PCLinuxOS 2009.1 released


You'd expect the seventh most popular distro on DistroWatch to pump out new releases more often, but it has been a quiet couple of years for PCLinuxOS. The last release arrived in May 2007 -- which is, like, a bajillion years ago in the distro world -- but we're not complaining. We're super glad, as no doubt many other Linuxers are, that the distro is still thriving and we have a new version to explore thanks to the awesomely named Ripper Gang.

This release includes "kernel, KDE 3.5.10, OpenOffice 3.0, Firefox 3.0.7, Thunderbird, Ktorrent, Frostwire, Amarok, Flash, Java JRE, Compiz-Fusion 3D." Hang on a minute... What's KDE 3.5 doing there? Well, the dev team explains: "We decided to use kde3-5-10 as our default desktop as we could not achieve a similar functionality from kde4. We will however offer kde4 as an alternative desktop environment available from the repository once we stabilize it."

Fair enough -- we think that KDE 4.2 is getting back on feature par with the 3.5 series, but we can't knock anyone for sticking with tried-and-tested software. Check out the PCLinuxOS site for more info on the new release, plus downloads and other stuff. You'll also be able to snag a copy from an upcoming Linux Format DVD.

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On the podium

Good show mates! And shh..hey...when you're done stabilizing KDE4, you might want to ring up some folks upstream. I heard they were looking...


Huzzah for the prodigal distro... :)

Not that quiet.

It's kind of misleading to suggest that nothing has been happening with PCLOS for 2 years. This distro uses a rolling release system, which means there is no fixed schedule for new releases. The distro is kept current through package updates. Other Linux distros using the rolling release approach include Arch, Sidux, Gentoo, Zenwalk, and the stable and testing branches of Debian. I think Mepis still uses the system, too.

It is true, however, that PCLOS went through a long package freeze before a big update about a month ago that essentially updated it to 2009. Even with the huge number of new/updated packages, users of 2007 did not need to reinstall the OS from scratch. The idea is that all package updates will be compatible with the users' installed system -- though the big udate did cause problems for some users with some hardware.
I think the update approach makes PCLOS ideal for those who use their computers to get stuff done. In my experience it really does "just work" more than any other OS I've tried.

Halley's Linux

But its still my favorite distro. Can't wait to try it. Thanks, Tex and the Ripper gang!

Re: Quiet

Davey: I didn't mean to suggest that the team weren't doing anything -- far from it! Just that, for casual distro watchers, there hadn't been a big release in a while. It's great to see a new release that can be used as a starting point for those who haven't tried PCLinuxOS before!

Might be an idea to tweak the distro name?

I've always found PCLOS to be the best distro in the past and I think it still is, but while it's my distro of choice by far, it does feel more like an good update of 2007 rather than a new release. As a new release, it was a little disappointing for it not to have a later kernel, though having said that, it was also pleasing to see that it didn't automatically adopt KDE 4.x
All thanks go to the Ripper gang for keeping the show on the road, but I sense a reduction of input by Tex. I hope he's OK, and would like to thank him for a great distro, which is still the best.
Maybe, as PCLOS has always favoured a rolling update, it would be better to drop the year i.e. 2009 and just call it PCLinuxOS 9 (or whatever). Adding the year to a distro with a rolling update is misleading, and could give the impression that it's out of date when it's not.

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