Open Ballot: Microsoft/News Corp deal - would you switch to Bing?


Word has it that Microsoft is in talks with News Corp to discuss paying the publisher to de-index its websites from Google. With Redmond struggling to get a major foothold in the search market, the company is seeking to have content exclusively indexed on Bing - content from Rupert Murdoch's vast media empire (encompassing The Sun, The Times, FOX News, the New York Post, the Wall Street Journal...).

Now, imagine that this deal goes ahead. Technically, hypothetically, Bing would be able to turn up search results that Google couldn't. Would you switch to Bing? Would you stay with Google? What matters more: the number of search results you can get, or the company operating the search engine? Let us know and we'll discuss the results in our podcast.

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Considering Rupert Murdoch wants every news producer to charge for news be it online or offline I personally think we should just boycot his news sites, I dont know if he noticed, but there has been a lot of news on it, so there's no excuse, there's a recession happening. People aren't buying as many papers because some people can't afford to!

If he moved all his content to bing I say good ridence, I think Murdoch is an angry dinosaur who's too out of touch with society to really understand what's going on.

Let them move to bing, I don't read anything from them anyway, if I need news, I always have searched the BBC website.

Nunnh unnh!!

Rupert Murdoch is just another buggy whip manufacturer trying to stay in business. Maybe Microsoft too in another few years. No sympathy for either.

Already switched to bing

I've been using Bing for a while, because for my own usage patterns it seems to be the lesser of two evils.

A decent federated open search engine would be a huge win.

No Way!

Google now and Google for the foreseeable future.

What was the question ?

I never really paid attention to where Google was pulling it's news from nor cared since my attention span is only the top five stories of the day. It's not content that influences my decisions for the day.

So when it comes to the weather, I go to a source whose business is to provide accurate weather for my area rather than a search provders top page.

I am a fan of El Reg. Google makes it convenient for me to in providing the top stories but the day they drop El Reg for some preferred partner I'll just have to go to the bookmark

No to Bing

If Bing was a search engine from the Cherry Company, an upstanding, ethical, innovative company with ties to the open source community, led by a wise and charismatic leader, trying out Bing might be fun and worthwhile. I might even spend more of my time on Bing, as I've read it has a better image search feature.

Alas the situation we find ourselves in regarding Bing is far from ideal. Quite the opposite. MSFT is spending billions of dollars of its monopoly profits trying to best Google, the company that innovated the Search space into what we have today. Even if Microsoft Bing was 10x better I would still not use it. There lies the big problem with Bing in a nutshell. It's from MSFT.

- JR


Google has the lion share of the search engine market. It's Android OS is dominating Linux smart-phone handsets and currently holds almost a quarter of the market.

The other big hitter in the handset dominance stakes is the iPhone.

I doubt many Android hand-set or iPhone owners are using Bing. Together they are almost three quarters of the smart-phone market that can brows the "real" Internet.

If that wasn't bad enough. Windows Mobile is losing market share. So much so in fact that Microsoft saw fit to announce apps don't matter. Would you partner with a company thinking like this in the current climate?

Google is also the dominant search engine on the desktop. Particularly with Firefox users. Google just happens to pay Mozilla to make Google the default in most places. And Firefox just keeps getting more popular as it keeps getting better. Every new version of Firefox brings something new.

However much Microsoft pays for this content it won't be enough to recoup the cost of the lost exposure by siding with Bing. I doubt anybody is going to use Bing just to read the news. There are other top quality news outlets out there.

Now lost exposure to the public is serious for media companies. One of their main streams of revenue is advertising. If they don't have the maximum exposure they can't extort the maximum advertising fee. Which equates to lost revenue.

Murdoch has a lot to balance before he signs a deal with Microsoft on this. The fact he hasn't done so, so far suggests he'd really rather not paint himself into a corner on this.


No no thrice no
yuk yuk yuk
microsoft and murdoch yeuch

Not a chance!

I have been blagging my job for the last 10 years using Google... Why change to anything else?!

Looking forward to it

This will be a wonderful thing for the world. Finally the majority of news searches will be free of the Newscorp bias, world peace is just round the corner!

would I use bing? sorry

I wouldnt use bing even if Google disappeared completely. sorry, but for me, microsoft has hurt alot of people, and to me, is dead and gone.

What's Bing

Google,, Yahoo, Dogpile.... No Bing

Bung I mean Bing

I have tried it and it's results were just not on. I'm afraid if News Corp follows this line they will hurt themselves.

Personally I am more than happy with Google and if Bing forces you to use Silverlight then count me out even more.

Bing = illness in Chinese

No no no why would I want an illness. The idiot at Microsoft who decided the Bing name should be fired. Ning is illness in Chinese. A company of Microsoft's size should know this.

Besides I don't trust Microsoft. Microsoft will have to throw a lot of money at Bing (illness) and still it won't heal.

Bing it on home to me

So this will be Bing's big selling point - use Bing and you gain exclusive access to the crappest sites the internet has to offer.

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