Open Ballot: Desktop Wars


It's a really simple open ballot this fortnight: What's your favorite desktop environment for Linux? Are you using the latest Gnome 3 or a kustomised KDE? Do you like desktop bling or a black and white CLI? Do you use a mainstream choice or an esoteric option? Let us know your thoughts and we'll read them out in our upcoming podcast.

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Made my own

Well no still don't know how, but i3 till then.



XFCE - kinda cool, I liked it.
Unity - Hated it.
Gnome 3 I used an early version and I wasn't impressed.

I was always a fan of Gnome 2. I loved it's simplicity.

So I'm using KDE 4.x for the time being. I'm warming to it.
But I've always mixed and matched apps from different DE's



Unity can suck my flippers!

It's a desktop abomination.

KDE : my first preference

KDE is my first preference when it comes to using a DE. However, I am comfortable using Unity, Gnome 3, Cinnamon, Xfce etc. The best thing about KDE is that it's getting better and better with every new version.


Xfce and LXDE

Xfce on Opensuse and LXDE on WattOS

MATE on LinuxMint. It works

MATE on LinuxMint. It works fine, is simple, efficient.


I love the comment:

"Eponymous Nanguin (not verified) - June 27, 2013 @ 10:19am

I've been using XFCE for about 2 years, and just switched my wife's account to it from Gnome."

Bet he was popular with his wife! Anyway, I'd have to go with XFCE (XUbuntu at the moment) simply because I don't think KDE and Gnome, as good / pretty as they are, get "out of my way!" when I want to get something done.

Wonder what my wife would say if I moved her from Android tablet to Windows 8? Hmmm, "Divorce!" I suspect!

no. 1


Forced to switch

I'm writing this on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with GNOME 2.30, which is now unsupported. I've anxiously hoped that GNOME dev's would resume supporting a real desktop and now they have! So, as soon as a USB drive loaded with Fedora 19 is commercially available, I'll be upgrading to the "GNOME Classic" desktop.


XFCE all the way

it's like gnome 2 but better



But it takes a few seconds longer to boot up than others. So what?
What are you going to do with those few seconds? Solve poverty? End world hunger?
Nope, you're going to sit there and watch it boot. So you might as well boot into something functional and configurable. Nothing comes close to KDE for this.


Anything else is so 1990 (shout out to those of you still using Windows 3.0).


Doesn't use too many system resources and is easy to configure. Less is more


Gnome 2 on my PC, Gnome 3 on laptop.

And I'm very surprised nobody mentioned emacs yet.


I love Openbox paired with the Tint2 panel in CrunchBang Linux.

KDE of course

I'm using Mageia (server) and OpenSuse both with KDE
Gnome sucks !

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