Open Ballot: Podcast changes


It's (well into) the new year. Our hangovers have abated, and we're about to start work on the new series of the podcast.

As regular listeners will know, we've been following the same format for a while:

Discovery of the week,
Rants and raves,
Speak your brains,
Open ballot

We want to refresh it a bit, so we thought we'd ask you, dear listeners, what new category you'd like to hear. Perhaps an old on that you'd like reinstated, or something new that you think would fit in with the TuxRadar style. Or perhaps you think we're perfect and wouldn't change a thing.

Whatever it is, pop it in the comments and we'll bear it in mind when we start the new series later in the week.

P.S. If enough people say they want to hear Andrew walking the streets of Bath and interviewing passers by while dressed as a penguin, we may be able to make him do it.

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Your comments

Website idea...

How about a desktop screenshot gallery from the listeners? I know it would not translate to the podcast, but it would work for the website...less Unity bashing would be nice know for the price of one issue of Linux Format in the USA, you can buy a computer that runs it perfectly...I sometimes think most Linux users are still running 486's...

Oh, and NEVER change the would not be the Tux Radar Podcast without it...

USer tip of the fortnight...

OK, since you are actually looking for sections for the PODCAST (I re-read the above after my first post...), how about the "listener tip of the fortnight"?

People send in their tips, and the podcast hosts vote one as the best one, which gets read on the podcast, put in the show notes, and the contributor gets 3 free issues of Linux Format?

Think of all the CONTENT!

A new feature: "A Minute of

A new feature: "A Minute of Mike", where Mike leaves a sixty second message about anything at all he wants. He could alternate with Jonathan, but I can't think of a time-related word beginning with J. I miss them both. You all do a very good job of making the listener feel like a friend.

Also, I know you're all very busy people, but I really enjoyed the challenges section you used to have. If you could find time for this, even if you were to spread a challenge out over more than one podcast that'd be great.

I enjoy the pub podcasts, but agree that the sound quality on them does irritate me a little.

I wouldn't mind if Speak Your Brains left the podcast, I normally don't listen to that bit very intently anyway.

Lastly: never, ever try to imitate the Linux Action Show. I'm quite fond of it, but they're so American and bombastic it just wouldn't work for you chaps.

Lastly, I want Effy to be in every podcast!

not liveware mikes

Buy a couple of spare microphones so there are enough for everyone. The podcast is great for the drive to work but it's annoying on the occasion there's someone out of mike range.

I'm with the If it ain't broke advocates.

I like the episodes from pubs and eating places. It adds atmosphere.

Rants and Raves

Get rid of the one minute limit. If somebody really wants to rant or rave let them rant or rave. If a subject, for instance Ubuntu, needs more time then more time should be given.

I love the podcast - it is the only reason I buy the magazine.

The Podcast Season 4 Episode 24 was epic.

Best show I've found

I recently started listening to Linux podcasts and this is the only one that stays focused enough on Linux, with enough on-air expertise, to keep me listening.

And you should review the OpenPandora - hottest little Linux pocket PC since the Sharp Zaurus.

Debate Section

How about a debate section ? It has already been suggested in other comment, but is also my suggestion.

It would be a 'space' for develop some news, ideas, a 'hot' recent issue, ... And why not use the magazine cover subject to debate in the next podcast after the publishing of the mag ?

Also agree with the elimination of the '1 minute' rule in 'Rants and Raves'.

Love the Podcast, Love the Magazine

PS: I know the subscription are not with you, but there is a point that I am struggling to understand:
- I can buy a single issue (Europe delivery) for £7,49. So for a whole year I would spend £97,37 (13 issues)
- However, if I would subscribe an entire year, paying up-front, it would cost me £99,00.
- I know the difference is very tiny, but it simple does not make sense. A one year subscription should be cheaper than buying one by one issue.

Hey guys, love the podcast,

Hey guys, love the podcast, can't afford the magazine.
I just discovered the joys of Linux a little over a year ago, and your podcast about 4 months ago. Once I listened to 3 or 4 podcasts I stopped and went back to the first episode and listened to them all in order until I was caught up (took about a 2 weeks)
I'd like to see "You Dare Us" return, I enjoyed that segment when you guys actually followed through. Paul's music was pure gold.
And speaking of Pink Ponies - the current group is great. I mean that. But it would be great to hear from Mike once in awhile. Can't he pick up a phone?
I'm addicted to distro hopping. I'd love to hear some reviews. Maybe assign a distro to a different member of the team each fortnight for review. Preferably something most users wouldn't already be familiar with. I really thought the "You Dare Us" that had you all try a distro outside of the top 100 on Distrowatch was a really cool idea.
Listen to several Linux podcasts on regular basis. Tuxradar has them all beat hands down. Your driving me crazy taking this long of a break.

Hardware Heaven/Hell & Tweaks n' Tips

As above mentioned above - tweaks n' tips and any issues/suprising success in getting specific hardware working . Could all come under the Discoveries umbrella I suppose.

+1 on Penguin@Bath interviewing (having just witnessed a grown man running through a Chinese hotel lobby dressed in a monkey outfit I believe this could be a winner!)

On the whole the Podcast is great and I look forward to it being released. I've stuck with the pulpy subscription as traveling to far flung corners, without even a sniff of internetz, the cover discs keep me out of the bar long enough to play around with new distros & apps (and to come home with at least a couple of sheckles in my pocket).

Keep up the good work!

Keep it up

I just love the podcast and have been following it for years.

The format right now is great, the news section is getting better and better.
2 suggestions:
- Take the time limit away from rants and raves.
- Bring back the "I dare you", "You dare us" or "We dare us" section back in a light version.
This was a great section and it was fun, even when you failed to do it, it was fun to hear the lame excuses. I think you should do this once in a while and not every podcast, just whenever you feel like, and the deadline should always be only 1 week. Having more time doesn't mean you will do it, just that you will procrastinate more!
And you can just chose fun little things that might be only remotely linked with linux, they don't have to be technical oriented. (I'm sure there will be plenty of suggestions if you bring this back!)

Tweak of the week

Love your show, great chuckle and I walk away feeling informed. The News is quick and jam-packed! I think tips that make any user more efficient is a plus, for example the ctrl-r for terminal, I use it all the time now that I know about it and I heard about it here first. Many linux users that I know (which are few) work independently and we often do not get opportunities to share tips with others who may appreciate them.

It is like sugar...

The more often you get some, the happier you are!

I really enjoy your show! I only wish I could listen to it more often!! What do you think about making one every week instead of every 2 weeks?

Well... If you can't do that but really want to change something, try to get a smart geek female host.



Holy <bleeeeeeep>. I can't believe anyone could listen to both TuxRadar (one of the best Linux podcasts around), and some piece of turd that is a pox on the Linux Community like the Linux Action Show. I'm american and I cannot even listen to that piece of drivel without puking my guts out all over the place.

Please, do not take *any* suggestions to do *anything* like that piece of horse feces. (It's not even good enough to be Pink Pony feces.)


The sections of the podcast you have are good, although if you drop one, drop the rants.
You could have a review of something, like a piece of Linux software or even a piece of hardware that runs Linux. The latest Linux Format mentioned the PengPod briefly (Susan Linton, p38), which is a tablet that runs both Android and Linux (you choose which one at boot time), so that would be worth reviewing. Something along the lines of how they do the hot hardware of the week section in the PC Pro podcast.


Hi guys....generally keep it as it is (especially the title music - this can never change!!!)

Maybe some special episodes - one where you get old podcasters back in (Mike, Jon, Paul etc), one where you get magazine contributors to join in (I'd love to hear David Cartwright, Neil Bothwick and Dr B all together) and some where you get some Linux luminary to come down the pub and blurt into the mic whilst you are recording.

The speak your brains section is a good idea but is limited by the number and quality of opinions sent in. Maybe have a speak your brains section on this website so that good ol' crazy web rants can get underway and then if there is anything worth mentioning you can pick that out for the podcast.

Also, would it be much effort to plonk some obscure distros into a VM and review them? I never know whether the distros below about rank 25 on distrowatch are good, specialist distributions or just the cruft that no one bothers to update.

Anyway, if you just keep it as it is then it'll remain an awesome podcast

a year's worth of LF

I'm interested in a an emagazine that has a full year's worth of Linux Format. Skip all of the bundled distros, just include the magazine content for all 2012 issues (for example).

The podcast discussion would be for you to ask if others are interested in it.

Definitely "Tweak of the Week" and Confessional

Another vote for "Tweak of the week" and "the Linux Confessional"!!!!!!!

Keep up the great work - love the podcast and magazine!

air max


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