Open Ballot: Christmas List

It's been a great year for small Linux-based devices. Perhaps the best year ever. There's simply too many for us to mention all of them. What we want to know is which piece of hardware comes top on your Christmas (or other secular/religious/seasonal holiday of your choice) list. Unless, of course, you've been naughty. Is it the bare-bones Raspberry Pi or the cool-as-a-polar-bear's-ear-muffs Nexus 10? Or are you waiting for the Kickstared Ouya? Perhaps it's the Chrome book or the definitely not copied Galaxy Tab? A Beagle Board or Cotton Candy? The not-linux-based-but-open-so-we'll-include-it-anyway Arduino?

Let us know what Linux hardware you've got your eye on and we'll read it out on our upcoming pod cast.

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I'd say Microsoft Surface but that's not politically correct...

Definitely want a tablet of

Definitely want a tablet of some sort but I'll probably end up with a pair of socks :(

not hopeful

But i want a quad or hex-copter (arducopter). Maybe I'll get a servo cable... already got 2 pis and an arduino. Also want a Nexus 4 when it comes out. Might have to live on tesco value baked beans though (other value baked beans are available)

Driving Issue

I have all the gadgets I need, just give me the drivers so I can get Ubuntu to run on the damn things.

Nexus 10

Despite the telegraphs technology editor telling me I will not be excited about it, I still definitely want one. His review video is worth a watch for a laugh.

It looks great, out-specs the latest iPad in a few areas and is better value for money. Not to mention a Linux kernel beating at its heart.

Of course, another raspberry pi would be welcomed with open arms.

Running shoes


I stopped running more than 25 years ago. But, for some (unknown) reason I started again last July and it's great! I'm 44 and enjoy every minute. I run 5-8 km three times per week. Because I didn't know if I'd like running I just bought the cheapest running shoes I could find (35 eur). Now it's time to spend more money.

I do free running, which is a fancy way of saying that I play "Zombies, Run!". It's a fantastic game you play running. You only need to install it on your phone (Android, iOS...). And, when zombies are pursuing you, you run like crazy.

This and renew my LFX subscription. The only two things I need.


s/free running/unplanned running

Hello again!

In the last comment, when I said "free running", what I meant was "unplanned running". That's the problem when you're thinking in Spanish and translating into English...


Vivaldi Tablet or Ubuntu TV, please...

Dear Santa,

I've been waiting to buy the (completely open) Vivaldi tablet, which was formerly known as the Spark. It runs a KDE Plasma Active desktop and looks awesome. Unfortunately, delays seem to be causing problems with production.

Alternatively, I would like a new TV soon, and it will have to be the Ubuntu TV, but this doesn't seem available yet either.

Therefore, may I have a time-machine please, so I can go into the future and get the above items and bring them back to Christmas 2012?

Lots of Love

Sultan of Swing (Age 33.333333333)


I long for a portable music device that will sit on the thousands of speaker systems designed with an iPod/iPhone dock, that isn't made by Apple.

Not really on topic either

I've got a raspberry pie on order already, got an electronics project due at the end of the year will integrate into my system for control nicely!

Personally I want BlackBerry 10 to launch on time and for it to make its way onto to my BlackBerry Playbook as soon as possible. I know BlackBerry is proprietary everything, but it all just works for me!

what i want for Christmas

what i want for Christmas pair of roller skates, copy of linux format Christnas, a tuxradr podcast for boxing day, and a pack of ubuntu toilet paper for afters.

with the new year a new Fedora install. :-)

3d printer

Already have a Pi (one of the first batch); gertboard; Nexus 7; Zoostorm SL8 mini; USB robot; weather station etc.

Eyeing up a 3d printer now :-)


Okay, not on my cmas list exactly, but I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Pebble watch.

Android Dock and...

A legit set of docking devices for Android, An android device that doesn't stutter when flipping window frames. Photoshop and Lightroom foe Linux. Asking too much?


I'm getting slipper. Joy.

I imagine they'll come with Ubunbtu pre-installed. Everything seems to these days...


That should read "slippers". The way I wrote that it sounded a bit kinky.


To hear that Elite: dangerous aka Elite 4 gets funded and is in production - check out kickstarter, David Braben is raising funds to finally make it

Classic movies

I like the complete works of Akira Kurosawa and Wim Wenders on PAL DVD. For something IT related, I want KDE to get rid of the damn turd that sits in top right hand corner or the desktop. I know they prefer "cashew" but it looks more like a turd to me.

I'd love to get something

I'd love to get something from System76 for Christmas, but I'm far too poor for that. Something like the Nexus 10 would be a toy more in my price range, but I'd settle for the Jelly Bean upgrade to my Vodafone Netherlands HTC One X. Hurry up, Vodafone!

(Oh, and racist Dutch Christmas anyone? Look up "Zwarte Piet")

Vivaldi Tablet

I would just like to know the Vivaldi tablet is real. Been waiting a long time.

I don't have much, and will give to those less fortunate instead of acquiring more stuff.

An Anonymous Penguin In KY


While gadgets and toys are great gifts for the tech savvy geek, you need time to do cool stuff. An hour each evening before going to bed doesn't cut it sometimes. As for my favorite gadget, a Raspberry PI would be AWESOME!


Well I will be getting married a few days before Christmas, so my fiance and I will be exchanging wedding gifts. She want an iPhone (I know), and I want an Nexus 10!

MyTV Premium Channels

I want more cheap local storage space. Have started with my build on Thermaltake Level 10 GT, XPS700 and 720 as servers with Asus eeeBoxes on each tv and XBMC with rips of BluRay and old Bionic man episodes. My dream is to have every bit of media I own and produce, easy for the wife and family to add to and retrieve, ready on any device or location I choose on demand. I see a room full of FreeNAS servers in the basement one day purring along like another utility.
We have the technology...I will be that man.

All I want for Christmas is my girlfriend back...

I really miss her.

Apart from that, I am sort of eying the Nook HD (I love my rooted Nook Tablet), an Ultrabook, or possibly the Nexus 10...

Raspberry Pi

I ordered a raspberry pi about two weeks ago. I hope it comes before Christmas. I plan to hook it up to the main TV to stream Japanese TV (replacing a power-hungry tower pc running Mint) and emulate some old school games.

PS. Your captchas are devils sent from the deepest pits of hell.

PPS. Can you please (pretty please!) provide a full feed instead of the Read more links for your RSS feed :)

I wanna

I want a job. :/

Pretty content.

I already have a raspberry pi and arduino at my disposal so I'm all set. You may give my presents to those more needy.

Please Santa

I want a linux compatible ultrabook
but I'll settle for an Ubuntu mug.

Galaxy Note 10.1

Aside from just the general quality specs ( aside from resolution which is OK but not great ), it's the only <$1000 tablet ( you've got a few Intel based Windows Slates > $1000 ) that comes with a real pen. Not a stylus that acts as a prosthetic finger but a stylus that acts as a real honest to goodness pen. So now I can throw away my legal pads and just write on my tablet,

Now if only MS would make there Android port of OneNote closer in quality to their Windows version I would be ecstatic.


A Ferrari or... Lamborghini.

2012 Christmas Hardware wants

First on my list is a Raspberry Pi. I would like to experiment with Cotton Candy too.

I need to recycle some i486's to some less fortunates that are not able to afford their on PC. Surely the HDD's will be scrubbed of any version of Windows and replaced with Puppy or wattOS.

Merry Christmas from this old gezzer. 121212 = 66 years

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