Podcast Season 1 Episode 20


Title: Manky Monkey

In this episode: Ubuntu 9.10 has been released! To celebrate, we talk about what's new and what's old, review a version of Ubuntu each, discuss what we love and loathe and set our minds on the future with Lucid Lynx. Koala Ho!

What's in the show

  • News: Canonical has released Ubuntu 9.10, the Karmic Koala. We discuss the new features hidden behind its crisp honeycomb exterior.
  • Hot Topic: We each review a version of Ubuntu. Mike looks at Xubuntu, Graham at Kubuntu, Andrew at the original and Paul at the UNR and Moblin editions.
  • Discovery of the week: What we each love and loath in Karmic.
  • Closed Ballot: How would we improve things for the next release, Lucid Lynx?
  • Special offer: subscribe to Linux Format magazine and save up to to 55% - that's just $7.62 an issue!

Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Paul Hudson, Graham Morrison and Mike Saunders

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Your comments

M for the win!

Mercurial meerkat


Monstermunch-munching Monster


mischievous muppet


massive member


malevolent mojo

'nix nomenclature

miniscule maggot


mountainous mammories


mindblowing mary-jane

mono-containing miscreant

mono-containing miscreant


multi-millionaire mark


MikeOS Mimic


Maybepulseaudio Mightactuallyworkthis time

Milky MILF



As someone said in the pod cast I to like manatees so this is my sugestion for the M name:
Mellow Manatee

Why stop at 10.10?

some future versions of ubuntu

randy rent-boy
rollicking rhino
ridiculously-long rattlesnake
well-hung weasel
horny hornet
non-freesoftware's nemesis
non-stop nympho
orgasmic omnivore
sexy stallman
pissingallovermicrosoftandapple panda
polished possum
funky phallicsymbol
wetdreaminducing windowmanager
wanking wallabee
SteveJobs Shitshimself
Microsoft's Millstone
Frisky Fucker


mono-containing monstrosity

things that make you go "mmmmmmmmmmm"

+1 for "mountainous mammories" although shuttleworth will probably veto it because he's afraid that Ubuntu could go tits up


since m is for lord Mandelson how about
macabre, miserable, mafia-like, mailworker-bludgeoning, mycountrydestroying, mymoneylininghispockets myGodhe'sawful MP for Hartlepool

my ten cents

manic-depressive minotaur

Ubuntu title

Personally, I like "Machivellian Mudskipper". Mudskippers are extremely cool animals, they are fish which can walk on land and climb trees!


Muffdiving Minister


Meticulous Moneyshot

Name for 10.10

Melinda Messenger

What's in a Name?

How about "Malicious Mongoose" anyone?

podcast rss feed incorrect

Somehow the mp3 podcast is not listing this episode correctly. This one is listed as an ogg in the mp3 list. I finally figured out why amarok complained that my media device couldn't play it...

Better Late than never

Manic Minah

Mange Mutt

Mange Mutt

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