Podcast Season 5 Episode 17


Title: Like the legend of the phoenix

In this episode: The founder of Puppy Linux retires. SteamOS has been announced by Valve and CyanogenMod gets $7m in funding. Hear our eclectic discoveries, the sound of Tanner's brains and your own opinions in the Internet Famous Open Ballot.

What's in the show:

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Your comments

Gnome did not just *dump*

Gnome did not just *dump* version 3 on the world, it was heavily discussed for well over a year, with many mockups of the interface, and then with functional alphas.

Yes, they've made a few serious mistakes along the way, and it's taken a while to solve them. But their process for design is solid, if a little slow. For example, the new tool/title bar design has been work in progress for ages now.

I just wish for once journalists would remember this, instead of being so fucking negative every time Gnome is being discussed.

Is your job to report bad news only?

Apparently your job isn't to

Apparently your job isn't to report the bad news only :(

Sorry to see you all go, wish you luck. Maybe get in touch with the Linux Outlaws podcast :)

Gnome did not just *dump*

Gnome 3 reminds me of the KDE4.0 release. Users complained and complained about KDE4, just like they've done about Gnome3.

The difference is, KDE4 was only missing features because they weren't ready yet - not because developers needed to be argued into adding them. That is the reason users are so combative about the Gnome 3 release.

Users shouldn't need to justify their workflow in order to regain functionality that was easily attainable in the previous version. It's true of Windows 8 and it's true of Gnome 3. Gnome 3 could have been seen as a brilliant desktop, if it had been named anything other than Gnome.

Damn... sorry to see the guys go. :(

Best of luck to you all,

Best of luck to you all, both to those leaving and those staying. Sad that it is no longer continuing - it really has been a fantastic podcast over the years it ran - but I am glad to hear that you have arranged to do podcasts in the future.

Next podcast?

Looks like they're serious -- they're already planning the next podcast at linuxlifestyle . com

Best of

Luck guys in your next endeavours.

Challenge challenge

Forget about the challenges and just keep on making a great magazine and podcast. This message made using touch typing which is my challenge to myself. I've spent about 20 minutes typing this.


Jumping the gun as usual my previous comment now makes no sense.

Good luck to all the crew who made Linux Format the great magazine it was. Graham has done a great job since taking over as editor. I really loved the magazine (enough to get a subscription) and now I will be getting a blank sheeted booklet through my door at least till Future go belly up.

I guess people don't want to read things on paper anymore. Bloody kids!

Enjoy your new jobs at GCHQ and the NSA.


I've loved the magazine for years and hope you guys persist in generating quality media for us and fantastic income for future. With the explosion of free and open source, you should remain a growth market for a while...(please)

Regarding Gnome. I've recently switched to Debian and I love the interface. I found unity very distracting and enjoyed the peaceful simplicity of mate, but as a working environment gnome 3 isn't that bad. The three column system feels really natural. Applications on my left, work in the middle, workspaces and close on my right!

I understand the pain of the minimise/maximise issue but I'm grateful we are benefiting from an operating system that allows such diversity. KDE distracted me a lot in the switch to 4 and Gnome have risked the same in this switch yet it doesn't feel so painful, for me, others have so many other desktops to play with.

Thanks to the gnome team, I like it!

Hang in there guys, don't leave a magazine shaped vecumn in my life!

Good Luck

Good luck to you all in whatever you go on to do (which should clearly be an independently produced digital-only magazine (maybe I shouldn't say that here (oh well you can delete it if needs be))).

Thanks for the all the podcast. I look forward to the new one.

Good Luck and Thank You

I've loved the podcast, and LXF; you knocked it out of the park every time. Thank you to you all.

A quick update....

Thanks for all the fantastic messages of support. I just wanted to clarify that we weren't made redundant, we all decided to quit.

I can't say any more for the reasons I mentioned in the podcast.


Thank you

Thanks for all the amazing podcasts. I listened to all of them.

Any future employer will be lucky to have you.

Thanks Guys

Thanks Guys
I've enjoyed the podcasts over the short time I've discovered them. All the best in your new work. I'm sure we haven't heard the last of you. And tree-ware isn't so bad!

Thank you!

A big thanks to all of you for keeping us entertained for such a long time. It was always a pleasure listening to you guys, and I wish you all the best for the next job!

Thanks and Good Luck.

Hope you can keep the podcast going under a different label. It's one of the most informative and entertaining (not just Linux) I listen to.

Things sound grim at Future Towers. I hope Linux Format will continue, although whoever replaces you will have a difficult job making the magazine as good.


i want miss this podcast,
it has been the crappiest of all podcast :p

this page has the crappiest link Suggestion :p

Ok, well

I'm looking forward to December then.

The theme song

I've been listening you for a few years, and I'd like know who sing the theme song of podcast, Congratulations for great job.

@ Ricardo

Brad Sucks - click the link at the bottom of the notes.

So Long And Thanks For All The Fi...

Well hell, anyway best of luck and all the rest. When you're done you're done and to stick around is pointless. There are more than a few people in more than a few places that were done years ago and yet they persist. Its best to move on and find something you care about and do good things. You guys are the best and there is no doubt in my mind you will find good things to do.

This is/was the only podcast I actually listen to, I guess I'll keep an eye on Linuxlifestyle.com

Thank You for the Magazine and the Podcast.

What just happened here? The

What just happened here?
The only Linux podcast (that I'm aware of) that was not boring and where people actually knew what they were talking about.
This is wrong.

Oh dear this is terrible

I am only just downloading the podcast now, but I guess I am in for a rude shock.

In a way, I kind of had the feeling that something wasn't entirely /right/ at Penguin towers, possibly some ridiculous management decisions, all leading up to some kind of clash of cultures, as is the way in the linux world. I don't dount they will rue the decision - Linux (well, Android in particular, but linux and open systems in general) has/have been making news in all sorts of areas aside from the "tech" world.
You know that when this stuff starts getting mentioned in "regular" news or discussion, that's a big mushroom (sorry, been playing Hellfire, somehow Griswold git into my head there.

Whatever you go on to do, I am sure you'll have great success, my best regards to all and past podcast contributors, many many thanks for great laughs and insight, sincerely wish you all "positivity" in the years ahead,
It may sound gushing, but I have felt like you guys have been close friends for a long time now, so I like many others will truly be sorry to see you go.

Thanks again, and good luck.
Mihaly. (Verified, not logged in)

Hooray Mikes back...

...but this is his last TuxRadar podcast.
This is the last TuxRadar Podcast.
The Win Prizes ad in Linux Format shows a complete lack of class and/or desperation. It is a shame to see the magazines talent leaving but Future can always hire some consultants to sort its problems out.

Thanks for the great podcasts

I’ve been listening from the start, all the podcast have been excellent (apart for the one with the dodgy sound). Sorry to see you go.

I'm sorry...

... to hear that so many of you have decided to quit. It sounds like you are doing it for the right personal and professional reasons, however, so I wish you all the best for the future (no pun intended).

I really enjoyed the podcasts and I hope that you are able to keep going with them in your new home.

In search of utopia

Yikes! What are we going to do now? Where are you all going?!? Did a phoenix swoop into the LXF office on a magic carpet and grant you three wishes ;)

Thanks for all the hours of enlightening entertainment you've given us over the years. I'll keep an eye on Linux Lifestyle in the hope that new life will arise from the ashes in a blaze of fire!

Can't be true: LXF can not carry on without you

Come on guys,

Don't tell me it is true. LXF can not carry on without you. If you're not all part of LXF anymore (Graham, Ben, Andrew) then I will put an end to my LXF subscription.
The podcast is ace. I listened all the episodes, from season 1. You can't stop it.

Tell us what we can do to help you out. I hate the "thanks and good luck" messages. Need to fight.

"La unica lucha que se pierde es la que se abandona". Effie, it comes from your continent...


The theme song

Thanks @Ram for your response

Thanks - Sorry to See You Go

Episode 17 was great, as usual, up until the last 2 minutes. I have been listening almost 3 years and count on hearing your enthusiastic discussion of Linux-related news every 14 days (plus or minus). I will miss it greatly.

I fear that the Linux-goodness that you have included in Linux Format will disappear or decline or that Future Publishing might close LXF down. (I enjoyed reading Future's Maximum Linux during its brief run until Future shut it down.)

Good luck to each of you who is leaving. I wish you good luck and hope to be able to hear (or read) your Linux musings and information somewhere else in the coming months. Thanks for the pointer to Linux Lifestyle. I'll keep an eye on it.

Thanks again for the show and the magazine.



Really sorry to see you go, absolutely gutted. I have no other linux heads in my life that get it. You were the only people that I could listen to that knew what it was all about. Listened to every episode since the start, and let's face it, it was started out of the need after LUGradio podcast stopped, so I'm hoping that you can carry on in some fashion, as I know we all need something like this. It's been fun and informative... you're a great bunch of guys.. hope you have success in anything you do after this.

I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

hope to see you in the blogsphere soon

Sorry its over but best wishes for the future

Thanks for all the great magazine content and the hours of fun listening to the podcast. Good luck!

Sorry to see you go.

I too have enjoyed listening to the group.
I wish you all the best.
Old bob in Ohio US

So many gone so soon

Been a reader of LFX since issue 2 -- not that easy being here in the US. Love the magazine, the many great editors and writers, the very useful discs. Loved the podcast, always well done. You will be missed!

PS. Great to have Mike back, if only for an hour.


See You at LinuxLifestyle...
And I renewed my subscription to Linux Format anyway
Thank you for 5 years of great podcasting
Looking forward to your new project
Greetings from Hamburg, Germany

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Thank you so much for doing this podcast. I'm very sorry to see it end.

oh crap

Sad to hear of the end of Tuxradar. Have also enjoyed LXF, even though here in NZ I either have to pay for the nose for a six week old newsstand copy or put my name on a waiting list at the library. Looks like I'll finally get my wish about a digital subscription to LXF but will the mag be as good?

At least Dan and Fab are finally back at Linux Outlaws, but that's a different type of podcast, and Fab swears too much.

Best of luck, both to the goers and the stayers. Having been through a redundancy or two, I know everyone is in edge.

Sad News

Great podcast will be greatly missed. Perhaps we all should have bought more mags. (Maybe because the podcast was so good people stopped buying the publication - shot yourselves in the foot guys)

Happy Trails

Hi guys,

Listened to the podcast this morning and was saddened to hear the news. I appreciate the solidarity you are all showing. A true sign of friendship.

Good luck and happy trails.

Best of luck

I have my fingers crossed for LXF magazine but I do wonder if it can carry on when the most experienced Linux writers in the country don't see a future. Best of luck guys.

I think Ive been there.......

......the bean-counters move in with daft schemes and all of a sudden it's not enjoyable anymore.

Best of luck in the Future-free future, and thanks for everything.

Place names

There is a place called Hell, Michigan. See, wikipedia article Hell,_Michigan.


While it was great to hear Mike again, I was sorry to hear the news, as I have enjoyed the podcast since series one. Thanks for all your efforts and all the best.

There is room for a new podcast series out there, as there is nothing of similar purpose and quality to Tuxradar available.

Wow, thanks for the memories

Wow, thanks for the memories guys. I only just subscribed properly after years of piggy backing off my friend's subscription. Sad that it had to happen at this time.

I've added Linux Lifestyle to tt-rss. :)

Gnome, but not forgotten

Well, to cover what I was really going to come here for when I started the show...

What a load of pointless gnome bashing - I don't know why anyone is even allowed to whine about it. FFS!! I've tried to install gnome shell on a 12.04 in virtualbox and it goes to fallback mode - or Gnome 2! You can choose fallback mode as an option, and 12.04 is supported until 2017.

So, nobody made anybody use gnome shell - oh, except your distribution or your desire to get everything else bleeding edge.

And shell was bleeding edge and, as you've vaguely noticed, it's maturing. And in 2015,16,17 when everyone's not even noticing what shiny new things they're using because they're dull old things by then, will the developers get any thanks for not sticking to the, even now, outdated desktop paradigm? Nope, probably not.

So it's developing - good - it's had a lot of promise from the start and is getting better all the time. Don't whinge. Support one of the doomed to failure Gnome 2 forks. Use XFCE. But don't act as though they've betrayed you or let down 'the community'. The free software slavery idea gets right on my t**s - they've got a choice to do what they want. It's great applaud them and get on with whatever half-arsed choice you make.

Anyway, speaking of free - I've really enjoyed the podcast and hope you are moving onto bigger and brighter things and that the chaps left behind are going to rise to the challenge of keeping Tux Radar ticking! You can tell the Future Overlords that it certainly got one subscriber for the magazine, though maybe don't mention it was the bargain bucket Google Play sub offer!

No more Linux format for me

Good luck guys! Sorry to see you all go! Sure seems like a mass resignation; must be some smarmy suit involved!

a grateful listener

I have listened to every one of the shows and hugely enjoyed most of them. Thankyou to you all. Whatever you guys do in the coming months, with so much talent, experience and warm humanity, it will surely be successful.

Steam OS

Just found this on the Steam OS website:

`Not running Linux yet?

Ubuntu is our favorite version of Linux. Interested in giving it a whirl? You can install and run Ubuntu from a Live CD or USB stick, or install it to run alongside Windows.

Grab an Ubuntu installer from Canonical and see what it’s all about.

I guess they like Ubuntu.

PS: Am I the only person who sometimes has trouble reading CAPTCHA? Makes me feel like a bot!

basic podcast

why should a real linux user want to listen to fabs frap gate!. No thank you.

Thanks - Farewell - Hope

Nothing but thanks and respect for the all the Tux Radar crew. It was a truly remarkable Podcast series, a golden era in Linux history. I've been listening since Season 1, episode 1.

Thank you soooo much Ben, Mike, (and Jon) for attempting to resuscitate the spririt of TR over at Linux Lifestyle (www.lifestyle.com). You can count on my support, and former LXF over-seas subscription rate dollars , when you get organized enough to accept donations.

Graham, Ben, Andrew, I respect men of principle such as you. Sorry to hear that the situation at Future has deteriorated to the point where you were put to such a test. Best of luck to you all and hope to hear and read of you over at Linux Lifestyle.

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