to run correctly. I hope that Mir and Wayland aren't pushed out too early on Linux users the way Pulse Audio was. At present, I like and use Pulse Audio and it works well for me but it took at least a year and was a buggy part of several distros before they got it right. I hope that Mir and Wayland aren't pushed on Linux users the way Pulse Audio was before all the bugs were fixed.

I believe that Linux should be able to use 3D graphics
but it should never be a requirement. Two of the best
uses for Linux are as a live disks and for older hardware.
Needing 3D graphics interferes with both of these uses

I also worry about UEFI BIOS making it hard for users
to install Linux on newer hardware. I hope this doesn't
become a stumbling block for Linux. I can see those two
big companies making deals to make this happen.

Ultimately, Linux has had some bugs in the past and has
new issues for the future but Linux always continues to improve. I hope this trend continues. I see myself using Linux for many years to come.

Windows = Bloatware

I always wondered why my first few computers were so slow & lusted after an SSD (at the time not in production except for the military.) Turns out to be a Windows thing! XP sucked the life outa my C2D setup, everything from Win2k through 7 spanks the hard disk on start up & runs like molasses. There is a reward system & community kudos for writing elegant code under Linux, Windows however? Windows just cannot compete with open source software for quality, usability & customization. Not to mention pure awesomeness!

never go back

I have been using Linux now for over 15 years and would never go back to useless windows.

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