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Just to let regular listeners know: we won't be putting up the podcast today, as we're busy finishing Linux Format magazine (the deadlines are a bit earlier than usual because of Easter). Rest assured, we'll be back to normal next week though! So, go out and enjoy the sun, and we'll be with you again very soon...

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has it really been that long. I haven't finished the one


Sad face :'(

That's cool...

...because that means the PDFs are likely to be up earlier? I'll just run my script... nope, not there yet. *runs it again* Hmm, not there now either... *runs it again* ...

You just

ruined my entire life plan. I hope you feel good.


pain in the ***



Yes! No!

This news greatly displeases me. I have no choice but to be terribly annoyed!

tally not, as once more we ride forth unto the darkness of pity

Life: the agony of existence between podcasts - now prolonged.

You have my utmost respect for producing these recorded ramblings, they are my only connection to other people who are interested in speaking about linux. >geek moment< ahhh!

so i'm disappointed that your schedule is as tight as it is, but I completely understand, but it doesn't stop the hurt...!



Wait, what?

You mean you guys do something other than the podcast and roll around in the mountains of cash paid to you by Microsoft, Canonical et al?


I demand my podcast.
We demand our podcast.
Mass demo in London tomorrow if we don't get one.

Tsk Tsk

Simply not good enough guys! Some of us require podcast to ease the journey home on the motorway!

BREAKING NEWS!: Microsoft and Canonical join forces to form Micrononical and release Winbuntu "Withered Walrus" granting you as much freedom as William Wallace! :-S


Oh B***er! I'm a week late.


This is most unfortunate.

I listen to two different Linux podcasts: Tuxradar and the Ubuntu UK podcast. Both are fortnight podcasts and now they are released on alternate weeks. Life is good.

But, after this week they will be released the same week. That means two days listening Linux podcasts and a long wait of 13 days...


boo hiss bloody magazine

boo hiss bloody magazine :P

u-oh wait......

how odd!

Anyone would think this was a free State!

Come on I'm getting the cold shivers waiting

Go out?

wasnt the sun destroyed by that oracle?
I do not dare to look

what are we going to do on

what are we going to do on the bed?

What do you mean, "we have a magazine to put out?"

<drip sarcasm>As if the day-job is more important...</drip sarcasm>

Looking forward to the next podcast.

As long as ...

... the pubs are open late to drown my sorrow

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