Podcast Season 5 Episode 12


Title: The Sound of Music

In this episode: Cryptocat breaks. LXDE moves to Qt. Firefox phones are now available. Lubuntu and Kubuntu aren't going to Mir. Fedora 19 is out and Samsung is sponsoring a $4m developer challenge. We've got discoveries, an Open Ballot, and a rather surreal music listening section.

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What's in the show:

Your comments

Ben: Yes

Totally agree with Ben regarding the scientists-redefining-words-then-pretending-it's-the-only-definition stuff.

Had the exact same argument with some scientistic cockhole recently who was trying to tell me that the red liquid which leaks from meat is not blood.

where the cosmic tunes man

All of the sounds where Truly awful.

New Segment

I suggest a new regular segment for the show - "What Gets Ben Pissed Off." I was listening to the show in bed and woke my wife up jiggling while trying not to laugh out loud.
No need to "Americanize" the show. I think we all get it. You have so many American listeners because it's the best Linux podcast out there. Hell, I'd keep listening if you changed the topic to needlepoint if you could get Ben on a regular rant.

Rhythmbox Jury

Not crazy about the new segment, but I actually liked MDMA pt 2. The production was too raw for my taste but it was good punk. And thanks for introducing me to Brad Sucks. Who's idea was it to use "Dropping Out of School" for the theme music?

Re: Dropping Out of School

Props to Paul Hudson for choosing Brad Sucks. An inspired decision....

cc music

The new segment was awful.

Kopeika by et (has a bit of a Silent Hill vibe -cc licence)
Angels by Black Mountain (released as free as in beer)

I think a challenge for the team would be to come up with their own track. Either original or a remix of cc tracks.


As a West Indian in the USA I have ask, have you watched baseball. Cricket more boring than baseball???? I've lost faith in you guys.


You guys really don't like Fedora. I used to use Mint but moved to Fedora for the gnome desktop. I love Fedora and i will continue to ignore the hate. Anyway, I am on Arch right now and I will never use any other distro but Arch or Fedora. I really really love ARCH.

CC Music

I'm sure I discovered him through a past Tuxradar podcast, but he doesn't seem to have been mentioned yet. So, I nominate... Josh Woodward - Golden Sunrise. I think it's a great song with pretty thought provoking lyrics.

Scribus (oh no not again)

Now that school is out there are no worries you're doing someone else's homework so...

Could you do a mockup, using a recent issue as a guide, of 4 pages of the issue using Scribus?

And actually post the results online(.pdf)?

And the .sla?

Disclaimer: I've just used Scribus for a flyer. Having never used it before (or a competing DTP application) and didn't have too hard a time of it!

Mexico is in North America

Please look at an atlas!


Please do not change the music, it is like your signature

It's Mexico not South America

"The $ symbol, commonly used by the USA for its currency, originated in South America." But it was Mexico, not South America, as you even said. Mexico is not in South America!!


Silly Rabbit and Anonymous Penguinacious: You've just made Efy's day!

Referring to Mexico as being in South America is a on-running joke in our office to wind Efy up. You'll also hear regular references to America being a country for similar reasons.

And now, for something completely the same

First things first: thank you for mentioning that México being a South America country is a inside joke. Newcommers like me got little lost on there.

But I might add, as an South American from Brazil, that we don't consider tomatoes fruits: though we drink tomatoe juices on some parts of the country and sometimes also use other fruits like mango, apple, grapes, pineapple as part of our everyday salads, calling tomatoe a fruit is doesnt feel right.

And now, I have to call watermelon vegetable? I can cope with Ben on this!

Also, here in Brazil we don't have any official or popualar "stick sport". Though we have a national Baseball team, baseball is something really small here, totally amateur. Cricket is not even practiced here, as far as I know. The closest we get from stick sports are inline hockey.

However, we have a simplified cricket (or that is how Im calling it) that is know by many names, but mostly by "bat" (as in "baseball bat") - but this is just a street game, not a official sport. The objective is more or less like the one from cricket - hit the wicket to get possession of the bat; score points crossing the field.

Have a look on YouTube, there are some videos there.

Take care, you all!

Forgot to say three things

1st: Please, during the podcast, stop chewing gums or whatever Andrew was chewing.

2nd: Talking about the USA and the Wright Brothers, I wonder when they will give the proper credit for Santos Dumont.

3rd: Black Adder and Monty Python some episodes ago, and Indiana Jones on this one. Please, keep with the references.

And by the way, where does one send their "speak your brain" entry? Actually, how does it works? I'm a newcomer - this was my fifth episode, and I still don't get it.

No Smacking Aloud During Podcast

Suggestion: Don't eat and podcast simultaneously.

Otherwise, entertaining and informative.

Creative Commons Music


It would have been better if you'd all had a chance to listen to the tracks. I'm a little sad that you didn't give them all a good go, but hey, maybe that's because you didn't pick my selection as your favourite? :D

As the author of CCHits dot net, I've added the tracks in this show to the site. If you want to vote for any of these tracks, vote for them at cchits DOT net SLASH show SLASH 1533 (BAH! Pesky link obfuscation!)

If you're doing a similar project for the next show, take a look at Try Again by Heifervescent at jamendo DOT com SLASH track SLASH 1017056

If you want to submit the tracks you're playing on the show to cchits (please? :D ) then get in touch. It's a Free Software project (AGPL) at gitorious DOT org SLASH cchits-net SLASH website-rewrite or e-mail show AT cchits DOT net

I for one

Kinda like hearing you eating. It imparts the feeling of a relaxed chat to the affair.

In fact, each fortnight one of you should bake/buy/steal a cake and bring it to the podcast. And you should eat and comment upon it while you talk. Linux and cake reviews.

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