Open Ballot: will you be buying a tablet in 2011?


Happy new year! As we prepare to kick-off a new series of the TuxRadar Podcast, we want your musings for the Open Ballot section. For episode 1 we're asking: will you be buying one of those new-fangled tablet computers (or "media consumption devices") this year? Maybe the shiny videos of Android 3 have whetted your appetite, or perhaps you'd rather have a full-on Linux installation with all the Gnome/KDE bells and whistles. Alternatively, you could be getting tempted by Apple's famed Reality Distortion Field, or you just think that tablets are a silly fad that will go away soon.

Whatever the case, we want to know! Leave your comment here and we'll read out the best/funniest/most rhyming comments in the podcast. And please, for the love of Tux, give yourself a more interesting name than Anonymous Penguin...

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Yes, I'll be buying a tablet.

iPad 2.

OMG! Ubuntu has run a couple

OMG! Ubuntu has run a couple of posts about the TENQ P07, an Ubuntu-powered tablet being produced by some Chinese tech company or another. Before I'd read about this, I hadn't wanted a tablet at all. Now the thought of flashing it about in front of those idiot Apple fanboys makes my feel all warm and fuzzy. So, if I somehow manage to work my way out of the skint hole that I currently find myself in, I might consider getting one if something cheap, nice and Linuxy makes it on the market.

Yes ...Green Robot

Will buy Android tablet :)

For my girlfriend

Don't get me wrong, I love gadgetry as much as the next geek, but tablets just aren't for the discerning nerd. They look all nice and shiny and all, but they aren't going to have the power we'd want. Hell, I find my EeePC tiresome at times.

However... I would certainly get one for the girlfriend. She's happy enough with a bit of surfing and some Angry Birds. And once it's in the house, I'm sure I'd have a go :)


The reason why is not that i dont want one but it is that tablets has just started to arrive. I want a tablet with the tegra 2 chipset, a big screen, android 3.x, hdmi out, 4 usb 3.0 ports. oled screen and of course an terminal.

Also a sugestion for you dare us:

How would your ultimate tablet look like?


I don't see why I would want a tablet. I used a iPad for a week and it didn't have anything mindblowing that my netbook didn't have. I wouldn't use a desktop operating system on a tablet and Android isn't very tablet friendly yet.

I'd love to have a nice

I'd love to have a nice shiny new gadget, however my pension will not stretch that far.

OTOH I was very impressed with the iPad that my nephew bought on the first day they were available and my friend has a Kindle which looks pretty good too but until they really are "as cheap as chips" I will just be looking at other people's :(


I like way the iPad works in that there are as many offline apps as there are online apps. I have tried both meego and jolicloud on my netbook and as great as they are it seems without a net connection there is little use to be had from them. Whereas with the iPad there are plenty of apps that can be used offline. Its not a hard problem to solve either but small net enabled devices seem to depend on the net instead of treating the net as a way to enhance the experience.

Maybe its just me, but I like the idea of being able to take all my programs and data with me and have the net connection, but without the need to rely on the connection. Anyone else been on a train watching their phone signal go crazy trying to find a transmitter? Tablets will suffer the same problem.

If they became reasonably affordable and not locked into 24 month data plans and were usable in the real world where connectivity may not always be available then I believe I would buy a tablet. The Samsung Galaxy tab and Dell streaks do look quite nice.


Those of you who want the best out there today should go for Notion Ink ADAM tablet. It has almost everything the Ultimate Tablet should have.

Ubuntu Tablet

Yes if it is the one that Dafydd is talking about. I want a tablet with ubuntu installed. Unity is perfect for tablets.


Yes I will be getting a honeycomb tablet, but it won't replace my computer.

Having a tablet is useful because first of all, their cool and fun to use, and secondly, they're a great developer platform, and thirdly, they're inbettween a netbook and a phone.

I won't buy an ipad (or an ipad 2) because, although a great device, it's just not a practicle thing to have as it's not flexible enough for me.

If I had a blank desk in front of me, I needed a computing device to write a document or browse the web or play a game, and I had an ipad and netbook in front of me, I'd go for the netbook.

But if I also had a honeycomb tablet infront of me, it's looking like I might go for that.


Yes I will, but i don't know which one yet.

I am tempted by the iPad but it doesn't have an SD card slot or a usb port. Hopefully the iPad2 will be better?

I won't get a Samsung Galaxy tab. I want a 10" device.

Maybe the Dell streak 10 will be better. The Motorola Xoom looks good too. There is also the potential for the Asus Eee Pad. It is a difficult choice.

Once the iPad 2 comes out I will decide what to get, whether it is Android based or a Apple.

already have

already got an archos 70, apart from the half-arsed effort resulting is a bit of a laggy android performance, and some bad choices in the charging circuitry (resulting in a tablet that won't power on properly if you let it discharge all the way), it's pretty nice

the problem is there's no real niche for tablets, sitting on a sofa browsing the web or using it as a communicator type thing while workign on a full computer is nice, but there's nothing even the best tablets can do that something like a netbook/other computer wouldn't do better

No. For the love of Tux..

I will not be buying into this B******s.

If I want to send email I'll use a proper computer and if I need to know whats in the fridge
I'll open the door and have a look.

There will of course come a time when we all wondered how anything was done without App's.

But mainly I always wondered how anything was done without Tablets.

Nope, not useful enough

No, I won't. Because right now, tablets ARE a silly fad. The problem is that it isn't going away any time soon....

On the contrary, if they get cheaper, more powerful and allows you to do more than play silly games and watch YouTube video, they could very well replace netbooks for many users (with the exception of avid writers, of course). Imagine making Inkscape vector graphics on a tablet. :)

Maybe, Maybe Not

I tried the iPad and was very underwhelmed, I was expecting to be blown away and definitely wanting a Linux tablet when they came out but now I'm not so sure. If I got one, it would have to be one with a keyboard (wasn't impressed with the iPad's on-screen keyboard) - I was very impressed with the concept of the Dell "convertible" netbook/tablet device that was shown late last year. Also, the spec wasn't great (esp storage) considering that it's supposed to be a media device - put a few decent res films on and you will eat up 16/32Gb quite quickly. As an instant-on web device it's great, but it needs to be half the price to justify buying it for that. I suspect the tablet form factor may well fizzle out and be replaced with either a slide-out keyboard, convertible (a la Dell) or docking form factor, but still with the touch screen for when you want to use it in it's tablet format.
Looking at the iPad2 "previews" it seems to confirm my suspicion that the iPad was a cheap thrown together prototype that was released when it was, very unfinished (even for Apple), so they got their device out first, so I'm looking forward to when the serious devices come out to see what they are like (that includes the iPad2). I will then see if it's worth looking at them.
On the software, I would look for a dual boot, probably android for something lightweight and a full Linux distro for something with a bit more clout.

might, might not

Depends on how things evolve. To me right now it looks like a glorified ebook reader. Considering that more and more books are available in that format I might. But they do feel sort of redundant when I have desire z and 12" laptop. It can't do much more for than KDE and the droid already does. Of course a tablet with KDE might do the trick ;)

Name Police

Hello Linux brothers and sisters

Just leaving a comment to say that this will be the last comment that I ever leave on this site. I see the Brain (aka Name) Police are out to put pressure on the readership.

There's nothing wrong with "Anonymous" or "Anon". In our great British poetic heritage, we have many examples of the creative "Anon", words of the unknowns which can still resonate to this day. In the decadent era of the celeb and style mediocrity, power to the people and and to all the anonymous wonderful souls that populate this tiny troubled planet.

Happy new year to all.

Yes, a Nook Color

As soon as taxes are finished I'm going to buy a Nook Color and root it to make it a proper tablet. I need to replace my iPod Touch, and alternatives are few and far between.

The landscape for Android tablets is pretty sad right now: if you don't want to sign up for a data plan your choices are $650 devices, or <$200 garbage from No-Name Chinese Inc. I'd really like to see more companies produce non-cellular PDAs to compete the iPod Touch. Archos does, but they haven't realized that the days of resistive touch screens are in the past.

I like the 7" tablet size- big enough to pass for useful, yet small enough to fit in your back pocket. However, I don't see a future for that size in the mass market. The gap between 3.5" displays and 10" displays isn't wide enough to accommodate a middle size. 10" devices, like the iPad are certainly more useful, and will inevitably find widespread appeal as the true appliances the masses always wanted their computers to be.

Bought one

I bought the Velocity Micro Cruz Reader at Best Buy for $99 dollars this week. A custom ROM and some hacking aside, I have a $99 dollar Android 2.1 tablet running at 800mghz. It's not "Magical" but it's definitely "groovy." Android wins.

They're not really any good for proper computing, are they?

The main use for tablets in this day and age is always going to be portable web browsing on a bigger-than-phone sized screen.

My Kindle is fine for that and only cost £150.

If ever they get to be as good as a laptop for actual work (and playing TF2) I'll think about buying one.

to all the numpties

"Just leaving a comment to say that this will be the last comment that I ever leave on this site. I see the Brain (aka Name) Police are out to put pressure on the readership."

Some people are better anonymous and you are one of the select many, nobody was asking your name address and telephone number just a specific handle that they could use to quote you, you numpty

(I'm just a fellow user, not management)

Already have one

I sold out (well, my boss did) and have had an iPad since they came out. I'd love to play with the other devices as they mature.



I won't be buying a tablet this year. Why? I have no idea what I would use it for. I have a netbook for mobile computing, a HTC Wildfire for ultra-mobile computing and a tv and console for watching films and playing games. Tablets look really cool, but right now they have no use which can't be done just as well or even better by other devices.

Do I think they'll flop? No. They have loads of hype and are marketed as The must-have gadget right now. I think Apple and all the other companies producing them right now will make a healthy profit, but they won't replace the netbook just yet.


Yes maybe, I really like the idea and depending on price, hardware and OS I might get one.


I bought an android tablet, and was mostly disappointed. I might buy another one if the chipsets ever become open enough that I can compile my own kernel and customize its inner workings. So far most of the SOC vendors are too closed to permit the kind of hacking that would make me happy.

Probably not...

I'm happy with my little netbook for portability. Between that and my Android phone, I have no need for a tablet.

tablet v1.0 no don't think so...

I think its too early to buy 1, all too new. leave 'em settle down and get some decent specs and a well sorted OS. give it another 12 months and they'll be getting there...


As Bjørnar said, I can't find a case for one just now with an Android phone, a Kindle and a laptop (let alone the Netbook and desktops). OK, there is one possibility... a tablet would would make a kick-ass universal remote control device... just a tad expensive though!

Nope not yet

Still not interested,getting close. My laptop performs the functions that I would use a tablet for right now. It would seem silly to give up something with with better specs, a keyboard and I don't have to root to get back functionality for a tablet. The "convertibles" interest me, being able to have a keyboard or be detached as a tablet. This seems like it could add functionality instead of taking some away. A convertible with a full version of Linux, a keyboard and the right specs might be become an option.


Trust me.. at 62 years of age, Ibuprofen is my friend, so yes, I will be buying tablet(s)

No I am a content creator

Tablets are fine for consuming content, reading text, viewing video, pictures. You need a keyboard in order to input text, a mouse to edit pictures or video, a camera to take pictures (yes you could take pictures with a tablet but!!!)

Not yet if ever

I'll wait until tablets and smartphones are more mature or until i really need one.

Nah, bro.

Tablets occupy that awkward middle ground between a smart phone and a laptop, and I just can't see the day where they have a feature set that could make them viable. Before smart phones were available and laptops were huge, they seemed a better deal, but nowadays we've got so much power in our pockets that it just isn't a worthwhile form factor.

I'd like to say no...

... but after playing around with a couple I can kinda see a place for one in the household.

not yet

They are still very much the new toy on the block. Maybe in a two or three years if I have a need, like when my laptop dies. Still, its weird not having a 'real keyboard'.

To be honest, I don't know what I need one for. I do need to buy a new(er) car - some dealerships are offering cash, an iPod, or iTouch when you buy from them; perhaps I'll have one sooner than I think. (still wont know why I 'need' it).

Pointless devices

No, never, tablets are pointless devices. They are just grossly oversized mobile phones (without the phone call ability) and they are grossly under-specced netbooks.

iPod Touch / iPhone sized devices are perfect for true mobile media / communication. Netbooks / laptops are the ideal mobile "full" computing devices.

Why would I want to carry around something so large that does exactly the same thing as a smart phone?

I can even carry an entire OS, apps, docs, games & music, fully bootable on most any computing device with a USB port, on a USB stick. And that makes the tiny USB stick much more powerful than any tablet.

The only reason I can see anyone needing a tablet is because "all my friends have one so it must make me cool......bbbaaaaaaaa!". Apple have really worked out how to capture the sheeple market.

:) Cheers.


End of story...



Just waiting for the right one to come along. I like to think I'm learning not to jump too quickly onto the latest techno-bandwagon. My HTC Desire was worth waiting for, the right tablet will be too.




I preordered my Pandora envisioning using it for a multitude of things, which netbooks, tablets and ebook readers, all seem to be coming out now, to try and fill that need.

I still want my Pandora.

I've had the misfortune of using an iPad and I'm not enamoured with Android either. I do want a touch-screen phone, running MeeGo though (whenever that comes out).

I already have a tablet!

I have a Dell Streak on contract from O2... it's a baby tablet, I know (or a massive smartphone) but I can safely say that nothing CES has put out has caught my intrigue since 2.2 arrived on my Streak. For me, a 10 inch tablet is just inconvenient. I'd rather carry a laptop in those manbags that ipad owners like to wear. My tablet fits in my pocket.

And it runs Flash.

Not Yet.

When the price, running cost, functionality, battery life and size is right I may re-consider. Can't be bothered carrying anything about that's not essential to life. What can you do sitting on a mountain top, in cloud and heavy rain with no connection and a flat battery!

No. Not Ever

I detest touch screen and no tablet does keyboards like laptops. Laptops do every thing I want and I can occasionally pick up run-out models at very affordable prices.

I cannot think of a single reason why I would want a tablet and a laptop, and that is the only way that I would consider it.

What will it replace

It cannot replace my phone - too big
It cannot replace my laptop - too small
It cannot replace my desktop - It isn't a desktop

Now if...

Now if a tablet came with a fully working voice interface, to replace the missing keyboard, the may be. Until then my VAIO laptop still works well and I just cannot see the point.

The Tablet is a bit like the Cloud, a solution looking for a problem where there really isn't one.

I have a laptop, a desktop

I have a laptop, a desktop and a smartphone I don't really see a need for a tablet on the list.


cos I have an awesome packard bell butterfly touch. Its much better than a tablet cos it is a tablet and laptop so is just awesome

They might not be around for long

Informed by my experience of trying to replace my broken 2 year old Ubuntu Dell Mini, I'm inclined to buy 2 Android devices quick before the entire market becomes full of Windows 8 ARM devices with a 30 day trial version of MS Office for ARM installed.

Already bought a tablet PC in 2010

I was intrigued when the iPad hype started - however in the end it just did not feel right so I ended up buying an HP TM2 tablet PC instead. Now I have a tablet as well as a good laptop in the same device.
One of the things I was considering when the iPad hype started was the reading aspect - i.e. having a device which I could use to read books a.s.o. Luckily I sobered up and bought a Kindle when the new version was launched and boy am I glad I did - super for reading books.
So instead of being locked into Apple I now have a laptop/tablet with full bells and whistles capable of playing HD movies, games and anything else I would like and if I want to read something I can pick up a linux powered beautiful device that feels even better to read from than a real book. So probably no gadget for me in 2011 - however should never say never as gadgets do have a certain charm. The Motorola Xoom seems interesting...

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