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Share your Linux conversion success stories here! If you've switched your friends, family or workplace to Linux, we want to hear about it. Please post below! (This page originally started as an Open Ballot for our podcast, but it became so full of positive reports that we want to keep it as a permanent feature.)

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Garbage Man

I have converted about 5 people in two years. My first experiment was with Ubuntu 9.01, after my PC crashed due to some malware. However, that was about the time Win 7 RC came out and I ran that for awhile. Concurrently, I began doing web design work and had issues with winodws transferring and naming file. Turned out Linux just worked better in the environments I had been working in.

One day, I came across someone throwing away a computer. I took it, installed Ubuntu on it and bang, worked like a charm. After that, computers seemed to have kept coming my way. I would install Ubuntu on them, and give them away to people who could not afford a computer.

Since then, I have used exclusively Ubuntu, with the exception of having a hard time doing some work in Open Office, so I resort to Windows. However, even then I just run it in wine.


Yes and yes, brother and father!

Convert your family

We have 3 computers, 1 desktop and 2 laptops.
Main PC is running Linux and my sister's laptop was running WinXP. My sis used linux without a problem on the PC, but wanted winxp on laptop.
After getting 1 of those viruses that completely take over winxp she decided to she wanted Linux on the laptop.
After getting a new laptop last year, 1st thing she wanted was Linux Mint. So I setup a dual boot with win7.
Over the last year, only used win7 a few times - that was to upgrade her Kobo ereader.

About 20 converts and going strong

So far I've converted by word of mouth about 20 lost souls to computer heaven. Initially I gave them Ubuntu 10.04 then since Jan 2011 I've released my own distro iGolaware Linux 2.0 (based on Ubuntu 10.10) which exactly addresses the experiences of the noobs to Linux (or even computing).

Just one...

...if you can count my mom, which doesn't really care for what's installed, as long as she can see her gmail.

There's a LOT of resistance towards moving to Linux around here where I live.

Converting family and friends

I was an MS fanboy until Vista. A year of rebooting several times a night lead me to such contempt for Windows that I started to use Wubi. My first boot into Ubuntu felt so empowering that I was instantly hooked. A few months later, my Vista finally died and I formatted the drive and went with Ubuntu 8.04 exclusively. I harped on it at work and a few tried it and liked it. One of them is in the process of converting his mother in law.

My best convert so far is my 85 year old aunt who asked me where she should buy a computer because hers had 'died'. Turns out she had Vista and it finally died. I offered to restore her to Windows but told her about Ubuntu and its security and stability. Surprisingly, she was eager to try it. I mailed her a disk with Ubuntu 10.4 on it with some simple instructions but told her to call me when she wanted to install it so I could lead her through it. When she called me, a week after I mailed her the disk, she had Ubuntu installed and running. I connected to her machine with remote desktop to help her setup email and show her how to navigate, install apps etc.

My 85 year old aunt installed Ubuntu herself and got it connected to the net without any problem. It's easy to shame my tech saavy friends into at least trying after they hear that story.

Working on a few...

My girlfriend was given an aging XP machine, which was struggling with just 256 meg of ram. After constant crashes, decreasing performance and a few viruses (caused by visiting friends and relatives) she told me that she just wanted a machine that work without the hassle. She now seems extremely happy running Xubuntu 10.10, so that's one down :D
Next few in my sights are my brother's family. Apparently, my brother is fed up with forking out £50 an hour at the local PC shop for his son's machine which is constantly dropping dll's from Windows. I'll let him have a play on a live distro before he makes up his mind though...

A few, actually.

My fiancee converted nearly a month ago, had her do all of the steps for installing Archlinux because she's wanting to learn more Linux-y stuff for work (she's usually a Cupertino person). My dad is using it on a net-tool I helped him build, he's traditionally in the Redmond camp when it comes to computers (I'm still waiting to get him to try it on his desktop!). Several of my colleagues, after years of me bragging about what I can get done pretty easily in Linux, have also converted, they use a variety of distributions from Archlinux to Zenwalk.

Some people have been easier than others, its just been a matter of finding the itch and rubbing Linux all over it to make it better!

Small company

Me and my parents, we have a small family business. we do accounting outsourcing. My geekness combined with their common sense and will to save money, led to the fact that ALL workstations have openSUSE installed. We have only one M$ Win server where we run the accounting sw itself? and access it by rdp.

I've also converted my gf to Linux. Thought it was not easy for her to switch from Vista, the openness of the SW is more of a principle to her.

Yet another Mint Story

My housemate got a new netbook and complained that the standard Windows 7 install was sluggish and came with tons of stuff she didn't need. Gave her a USB stick with Mint 10 and looked over her shoulder while she installed it.

It's incredibly easy - she didn't need my help at all! Even partitioning the disk for a dual boot is just incredibly simple, and as soon as she started it for the first time, a popup asked if she wanted to install the proprietary broadcom driver for the wireless. I recommended some software for her standard usage (and some games), and she found it without problems in the Software Manager. Now she is very happy with it (although, as a long time Windows user she is still a bit scared about not running a virus scanner).

Can only recommend Mint for new users - both the installation and the day to day usage is very simple.


However, I have convinced some classmates that working with Linux is not as bad as you'd think. From a sceptical look and questions "why are you even running Linux?" it went to more or less acceptance that it is a system you can work with.

I also show some nice benefits here and there that Windows doesn't (or can't easily) do some of the conveniences I have added, which is what caused the somewhat changed view anyway.

Some of my family now also knows it's not as complicated as they'd initially thought.

Converted 3 people

Easy to convince people with a windows computer that is slow or completely broken.

better call it cured

my wife, my neighbors, and a couple of friends are introduced by me to linux and they think finely the computer does what it is suppose to do.
they finally have an OS on there system that runs by a logic the can comprehend ( a red power button to shut down the computer instead of a start button )
my neighbor got a laptop from his employment with windows on it and feels handy-capt with it , so actually linux cured his computer

Converted some relatives

I converted my girlfriend, father and two sisters. They all appreciate the fact that "Linux" (Ubuntu, actually) does not need a periodical re-install (and a new version install is not necessarily more resource consuming than the previous), no need for virus scanner (hogging 50% of your CPU), stability (as a normal user you usually don't mess up your environment/desktop) etc etc. One of the machines I'm remotely administering with ssh, even though so far there has not been a single issue in the installation (> 2 years no...).

Myself, I'm part of a small gang at my work place that uses Linux _even though it's not supported_ by the company because we all love it (and hate monopolies and being told how to do things..)

Sure did!

I've only been using Linux for just over a year but I love it! I'm currently attending an Access to Higher Education course at college and for one of my assignments, we had to perform a Micro-Teach based on a subject of our choice. I chose to teach people about good ol' Linux and its limitless potential. They all had a curious grudge against Linux until I taught them about it - a similar issue most Windows users have for some reason. Even if I only managed to convince 50% of the class, that's still around 15-20 people who'll tell their friends and families. I only had time to demonstrate one distro so I chose Ubuntu, most would swear by it.

Apart from that, there's my step-dad, mum and sister. My girlfriend won't change, and I probably bore her senseless talking about it but I won't give up :D

Two, well, one and almost the other :).

I've been using Ubuntu for almost a year, and I've converted my mom an a friend:
My mom has at least 3 computers, depending on how you count, (she's got a lot of computers...) but the 3 main ones are an old compaq laptop (from the days when compaq was the biggest computer seller, that's a while ago), a netbook, and a big "17 laptop for movies and "big stuff". She used her old laptop almost on a daly basis, she loved it, and recently it broke. The local computer shop wasn't able to recover her data. Then I came in, and gave my mom a ubuntu live cd, from where she was indeed able to recover her data. She was so happy when she saw her files were still there, she could barely believe it.:). She likes writing, and she has written a couple of novels, she thought she had lost them when her computer stopped booting, so she was ecstatic when Open Office opened the files. She recovered all the files into a USB, and let me install Ubu on her computer, there was nothing to be lost. She is now happily writing again on her old computer, but mabe not as frequently as she did before. Being a lifetime windows user, she misses the usual graphical interface.
The other person I converted is a friend from where I live (my neighbor), who is fond of computers, but was complaining his was too slow, so I gave him another live ubudisk, and he went very happy with it. He had been considering changing to Linux for a while, but hadn't taken the step. All he needed was a live cd.

No prob

I convert people as part of my self employment trading as tigertech. So i put linux on peoples computers and sell them education sessions so for alot less than the cost of a new computer they can use there older computer and not replace saving 1.7 tons of carbon so its green. People like the almost none virus , less reads to hard drive, comunity developement, and the multiple workspaces. Have converted 65 people so far. The down side is that the people i have converted to Linux give me less work as a computer tech windows users always have problems so the people who dont convert just constantly give me money!!!!!!!!!!!

Its Generational

I'm happy to report that I have converted my Mum, my brother, and my nephew. Three generations of happy penguins!

I need help

I have ubuntu 710 but have no connectivity in my Averatec 3200 series laptop/notebook. If you have any suggestions let me know,thank you. It has 54 gigabites in H.D. under a gig in ram not sure even how to find out. Do I need a network card I was told Ineed the window drivers but, I have great difficulty trying to manually install linux programs.

Linux without knowing it

I'm an Anglican nun and Computer Advisor for m community.
18 months ago, Sr Beverley started a course in Birmingham which meant quite a bit of regular travel. She liked the idea of my EEEPC so we went online and bought an Acer Aspire One running linux. I hacked it to play more games and she just uses it.
I also bought an Acer Aspire Revo sans OS and installed Ubuntu and run Quicken under Wine which Sr Jenny uses. Bev can also use this machine. They like the planets desktop theme and rotating desktops, can cope with the taskbar on top and even closing windows top right.

Have Penguin in training???

My 5 year old son uses Ubuntu 10.10 with Gnome on an old T43. Lightning fast. Old PC I got from craiglist for $100. Uses it to watch PBSkids, youtube (when I'm sitting next to him...) and some other sites. He knows how to get exactly where to go for his favorites, turn down the volume etc. It gets lots of crumbs and fingerprints but so what? If he breaks it back to craigslist for another Lazarus PC :)

Converted a Company's Back End!

Yes, I've been with Linux Format since its early double-digit issues. I've converted our company's Servers and Services to use all Linux and Open Source technologies (Mail,Web,RemoteAccess/SSL,SambaFileSharing, Virtualization, BackupScripts, etc..). Trying to convert the users is another story! They're too stuck-up and glued to their M$ Windows XP workstations.


Kids and Microsoft at Schools

You know, I think that Microsoft really are the sporn of the devil when it comes to playing little tricks with kids.

They teach Visual Basic in Schools here in the UK, on Microsoft machines - so that gets kids into the Microsoft way of thinking - the closed source nature etc.

You know, when I was at my old job as Head of Engineering, everything went 'Linux' after I arrived - and the company doubled in size over a period of a month. I had to put something back into the community [i.e. bug notifications] and contributing a small amount to WINE and Openoffice [before it got knob-bled by Oracle]. It was a small price to pay to help out the open source community.

The breaking point was that when my bosses told me his daughters [who are 8 and 12 respectively] were using Microsoft machines at school to do all their learning - I literally went out [an hour later] - purchased myself a new laptop [well - it was a couple of years old] and gave the daughters my old laptop with EdUbuntu on it - and locked it down, so that they couldn't access any iffy sites etc...

They loved that laptop - it has a slightly dodgy Left Shift key [probably needs a clean], but the thing is still going strong. They've written stories, drawn some beautiful pictures and even created a 'thank you' card for me with it.

I hope that they will be able to look at the wonderful range of free software out there....and for their eyes to be opened to the fact that there isn't just Microsoft or Apple in the running.

My entire family

I managed to convert my brother with living with him in Cape town, when I moved back to Johannesburg. I got my brothers old desktop and gave it to my mum it runs Ubuntu 10.4, my aunt got a new netbook with WinXp which quickly got a virus and other nasty stuff and I had to troubleshoot more than once which frustrated me coz I had forgotten a lot of windows stuff. So I declared like the benevolent dictator that I am(A fatwa)that there will be no more windows troubleshoot as I only work with Ubuntu Linux and ha another convert, shortly after my cousin saw how awesome my laptop and desktop looked and converted too! It seems this Ubuntu is contagious!

Aha! forgot!

Forgot that I also converted my dear friend and business partner as well as his brother to ubuntu although the later dual boots eventually he will see how awesome it is and switch completely!

Work colleagues and my wife!

Mint all the way! No more crashes, long boots, anti-virus, expensive software.......! Cured from all that now. The guys at work are spreading the word too.


Linux missionary

After an experience of Vista I wouldn't want to live through again, in short being held hostage by Vista while it spend an hour trying to install Service Pack 3 and then another hour telling me it had to take off Service Pack 3 again,all the time wasted watching this...
I shredded the windows vista disk!!
I turned to a cover disk with Mint 8, with the beautiful desktop of green with gentle raindrops. Can using a computer really be this wonderful? I thought. It just worked, no constant spyware downloads no missing dll files, it all worked- the sun came out and streamed into the room- a moment of pure happiness!
I sent the disk to my brother, who works with Windows machines professionally in a company, result- he uses Mint at home instead of windows! OK I guess he's smarted at me in computing but on this occasion I showed him something good...

leading by example

I don't intentionally try to convert people to linux, because I think successful conversions only happen when people really WANT to try something new.

Still, that hasn't stopped me from setting up brand new linux installs for about 10 people. Usually they see me using it and start asking questions, and before long they want to try it themselves. I've mostly set them up with Ubuntu, but I've used Puppy Linux in a few cases where people were trying to get a few more years use out of an old laptop.

Of the people I've "converted", all but 2 are still using linux as their primary OS.

As for support, I help them out when the have problems, but generally after the first few weeks they rarely need any help from me.

A church and a couple of friends

A few years back, the vicar from a local church asked for help from a local LUG meeting to get set up with Linux. They needed to buy a new PC as well, and I was able to point them at a good local supplier of refurbished PC's, saving them money on hardware. I then took them through installation of Mandriva, and later heard that the church secretary had taken to Linux like a duck to water, after a little time finding out where everything was. I've also introduced three friends to Linux over the years, one of whom has reverted to Windows, though I'm not quite sure why. I'll be helping out another friend with a PC soon, and whilst they've requested Windows, I suspect that when they start hitting problems they'll be more amendable to trying a different OS that is simply more reliable and secure - Ubuntu!

PCLinuxOS keeps them converted

Very few people that I know would install Linux (or Windows or OS X) on their own computer. I have installed various Linux distros for friends and family and they generally like it but most of them go back to Windows XP within a short time. The few that have stayed with Linux, and use it daily, all use PCLinuxOS.

Some Seeds Have Found Fertile Ground

I've been a Linux user since about 2006. I don't consider myself an in-your-face evangelist. I take a casual approach and engage if there is genuine interest. Otherwise I don't push.

A couple of years ago my wife got tired of Vista pop-ups, so I suggested Linux as an alternative. I set up her laptop as dual-boot (all our computers at home are dual- or multi-boot). She gave Ubuntu/Mint a try and hasn't looked back. I'm our household's tech support, so if she has questions or problems, I help as best I can. Our teen son however only dabbles in Linux and remains more entrenched in the Windows environment due to his passion for computer games.

We've had international high school students stay with us over the past several school years. I set up dual-boot systems on the computers of our Hungarian and Japanese students, who now appear to use Linux more than Windows.

I've given two talks/demos on Linux at a local high school. At each demo I gave away a dozen or so Linux Live CDs. A couple of students in each class took a genuine interest in Linux.

I run Windows at work because that's the corporate policy. I do however run a Linux laptop disconnected from the company computer network and it sparks the interest of passers-by from time-to-time. I always carry a few Linux Live CDs with me at my office and give them away if people have a further interest.

So some seeds have found fertile soil.

Okay How do i do it?

I have Win xp on one older sys: AMD 1.2 ghz, 1.5 gig ram, 80 gig hard drive.
How do I install Linux for Dual boot, so I can still run Win when i need to. Wife only knows Win so i want to get her to liking Linux. i do but have so little experience with it, especially running Win games under Linux. Things like: diablo II, etc.
many thanks for help.

got miffed with windows so

got miffed with windows so my mate said install linux, so i got lxf141. havent got sound yet its built into this old IBMbox, never mind, i will get there in the end. Anyway, tried sabayon and am now trying lubuntu, wish me luck. ps am now a subscriber because Mike Saunders rocks!

Thankyou ....this'l do nicely

I have to say a big thank you for the latest version of Linux .....i have installed it on one Toshiba laptop two years ago and found the scripting too frustrating .

Now either i have got a whole lot better or Linux has warp sped into pole position because i have just installed it and am finding it amazing how little i have had to do to set it up .Anything i don't know is there at the click of a button .

I have three computers and i seriously think it wont be long until i covert all three .

I am a home studio musician and delighted that audacity is compatible .

A big thank you......i feel a song coming on lol

Oldest Linux Convertee on Earth?

My uncle's laptop running Windows XP was taking 5 mins. 17 secs. to boot and 50 secs. to start up Internet Explorer so I offered to convert it to Linux (Ubuntu). As this was to be his Christmas present I wrote lots of supporting documentation: Project Plan, Risk Management Plan, Installation Log and User Guide, with transitional versions e-mailed to him as I went along in order to minimise the "big bang" surprise. I delivered and commissioned it with user training in two hours on Christmas Eve and he is delighted with it. It boots, with auto-login, in under two minutes and starts Firefox in five seconds. Instead of numerous phone calls about anti-virus software upgrades, the one support call was a request for an "All Programs" menu, as in Windows; I built this remotely (he lives 80 miles away) in 20 minutes over VNC. Oh, by the way, my uncle is 90 (yes, ninety) years old. (And in case there is also a record for the oldest Linux convertER, I am 61.)

When I bought a laptop for myself recently it came with Windows 7 pre-installed. I was so exasperated with having to spend 25 minutes reading the EULA specifying what Microsoft can do and I cannot do, not to mention all the decisions, including almost spontaneous reboots, that Windows makes without asking me, that after three days I re-partitioned the hard disc and installed Ubuntu 10.10 -- sanity is now restored!

109 people in 2010

hi all! in 2010 I've converted 79 people most of these people was my customers.. once you show people small how to and encourage them to try it something they very soon find what linux is and why they avoid want to windows.. one of my clients was graphic designer.. he keep windows in virtual box due to work with flash animation. that was only the reason why he kept MScrapware. The youngest person who I converted to linux was my mates 6 years old daughter. Once I gave her computer as present, she started with linux and she is now 7 and she dislike computers in school. Actually this 7 years old girl told me that, windows is so complicated for her and the most annoying think what she don't understand is when she something install windows must be restarted which make her sad.. she is only 7. The oldest person converted on linux have 78 years. She call linux pain relief after years on windows.. well and you think old woman like this... guys she will beat you up in her favourite game - frozen boubble..
now when people come to me ask me for solution for them I always introduce them linux and i tell them whats the + and - of linux.. I can tell you, the next OS on their machine is not windows.. people need just know.. thats all.. so guys keep share and spread the word :)

Not a compliment this time

Sorry guys, but this is a gripe. I've finally found the time to play with Linux (Kubuntu) and thought it was going really well - until I tried to install my Netgear WPN111 USB dongle. I've spent every spare moment for the last two weeks trying everything that various forums suggest; not a chance. The system won't even recognise that the dongle is there. As for Ndiswrapper - well, my training prevents me being impolite online!

Convert? It's my lifes mission!

I've been a full-time GNU/Linux user for about 5 years, and a "dual booter" for about 3 more before that.

Since switching to full time, I've managed to convert my computer illiterate best friend, his wife and his father to the light side (Originally Ubuntu, now Mint).

My sister is now a "dual booter;" 14 people I work with have now switched either full time or part time to Linux, mainly due to them seeing how fast my 4 year old laptop runs, compared to their newer models, and they all love the stability and speed increases that come with Linux.

I got converted myself!

I am b`came a Fan of LINUX the day i saw it on my friends Desktop, n i have installed it on my pc dual boot.
And now i bought a new assembled AMD 64 bit. pc n installed Ubuntu 11.04 n It`s Amazing with Unity environment.
I am planning to convert some Win. people in the near future!

Wife and Mother-in-law converts

I've been running Ubuntu on my main machine at home since 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) and haven't looked back.

Although my wife originally loved her Acer netbook the love afair was short lived when it inevitably slowed down as Windows ground to a halt. She's happy again now she's running 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) as it boots in no time at all and Firefox is much more responsive.

My Mother-in-law had the same exasperations with a five year-old Dell laptop and now loves it again for the same reasons! I set up SSH for remote support but haven't needed it. The last time I went around there she asked me to show her how to set up their printer (which had been auto detected) and upload pictures (which she pretty much figured out for herself once she plugged her camera in and loaded Shotwell when the system prompted her) - result!

My only dilemma is what to do with the advent of Unity :-/

Easy to Use!!!??

We had a couple of backpackers staying with us on our block in the sticks in Queensland, and one of them, (casual soc/net user) asked if he could use our connection. Without explanation I sat him in front of a machine and walked away.

Half an hour later get got up and said thanks. I asked if he had any problems getting online or figuring it out. He said no, it was really simple and fast. He didn't even know it was Linux. He loved it. I set up a dual boot for his lappy and is really happy with Mint.

Lubuntu for the kids

I finally was under pressure to give the kids a dedicated PC to use (1 of 8 yrs, 1 of 4 yrs) rather than them take over the iMac which is used for work and runs multiple Linux environments within VMware.

Anyway I had an old Shuttle PC not the most powerful in the world, powered up XP and was immediately prompted with a download of 600Mb of updates and a need to buy virus scanner etc.... So rather than fork out, decided to experiment and see how they reacted to Linux and installed Lubuntu + Firefox, OpenOffice, VNC, Tuxpaint and finally Flash for web sites. Well after a month found they have customised the wallpaper, setup their own folders for school documents and pictures and when asked if they wanted me to change it back to Windows the answer from both was a resounding "No ... leave our Linux PC alone, we like it and it works better and faster than the PC's at school!".

How can I complain with that response?

Another one

Last week I was asked to reinstall Vista on a laptop for a work friend as it was not working due to Trojan. Vista no wifi and no software to play DVD's or write to CDR/DVDR. Let alone any productivity software like office. I could have spent even more time getting it up and running but as it only had 1gig ram and was crawling as it was even with a clean install.

I chose to load Mint 9(LTS) and 2 Hours later (including updates) all up and working and all the software he could ever want.

Talked to him today and he's a very happy convert to Linux - nuff said.

2 More Converts

I now have the wife running Linux mint 9 on my old eee-pc, and she loves it. The only complaint she has is she can't use video when chatting to a friend on Windows Live Chat. Which I still can't understand as they both have Skype...

I've got my 7 year old son running Linux Mint 10. He's happy with Super Tux Kart, Armagetron-Advanced and chromium for web browsing. I just wish I could get him on tuxmaths!

So planning I'm planning to upgrade both of them to Linux Mint 11 when the rush has died down.

Another convert this weekend

Someone I do business with contacted me on Friday with a problem with his windows laptop. He'd spent a couple of hours with Microsoft trying to get it resolved, but in the end it needed a complete format and re-install

Anyway he'd heard me talking about what I do with Linux and told me to go ahead and install it over the windows, he said it sounded interesting

So I've installed Linux Mint 11 RC on it, as the RC seems pretty stable. Before doing this I demonstrated the desktop to him from a boot USB drive I'd made and showed him that Linux could get his documents off the drive.

I have installed PlayOnLinux and used that to install his Office 2007 applications.

I also added the drivers for his Canon MP250. I did explain to him that as it was Canon he might have a problem printing and suggested that if this was the case to try an HP Printer.

Finally I setup Remote support via vino for him so in case there as a problem I could get access to his desktop. That took me the longest time to do, I've not done it before and it took a while to get it going. I turned out I needed to reboot, or start the service which I hadn't done.

Over the weekend he also did some research and read the Linux Mint for Beginners document. I gave it all back to him today and he is pleased as punch, also he was appreciative that I'd installed the printer drivers for him so he had to only plug it in. The only question he had was regarding yahoo messenger, so I told him about Pidgin.

The final comment from him was that it seems that his laptop has a new life as it seems to run much quicker.

Update from May 9th - Another Mint install on the way

The same work friend asked me this week if I could install Mint on to his daughters Netbook as windows is so slow connecting to the internet, compared with the recent Mint install on the Laptop. In his words it so fast compared with when it had Vista installed It appears the whole family are fighting to get on it and he wants it back.

Converts - It's Nice to Have Others To Share Your Finds With

I have two of my past workmates who I have found to be my most successful converts. One is in his 50's and loves his graphics and was a huge user of Photoshop and quite a few other graphics applications. I thought he would be a hard nut to crack but he was complaining about the worry of Malware. In reality he is probably a bit paranoid as he runs one PC completely offline and another online and never the twain shall meet. If that keeps him happy then fine.

Anyway he overheard me talking to a common friend of ours who I had already talked into using Linux and so now my Photoshopping friend decided to give it a go himself. As it turns out his hardware is getting a little old shall we say and so when I put him onto Ubuntu (from memory about version 7-04 at the time) he loved it. I also introduced him to Gimp, Blender and a few other applications which I thought he MAY consider using. What an understatement, he loves Blender and indeed also gives Gimp a good going over as well. My only issue with mate one is that he gets a bit frustrated sometimes when we speak of newer features that he doesn't have and so we have to break his arm to get him to update. He is getting better, slowly, now updating his software from time to time.

Now to friend two. He was the first convert of the two and was a different case altogether. He is in his 30's and willing to give anything a go and Windows was annoying the heck out of him so jumped at the chance to try something new. At the time my current OS was PCLinuxOS2007 which I showed him as well as Ubuntu. He initially went with Ubuntu, then PCLinuxOS and then again back to Ubuntu. Next thing I knew he had his partner complaining that her new Notebook was painfully slow running XP so he backed it up and then installed Ubuntu Netbook Remix. His partner was hooked and she hasn't looked back - she is a huge fan of Ubuntu/Linux. As for the fella, he is still using Ubuntu but like me has been hanging out for PCLinuxOS to bring out a 64 bit version which pleasingly I see on todays forums they have just done. So first job today was to send an email to him alerting him to same. I currently run Mepis but will now again look to PCLinuxOS as I have always found the forums there really helpful and the OS to be very much in tune with my way of doing things. I definitely prefer KDE to Gnome, I love lots of nuts and bolts! My mate now uses Linux at home for just about everything he does including his work which he takes home at night from time to time. Like me he has found it is nice to have a nice stable operating system which isn't always wanting to scan for this, that or the other and doesn't want to be rebooted everytime you blow your nose.

So out of this little lot I ended up with 3 converts instead of what I had intended to be 2. There have been others but none of them are continuous users who have switched from the "Dark Side" :-) Hey I, like most realise that Big Business run Windows in most cases and so for day to day work we are generally stuck with what the company wants to run. Now at Home - now that is a different story altogether, just the way it should be.

Happy computing everyone and I hope you also manage to convince a few of your friends that it isn't half bad having a bash at Linux, not only is it interesting, it can be a lot of fun and good exercise for the grey matter.

Mom's computer sings once again!

My mom was complaining on how much slower Windows was getting day by day. She knows that I'm not a big fan of Microsoft products, so she asked me if I ever have any problems with Linux on my netbook. I told her I have never had any major problems; so I luckily had Linux Mint 9 XFCE on a USB stick to show her how it would work on her computer. Once she saw how much faster it was than Windows, she got me to install it.

That was a couple of weeks ago; and she has never looked back. She says that it is a different way of doing things on a computer; but once you get the swing of things, you never need Windows again.

Still planning the big one

I've done pretty good so far.
My mom, dad, and sisters use ubuntu/mint. Mostly because the computers can't handle windows 7 (and xp doesnt cut it anymore)
BUT When ubuntu 12.04 LTS is released I'm planning to switch as many people over as possible. I've talked about linux to my friends a lot, but I don't want to scare them with a buggy/ugly/... OS. So I'm waiting for 12.04. One big score and everyone will love it :D


Defining Success as more than just installation.

I love Linux, but why is installing Linux called a success? Linux is not for everyone. Success is improving people's computing experience, whether it is through Windows or Linux. How is Linux improving the experience of people that we work with?

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