PCLinuxOS 2009.1 gets the review treatment


We didn't hear much from the PCLinuxOS team for about 18 months -- sure, plenty of development effort was taking place behind the scenes, but with the six-monthly release schedules of Ubuntu and co. taking up all the limelight, PCLinuxOS's absence of major releases may have left many to question the distro's lifespan. Well, 2009.1 proudly arrived a week ago, and Raiden's Realm has given it a thorough going-over.

The latest release looks as polished and shiny as you'd expect, with an improved KDE menu (removing some of the clutter) but a trimmed-down set of software. Still, the installer can remove unneeded drivers to free up a bit of room, and on the whole it looks like a decent job. Hit the link above for Raiden's full verdict on the release, and snag a copy from here or look out for a forthcoming Linux Format DVD which'll include the distro for your testing pleasure.

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I have this rash

Dear tuxradar, I was wondering if linux can help me with this rash I have. It smells funny and makes me want to scratch all the time...
YA YA YA, go ahead get your cheap laughs for 1/2 off the retail price, but only if you act now!

Why is it that when people talk about a graphical distro they never list/show what is new or what has changed?

Btw, what is the best way to pickle ginger? and have you ever noticed that if you eat raw ginger root it will make you scream? I always wondered why people refer to 'ginger' as being soft or not putting up a fight, when in reality ginger is as hot (if not hotter) than most peppers.?

Back on topic, so what has changed with PCLinuxOS?

Doesn't get me exited

I find PCLinux too boring for me. It works, but I love the six month schedule of other distros.

The artwork is something that makes me run away from it, it's too generic and dark blueish.

But that's the magic of Linux, if you don't like certain distro, use another!

KDE 3.5?

They're going out on a bit of limb sticking with KDE 3.5, don't you think? KDE 4.x may have its share of problems but it's still the future for KDE.

I'd have real problem recommending to any newb; I mean, I'd have to tell them "by the way, the GUI's going to have complete redesign next time out".

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